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Little Cooking Saint – 0160 – Cold Serve Rabbit (c)

Chapter 160 Cold Serve Rabbit (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Dare I?

Of course, I dare, ah!

[1] But, “Why would you grant me this gift?” After all, if she accepts this gift, she would owe the Madam a great favour.

“My motives are wholly selfish,” Madam Shi’s face showed a trace of shame. “I know you’re not from Dawn City and your origins cannot be simple. Now that the Jade Spirit Essence is known to the world, I cannot keep it with me anymore. The Shi Clan may have some influence, but the shockwave will not be limited to Dawn City only.

Sleeping within this Essence is the soul of my younger daughter. Regardless of whose hands she falls into, she could not escape obliteration. Since I cannot keep it, I’d rather gift it to you in hopes that you will preserve her spirit for me. Perhaps one day, she might be revived.”

Though the chances were slim, hope remained strong.

Shiyu finally understood.

The Shi Clan was just a local clan and cannot be compared to those wealthy noble families whose influence spans entire countries. Once news that a Jade Spirit Essence exists, powerful masters from all walks of life would appear one after another. Even if they offer the Essence to one of these mighty people, there’s no guarantee they would escape total annihilation.

Human beings are greedy and suspicious by nature. If the Shi Clan have one Jade Spirit Essence, who’s to say they don’t have a second or third? Of course, they would protest that they only have one, but who’s to say they weren’t hiding other good secrets within their clan? In the future, the Shi Clan will face all sorts of attacks for their secrets.

“I accept!” Shiyu said.

At Shiyu’s positive response, Madam Shi relaxed. Then, her eyes fell upon the black paper. “This came with the Jade Spirit Essence, why don’t you take it too?”

Shiyu’s heart began to thump wildly.

The reason she came to Dawn City was to look for these two items. Thanks to Xiao Shu’s generosity and unexpected foolishness, both were now in her hands.

“I have no idea what the second item is, but it cannot be something simple,” said Madam Shi as she handed the Black Page to Shiyu. “You mentioned that you’re from the Qing Shan City of the Eastern Empire. I once took my child there to seek treatment, that’s where I found these two things.”

Shiyu was taken aback. “Then, would Madam be so kind as to tell me about it?” Since this particular fragment page came from there, she might find some clues about where the rest of the Black Pages are.

“My second daughter was born weak. Everyone said that she would not live past one-year-old. Of course, I did not believe it. I took her with me and travelled all over the world to seek treatment. I was passing through Qing Shan City when I saw a baby suspended between the branches of a tree. She was covered in so much blood that I believed that she must be dead.

However, when I approached, I found that the child was still breathing. As I was seeking treatment for one child, what’s to stop me from bringing another? The black paper and Jade Spirit Essence were hidden in her swaddling clothes,” As Madam Shi spoke, her eyes had a faraway gaze. As though she was seeing that child tucked in the branches of the tree again.

“However, the child was a little strange. She did not cry, nor did she make trouble. Her eyes were very blank. As though… there was no soul inside them,” Madam Shi said. “I took the baby with me and we travelled together for three days. Xiao Shu was very good with the child and often helped me look after her.

At first, I thought that this must be heaven’s compensation for me. Perhaps, this baby shall accompany me once my little darling leaves this world. However, on the fourth day, a flash flood occurred. Most of us managed to escape the flood, but the child had disappeared. I begged the people to help me find the baby, but though we looked along the river, the child could not be found. Till now, I have no idea if the child was alive or dead.

Later, my little darling’s life met its end. She was very quiet and held my hand through. So young, so little, I can’t bear it! When finally she closed her eyes, her spirit flew into the Jade Spirit Essence. Do you know what my feeling was like at that moment? I was beyond ecstatic.”

“It was only later that I found out the truth of what that ball of light really is. This Jade Spirit Essence must have been left by the baby’s family to her. To think that it’s now occupied by my little darling, I- I cannot be reconciled. This precious treasure doesn’t belong to me.

For every cause, there is an effect. I have always known that this day would come, that I would have to let go of the Jade Spirit Essence and my little darling’s soul. The only thing I pray is that it would come a little later.”

To think that this body actually has such a mysterious beginning, thought Shiyu. Moreover, it all happened at Qing Shan City. It turned out that this body really had been a fool of sorts, a blank canvas before she came to occupy it. More than 10 years must have passed now…

“Madam Shi, do you still remember the colour of the baby’s swaddling clothes?”

“Of course, it’s crimson with cloud patterns. Since we’re in a hurry. I could only put away the blood-soaked clothes and used my daughter’s.”

“I see,” Shiyu nodded. She comforted the Madam, “As you’ve said. Every cause has its effect. It’s due to Madam’s kindness in taking the baby in that the Spirit Jade Essence preserves your daughter’s spirit. I shall receive both items. I shall also do my best to protect your daughter’s spirit. If I were to one day encounter an opportunity to revive her, I shall see you again.”

“Thank you!” Madam Shi grasped her hands. “Then, you must leave immediately. If possible, please look after Xiao Shu for me.”

“And yourself?” asked Shiyu.

“I shall stay here and await those people,” as a fairly large household, the Shi Clan could not just up and leave. She could only encourage those with had no firm ties with their clan to leave the estate. As for her, the person who knows the origin of the Spirit Jade Essence, there’s nowhere for her to run.

“Madam, have you ever heard the saying ‘The One who Receives Money Should Avert Disaster? [2]’ Now that I have received your gifts, I should also bear the consequences of owning them.”

Madam Shi was stunned. She could not quite believe her ears, “But…”

“There’s no need for Madam to persuade me on this. I will make my own arrangements on this matter. Moreover, if I openly take the things away in front of everyone. The Shi Clan may escape disaster yet. It’s decided, let’s do it this way.”

Madam Shi stared at her for a long time. The girl’s eyes were firm, resolute and unwavering. It did not feel like she was looking into the eyes of an immature teenager. Still worried, she nodded, “Let’s try it this way.”

After leaving Madam Shi’s courtyard, Shiyu entered her room at Xiao Shu’s courtyard and disappeared into her space.

She was anxious to restore her mental powers but was worried about harming the little spirit within the Essence. She must consult Fat Cat first.

“This Jade Spirit Essence, is it a non-renewable resource? Would I hurt the little spirit inside if I use its power?”

“Don’t you have the Spring of Life? Just drop it in.”

“Oh, that’s right!” Shiyu quickly walked to the water’s edge and gently lowered the Essence in. Suddenly, the flickering glow in the ball grew stronger and much steadier than before.

Nearly blinded by the shining ball, Shiyu asked Fat Cat, “This Spring of Life is too excellent. Just where did it come from?”


[Gumihou: Uh oh, Xiao Shu got kicked out of the house.]

Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


*Previous ‘missing stage’. Now it re-appeared as Stage 5. Eh, whatev…


[1] Adjusted Sentence for Dramatic Purpose: It was originally split between thought and words, which made it kind of repetitive.

[2] The One who Receives Money Should Avert Disaster – After receiving benefits from others, one should bear disaster


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  1. Eh...

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    1. Gumihou

      I think it’s from the information that the baby’s eyes were blank and has no soul. The original was described as ‘a fool’, a convenient container wondering about Qing Shan City until taken in by Grandpa Beggar. We… don’t have his name or history. I’m actually quite curious about his origin story.

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          Why bloody? Where the soul? Where parents? Who parents?

          So many questions.

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            More than 2 incredible treasures since there is the Spring of Life plus the amazing storage dimension that allows living things to be stored inside and taken out. The 4th I would assume is the ability for Shiyu to enter her own storage dimension and then come back out of it like a safe haven.

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