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Little Cooking Saint – 0159 – Cold Serve Rabbit (b)

Chapter 159 Cold Serve Rabbit (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu’s movement was very swift and precise.

By the time anyone thought to react, Shen Lingfei was already on the floor. Their zeal to attack faltered when it became obvious that their leader was struggling under this person’s hold. These brave people suddenly felt their gall shrank and they retreated.

The more Shen Lingfei struggled, the angrier he became. It felt like he was being held down by a mountain. No matter how much he thrashed and fought, he could not get up.

“In other words, pay up. Enough of your righteous declarations about not owing Xiao Shu anything. Once you’ve paid the 200,000 taels, you may say whatever you like.” Shiyu gave him a gentle kick to the side, “As for calling yourself a genius, humph, you’re not worthy of that term.”

If this guy is a genius, then all those Imperial College talents are demons.

Speaking of which, Xiao Shu was still running around with that Jade Spirit Essence and a piece of the Black Page. Better go and check whether she got safely. As for this scum, well, she could not beat him up righteously in front of Xiao Shu. But that did not mean she couldn’t kick him around in private.

To what extent is he going to shamelessly make use of someone else’s feelings and hurt them like this? As for his scummy friends, all of them unapologetically took a young girl’s money and did not even step out to speak the truth. Where is their conscience, ah?

“You stop right there!” Shen Lingfei forced himself to his feet and yelled, “Today you won thanks to your higher Cultivation. However, don’t think that I, Shen Lingfei will forget about this. In the future, I will make you pay twice fold!”

Fire flashed at Shiyu’s fingertips. However, just as quickly, she extinguished the flame with a clenched of her fist.

A person’s fault would be revealed with time, as long as they are alive to do so. If Shen Lingfei died like this, he would be remained in someone’s heart as a perfect being and become even harder to dislodge later. Moreover, this was all Xiao Shu’s mess and grievances. She should be the one to clear it up. If Shiyu killed off this scum, it would remain unresolved forever.

As the saying goes, 10 years is not too late for a gentlemen’s revenge…

Anyone could say this, but not everyone is Lin Fan.

Without sparing a glance for the young man on the floor, Shiyu stalked off the College grounds. Let him curse. He was just one of the many people who wanted her dead.

As the half-grown girl disappeared from his view, hatred percolated in Shen Lingfei’s heart. Suddenly, the murmuring of voices alerted him to the presence of other people. With this awareness came the shame of the humiliation he had just suffered.

“I must go to Eastern Empire! I will remember today’s humiliation for the rest of my life,” his teacher already told him that he was a genius, that staying in Dawn City would be a waste of his talent. If he could gain better opportunities…

Yes, going to the Eastern Empire would be the best.

He firmly believed that his destiny could not be stopped. He only needed that one chance to pry open the opportunities in life.


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After Madam Shi left Old Madam’s courtyard, she returned to see the little maid still tending the flower beds. She asked, “Has anyone been by?”

“In reply to Madam, Eldest Young Miss came by earlier.”

“She came?” Did she just leave without meeting her mother?

When Madam Shi went to her rooms, she found no one waiting for her. Recalling what she had said to Shiyu, she reached for the hidden compartment under the bed and took out the jade box. However, when she opened it, it was empty.

Her nerves thrummed and she immediately searched the quilts and even under the bed, but the items were gone.

Xiao Shu…

She turned and swiftly stalked outside, “Go and check for Eldest Young Miss’ whereabouts!”

Seeing the tensed expression on her mistress’ face, the maid dare not delay. As she left to find out, Madam Shi went to the girl by the flowerbeds, “Did Eldest Young Miss came alone?”

“Yes, Eldest Young Miss came alone,” said the little maid.

Madam Shi felt her heart trembled. However, she quickly controlled her expression. [1] Just then, her personal made come running in, “Madam! Eldest Young Miss came by, but then left the estate in a hurry.”

Madam Shi turned white, “Quick! Send someone out to fetch Young Miss. Send at least one team to the Dawn College. If you see her, drag her back. Drag that last name Shen here too!”

People began rushing to obey her orders.

Meanwhile, Madam Shi could only sit tensely in her parlour. When her daughter finally returned, she was starting to get desperate. She shouted, “Where are those things?”

At her Mother’s furious expression, Xiao Shu shrank back a little. She hurriedly took out the jade box, “Mother…”

Madam Shi seized the box and verified its contents. At the sight of the glowing ball and black paper, her tension faded a little. However, she was still very angry. In a tight voice, she said, “Take her back to her the backroom!”

When they were finally alone but for a few trusted servants, Madam Shi slapped Xiao Shu. The sound seemed to echo in the air, shocking everyone around them. The servants quickly lowered their heads and backed out. Unwilling to stay and witness this scene.

Xiao Shu’s hand came up to touch her face. She stared at her mother in disbelief, “Mother…”

“Do not call me mother. I have don’t remember teaching you to use your sister’s life to please others. Shi Yuanshu, I have spoilt you for more than 10 years and yet I am no better than an outsider in your eyes. Since you like the outside so much get out! I will not force you to endure my presence anymore and you can roll around with whomever you like!” Madam Shi made a cutting motion with her hand, as though dismissing Xiao Shu from her presence.

“No! Mother! I was wrong, I didn’t mean to…” Xiao Shu stuttered. She wanted to grab her mother’s arm and plead, but several servants came in to drag her out.

Meanwhile, Shiyu, who had followed Xiao Shu and witness the entire thing could not stay silent anymore. She came out of her hiding place and addressed Madam Shi, “Madam Shi, that Xiao Shu is just a little confused. Surely…”

She had barely spoken when Madam Shi raised her head and smiled wanly at Shiyu, “It’s all too late now.”

Too late?

Madam Shi sighed and removed the two items from the box. She stared into the glowing ball and said, “My youngest daughter is dead and her soul resides in this Jade Spirit Essence.”

“What!” How long as the child died? Are you saying that the Jade Spirit Essence could nourish the soul?

Suddenly, Shiyu understood the ‘too late’ from Madam Shi. If a Jade Spirit Essence could nourish the soul, it would be targeted by those old masters edging close to the end of their lifespan. They would surely storm this place to get their hands on this rare treasure.

As long as one has the Jade Spirit Essence, even if they die, they could temporarily foster their souls within the essence and find ways to be reborn in the future.

An item that could be exchanged for a life. Who doesn’t want it?

Moreover, too many people had witnessed this day’s incident. It cannot be hidden. In a few days, Shi Estate will be besieged by all kinds of monstrously powerful factions.

Shiyu was about to ask Madam Shi what she planned to do when Madam Shi smiled at her, “Aren’t you in need of a Jade Spirit Essence? If I present this to you now, do you dare to accept it?”

The two women stared into each other’s eyes for a long time.



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Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


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[1] USMiC: Gave the personal maid the duty to inform Madam Shi of the bad news instead of prose.


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    Madam Shi would be even more angry at Xiao Shu if she found out both the Jade Essence and the Black Sheet were actually given to Shen “I’m gonna kill ya” Lingfei. The anger would rise if she found out Xiao Shu wasn’t the one to retrieve the items but just stood there idly while Shiyu retrieved the container box and two items. It’s as if those items only had trifling value to Xiao Shu as did that 400 year old cultivation herb. Life is sure easygoing if one never had to earn a living and had other peoples’ stuff to give away.

    It’s unfair that the three 500 year old herbs haven’t been given away by Xiao Shu. I wanted to see the drama for those, but it looks like I won’t get to see…

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