Little Cooking Saint – 0161 – Cold Serve Rabbit (d)

Chapter 161 Cold Serve Rabbit (d)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Fat Cat gave a lazy stretched and squinted at the <<Soul Drawing Book>>. “Who knows from which unlucky family your Master robbed it from. Apart from the Spring of Life, there are other good things here, too. Unfortunately, you’re too weak to access them.”

“!!!” Other treasures?! Something even better than the Spring of Life?!

Shiyu’s eyes flashed, but then quickly dimmed when her brain registered ‘too weak to access’. Whatever let’s focus on what’s in front of her first. The Spring of Life was already amazing enough. Let’s not covet things that she could not access yet.

“Can I use the Essence to restore my mental powers?”

“Go ahead,” with the Spring of Life to maintain the little soul, it did not matter if there was a little less of the Essence.

“Alright!” Shiyu grabbed the Jade Spirit Essence and sat down on the ground. The black mist which had been hovering protectively around the Jade Spirit Essence receded and she began to absorb it. A cool and gentle feeling began to permeate her mind. Shiyu could feel her mental powers gradually strengthen up.

Time passed her by. When Shiyu eventually left the room, it was already dawn outside.

After one night of healing, her mental powers had completely restored. As for the Jade Spirit Essence, it had gotten a lot smaller and could no longer be used.

As she walked through the courtyard, Shiyu could feel resentful stares aiming at her back. Some of the servants were scowling at her, which made Shiyu’s brows rose with curiosity.

Since it was morning, Shiyu sat at the table and waited for breakfast to be served.

It did not come.

Curious now, [1] Shiyu was about to stretch out her mental awareness when a loud voice said, “She’s the one who incited Madam to kick Eldest Young Miss out of the house. To think that she still has the cheek to stay here as though she’s the new mistress. I don’t want to serve that kind of person.”

“Are none of you afraid of making Madam angry?”

“Who knows why Madam would listen to her sweet lies. If Eldest Young Miss realised what a white-eyed wolf that bitch is, she would never have brought that thing back.”

“… …” haha, so that is what they thought happened? Well, it’s not an unreasonable assumption, but this… talking loudly just outside her beyond her line of sight was a bit too obvious, right?

Well, two can play the game. “Who’s outside,” Shiyu demanded.

Silence fell, then, the door was pushed open and a sullen maid in green came in. Her cheeks were puffed up in anger, “It’s this maid.”

“Where’s my breakfast? Bring it quickly. By the way, I want something more substantial today. Bring me Pumpkin Cakes, Soy Milk, Fried Dough Sticks and two stuffed Radish Buns. Moreover, you had better not spit into my food, especially my Soy Milk. If I find out, your Eldest Miss will never be allowed to come home. Now go.”

“Y-you…” the maid’s eyes widened and her breathing became ragged. With heroic restraint, she stomped out. Once she was outside, she finally realised what that, that awful Miss Xiao Yu had just said. She was about to stomp back but then found the doors shut. She kicked the door with a little shriek before running towards the kitchen.

As she ran, the maid burst into tears. Eldest Young Miss will come back! She must come back, ah!

After bullying that intense little maid, Shiyu dusted off her hands contently. She planned to lean back on her chair and cross her leg while leering evilly at the girl. She rarely gets the chance to play villainess. So why not enjoy it, ah? However, before she could do so, she felt a disturbance in the air. Looking out the window, she saw [2] a void forming under the Peach Blossom Tree and out stepped Wen Heng.

With some surprise, [2] Shiyu came out to meet Wen Heng, “Why are you here? Haven’t you left with Wen Xian?”

“Don’t mention his name,” Wen Heng massaged his forehead. “My head…”

“… er, so you’re here because…”

[2] “Here,” he stepped aside and Shiyu saw three little youths trembling together on the ground. [2] They must have come through the void with Wen Heng, but she had not noticed them. They looked very pitiful and wronged.

The more Shiyu looked at them, the more they trembled, “P- please don’t eat us. We- we don’t taste good…”

Shiyu turned to stare at Wen Heng, “Who or what…”

“Beasts,” a teacup had appeared in Wen Heng’s hand, and he was sipping it leisurely. As though there was nothing strange about this situation.

Beasts. Spiritual Beasts?!

Shiyu’s eyes lit up. Only Spiritual Beasts that had achieved Divine Transformation Stage could morph into human shapes. These three beings were all Divine Transformation ingredients!!

At the strange light in her eye, the three brothers shook even more, “Don’t- don’t eat us…”

“Let’s have a look at your Beast form first,” there were too many types of beasts in this world and not all of them could be eaten.

The brothers exchanged a look. It looked like they were saying their final farewell to each other. Suddenly, their human forms disappeared and in their place-


Luckily, the moe scream was all internal. However, there was no hiding Shiyu’s sudden heavy breathing.

How cute! How cute, ahhhh!

How could any Chinese citizen resist these three round rice dumplings, ah! National treasure! Adorable, cute! She wanted to grab one and rub her face against its fur, ahhhh!

It was a passing thought. However, when Shiyu came to her right mind, she found that she had already grabbed all three dumplings into her arms and was rubbing her face against their soft, fluffy fur.

“Ahem,” Wen Heng glared at the dumb girl rubbing her face against Spiritual Beasts with a stupid expression on her face. He tapped his foot. “Wen Xian is waiting to eat meat.” Just the mere mention of his brother’s name worsened his headache.

“You can’t!” [3] Shiyu tightened her grip protectively around these cute, chubby little cubs. “They are national treasures, ah! Don’t you think they look cute?”

The three black and white, adorable little pandas widened their large dewy eyes, “Yes, yes, we are!”

Wen Heng gave the three fat, black and white bear cubs a glance.

Adorable? Cute?

Was he supposed to find male Beasts cute?


“And so, please don’t kill them, please?” Shiyu also widened her eyes. Now there were four pairs of shiny watery eyes pleading up at Wen Heng.

“They are all monsters. As soon as I leave, you will likely die under their claws. Are you sure you want to do this? Too much sympathy could get you killed.” Wen Heng remained unmoved.

“Then, surely you can stay for a few days and observe them?” Shiyu thought she was being very clever. “Wen Xian want something delicious, right? Why don’t I take you somewhere to eat first? If you think the food is good, you can bring some back to Wen Xian. That’s right, you must not have the chance to have fun in the Ninth Realm, right? Dawn City is very fun! Let’s stay and play together, ah!”

With Wen Heng here, who would dare come and take the Jade Spirit Essence?

She must get Great Deity Wen to stay.

Unfortunately, her thoughts were too obvious. Wen Heng gave her a mocking stare, “Are you begging me?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Shiyu begged shamelessly.

“The reason?”

“Not long after this, there will be a lot of people coming to make trouble. I might not be able to win.”

“Oh,” Wen Heng nodded seriously. “Then, may you survive till the end.”

“Eh?” why is this guy not following the script? “You’re not staying?”

“I never said I’d stay,” Wen Heng vanished his teacup and straightened his clothes. His head did not seem to throb so much anymore. “Good-bye,”

Then he turned around, neatly stepped into a void and disappeared.

[4] Shiyu, still with an armful of adorable pandas, began to curse.


Back at the Villa, Wen Xian looked up at his brother expectantly, “What good food did Sister Shiyu sent back?”

“Nothing,” Wen Heng sat down and stretched out his long legs. “She’s in the middle of a fight, no time.”

“Is it going to be dangerous?” Wen Xian immediately thought back to the time when Shiyu nearly died.


“Then, why didn’t you stay and help?” Wen Xian said exasperatedly.

“The Beasts are there,”

It took Wen Xian a long time to understand what ‘Beasts’ his brother was talking about.

“But, aren’t all monsters bad?”

“These won’t be,” he said. Then he added, “They won’t dare.”


[Gumihou: Ahh, the Panda Gang sounds like they would get along well with San Pang]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification* Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay* Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity* Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal* Stage 9


[1] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Originally, ‘Shiyu felt it was strange, then she overheard…’ How… convenient. What kind of lazy coincidence is this?

Since you’ve already recovered your mental powers, make use of it!

[2] Changed Details for Logistic Purpose: It reduces the drama, but makes more sense than ‘as Shiyu was about to lean back and cross her legs and wait for the girl to return, she saw a person sitting under the Peach Blossom tree as though watching a good show.’

I get what you want to do, Author-san, but it is logistically unwieldy. I’ll have to redo so many things just to make this scene work. Gumihou can’t be bothered. Just patched it with ‘a void appeared’ added a ‘window’ and let ‘Wen Heng stepped out’.

Also adjusted the position of the three Spirit Beasts.

[3] Changed Details for Logistic Purpose: First the pandas were in her arms. Then, they were hiding behind her. Make up your mind.

Gumihou just patched with ‘in her arms’. Please be consistent.

[4] Added Details for Comedic Purpose: Comedic Situation will occur naturally, there’s no need to force it as per Note 2.


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