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Little Cooking Saint – 0144 – Dry Hotpot (c)

Chapter 144 Dry Hotpot (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Wen Heng studied the blood-covered person in front of him. This should be the owner whose consciousness had faded enough to cause a crack in the Soul Jade. He had used the jade as a guide to track them down via their qi and found himself almost at the other side of the world looking down at this miserable person. If he had not shown up, she would have died.

He touched her back, directly where her heart is and poured Spiritual powers in to protect the pieces of her heart. Blood vessels fixed themselves. Another wave of his hand later, the dirty blood stuck on her clothes and skin disappeared.

Satisfied, he scanned over her body once more before reaching out to tuck her smaller form close to him, ready to leave.

However, there was still another powerful player in the field. Zhang Gongfeng hovered in the sky, trying to recover from the panic and horror of seeing the Patriarch die right before his eyes. When a person appeared to take the culprit away. How could he just stand aside?

“Where do you think you’re going!?” he howled and rushed forward.

The man glanced at him.

[1] Zhang Gongfeng did not feel any killing intent, but suddenly, he felt his body collapsing. When he looked down, he discovered that his legs, arms chest… everything had dissolved into a pool of broken flesh and blood. [1] He opened his mouth to scream but more blood welled out instead.

The people who had been charging forward to avenge their Patriarch skidded to a stop. [1] Without even lifting his hand, this mysterious man had destroyed a Divine Transformation Master, ah! How could they be his opponent? Frightened, they turned around to flee. However, it was already too late. They all turned into bloody pools of dissolving blood and flesh, just like Zhang Gongfeng.

Qi Chuyun was horrified.

First by the death of her grandfather, followed by Zhang Gongfeng, one of Qi Clan’s three Divine Transformation Masters. In a few breaths, the Clan lost two major leaders. It was so ridiculous that her brain could not accept it.

How can this be?

How can this be!?

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she groped forward to look for her grandfather. However, all that was left of this man was dissipating ashes.

In the middle of this chaos, the origin of chaos, Wen Heng was looking contemplatively in the directing of Wushan City. “To think a beast has hidden itself there,”

Well, that has nothing to do with him. He was here to fulfil a promise to his brother. In another flash, he appeared on a barren mountain. He brought Shiyu into a cave and lowered her there. He was about to leave when Ocean Heart Flame floated out to block his way.

“Wuwu…” it whimpered.

Wen Heng was a little surprised. “To think there’s a Fire Spirit at the Ninth Realm. Well, don’t worry, she won’t die.”

“Wuwu…” it whimpered again.

“You want me to put you into her body? Fire Spirit, surely you understand that if you fuse yourself with her body, you will never escape her. Her life is your life, her death is your death. You’re sure?” Wen Heng was once more surprised.

The Fire Spirits he encountered were all very proud and arrogant. None of them would voluntarily serve anyone. Certainly would not make such requests. Of course, he had never encountered such a weak Fire Spirit either.

Ocean Heart Flame made some clicking sounds.

“But why should I help you?” Wen Heng enjoyed being contrary.

“For the sake of your brother Wen Xian,” a black cat came trotting into the cave. “I believe that if he could see a strong and lively Shiyu, he would be more willing to follow you.”

Wen Heng frowned at the black cat, “Are you threatening me?”

“I dare not,”

“I am his only relative. How could he alienate me for the sake of an outsider?”

“A brother whom he had never seen before against a friend who helped him in his darkest time and nurtured his strength. Who do you think he would be closer to? Of course, if you coerce him, there’s nothing he could do,” Fat Cat stared up at him calmly.

Wen Heng appeared to be in a dilemma, “From your words, you mean to say I must bring her back to Eastern Empire intact.”

“Something like that.”

“Having a brother is so troublesome.”

Fat Cat, “… …”


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When Shiyu opened her eyes, [2] she found herself lying on a hard, flat surface. She had to squint her eyes against the sunlight. There was a susurrus of sounds. [2] The rustling of leaves, footsteps of people hurrying across pavements, and occasionally, the clatter of a horse carriage.

Shiyu sat upright, confused and disorientated.

Her brain was having a hard time understanding the situation around her. [2] She vaguely noted that she was currently outside. The hard surface she had been laying on was a table. Aside from herself, a man wearing clothes darker than night was seated just beside her. The table was just wide enough, or was it because she was small enough? That he was able to have his tea even with her on the table.

Shiyu’s eyes fell to the teacup in his hands. The long, elegant fingers made the cheap teacup looked like fine china.

The man, who had been looking to the side, finally turned to her and said, “So, you’re finally awake. Try and circulate your Spiritual power. Let me know if there’s anything abnormal.”

Shiyu was in a dazed.

Whatever, let’s just listen to this guy first. It doesn’t look like he meant her any harm. Not at the moment anyway. “Alright.”

Speaking of which, that face is truly good looking, ah. But just who is this guy? Had she just been rescued by a hottie?

While these useless thoughts skirted the surface of her mind, Shiyu circulated Spiritual Powers through her meridians. There was no discomfort or blockages of any kind. In fact, if pressed, she had to say she felt… stronger?

Frowning, she sank her awareness into her Dantian and received a shock.

The original nine golden droplets were gone.

In its place was one large golden core!

[3] Though there were no droplets to indicate the level, Shiyu instinctively knew that she was looking at a Level 6, Core Condensation Stage’s golden core.

As soon as she clapped her eyes onto this golden core, memory flooded back into her mind. That’s right, hadn’t she just used her final strength to destroy Patriarch Qi and dragged him to death with her? Why is she still alive?

Shiyu took a closer look at her surroundings and finally realised that it was a tea shop. It was the very first tea shop she had stopped at when she crossed into Xuan Chu Empire barely a week ago. The one with the nice boss who recommended the Lotus Root Powder to her.

Why was she-

Shiyu was still in a daze when a black cat leapt onto the table.

“Fatty!” Shiyu was surprised and delighted. She had thought Fat Cat had died in the forest.

Just then, Cloud Beast, in his medium-size form, floated down with San Pang on its back. San Pang howled, “You scared me to death! I thought you’re dead! Just take me with you next time! I might look like this, but I can still save you!”

Shiyu was dazed with shock and happiness.

She had just woken up from a near-death experience and is now surrounded by friends, how wonderful it is, ah? Also, her Cultivation level had increased once again!? It’s the Core Condensation Stage, ah! Moreover, it’s the 6th Level. That’s more than halfway towards achieving the Divine Transformation Stage! This is beyond rocketing up the levels already, ah!

“What happened? Did you save me?” Shiyu finally looked at the mysterious man again. It must have been him. The combined strength of her little friends could not have overwhelmed Qi Clan’s connection. That lone Divine Transformation Master that had discovered her hiding place would have flattened them all to pieces.

While Shiyu was mired in a flurry of thoughts, Wen Heng placed the teacup onto the table and said, “Yes. As for the sudden advancement of your Cultivation Stage, you may send your thanks to that little Fire Spirit.” He had also expanded some Spiritual powers, but it was not worth mentioning that bit of energy.

At this remark, Shiyu pulled down her sleeve and saw that the flame pattern on her forearm had disappeared.

Had Ocean Heart Flame sacrificed itself to enhance her strength?

Feeling oddly panicked, Shiyu searched through her meridians for that little consciousness when a small golden flame floated before her eyes. The flame was only the size of a fingernail. When Shiyu held up her hand it floated quietly onto her palm. It was faint, very faint compared to the fierce arrogance it had displayed before, but it was there.

Thank goodness it had not completely disappeared.

Shiyu reached out with her other hand to stroke the flame. She hopped off the table with the flame cupped in her hands and bowed to Wen Heng. “I shall not forget this life-saving grace. Shiyu owes you her life. If I may be of use in the future, please speak. Shiyu shall do her best to fulfil her task.”

“No need to be so serious,” Wen Heng waved a lazy hand at her. “You’ve helped my brother, consider this as my way of repaying you instead.”

“Your brother?” Shiyu’s heart began to thump. Brother, ah? Whose brother is it that is so amazing, handsome, strong, influential, genero-

“My brother Wen Xian,” Wen Heng stood up. “Come, it is time to settle grievances.”

Once these grievances and vengeance had been settle, he could leave.


[Gumihou: W-Wen Heng! Wen Heng has appeared! It’s Deus ex Wen Heng!]


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Condensation Stage Stage 1
Core Transformation Stage 2
Core Condensation Stage 3
Divine Transformation Stage 4
Nascent Formation Stage 5*


*Previous ‘missing stage’. Now it re-appeared as Stage 5. Eh, whatev…


[1] Union in Support of Minor Characters: Gumihou can’t prevent your death, but will do her best to make your death more impactful…

[2] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: Just added some creative description for Shiyu’s second awakening from death.

[3] Additional Details for Logistic Purpose: There’s no indication of how Shiyu ‘knew’ she was at Level 6, therefore, Gumihou just assume it’s ‘instinct’. Gumihou maintains that a crappy reason is still better than no reason at all.


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