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Little Cooking Saint – 0272 – Jellybean of Origin (a)

Chapter 272 – Jellybean of Origin (a)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


At an unknown realm.

Huan Mo stared at his opponent. “Stop! I admit it! The current me cannot beat you. However, once my Cultivation is at the same level as yours, I won’t lose to you. Please see the big picture.”

In fact, a Master of Illusion is invincible against someone in the same realm as them. However, it was obvious that this person’s Cultivation was higher than his.

Fortunately, this battle was merely a little contest of strength. Otherwise, if it was anything serious, he would have suffered a great loss today.

His opponent said nothing but clenched their hands.

Not far from them was a large crowd of people. From their vantage point on a high cliff, they could see that there were over 10,000 people below them.

Some of them were of the Human Race. Even more were Spiritual Beasts who had taken a humanoid shape. That is, there were a lot more beasts than humans.

Huan Mo eyed the people below and sighed, “The human race is declining.” He turned to his opponent. “The seal will unravel soon. Are you interested in joining forces? I know your Cultivation is profound, however, I heard that the space within is very vast. Alone, you might miss what you are looking for. However, if we cooperate, the chances of reaching our goals become higher.”

Before everyone was a wild mountainous forest. The ancient trees in this forest were taller and more powerful than the ones on Spiritual Beast Mountain Range back in the Ninth Realm. Even low-level Cultivators standing at the forest edge could feel the pressure from those mountains.

Who would have thought that the sky above this forest really hid an entrance to another space?

Moreover, that space is said to have been a Saint’s Dwelling where the most powerful human races gathered together over a thousand years ago.

Now that the seal is about to collapse, large numbers of Cultivators, humans and beasts, came ready to hunt for precious treasures.

Huan Mo had already known about the matter a long time ago and came a little earlier to scout out the area. He had not expected to encounter someone powerful and grew combative. He challenged the person into a battle, never expecting to lose.

This is the absurdity in realm gaps, ah! He already considered himself quite powerful at this age and had not expected to encounter someone even better.

Neither of them had any great animosity against the other. Moreover, the space they were about to enter must be filled with dangers, which was why he made this suggestion.

“Cooperate?” the other looked at him. “Why do I feel that you’ll drag me down??”


I’m being despised!

Huan Mo was suddenly agitated. No one had ever despised him before, to think he’d actually experience this unpleasant thing now!

“Don’t forget, I am a Master of Illusions. My mental power is very strong. You must be here to look for something. If you tell me, I might be of assistance.”

“A Master of Illusion with an incomplete soul?”

Huan Mo was truly shocked to be found out so quickly, “I can call that piece back immediately.”

As for his disciple, all he had to do is warn that Suo Lan once more and he’d know to behave.

“Three days,” said his opponent. “In three days the seal will unravel. You have three days to do what needs to be done.”

“My clone is in the Ninth Realm right now, don’t worry! I can call it back and assimilate my soul within three days!” speaking of the Ninth Realm, Huan Mo suddenly found himself adding. “The Ninth Realm is really different from before.”

Back then, he had to endure all kinds of hardship to break into Divine Transformation Realm just to escape Ninth Realm. The young people now are really vigorous. Each one is better than the last one. Sure enough, the back wave of the Yangtze River is pushing forward wildly while the forerunning waves die at the beach.

However, his soon to be companion for the upcoming adventure did not seem moved by this revelation.

“Why won’t you ask me what’s different? After all, aren’t we humans all came from the Ninth Realm?” Huan Mo beamed at his new friend. Eager to establish a closer relationship with this powerful person. [2]

“I’m not from the Ninth Realm,” [2] [2] “… oh! Is that so! No wonder your realm is so high. So you didn’t come from the Ninth Realm, ahaha.”

[2] “I have been there once, some time ago.”

“I see, I see,” [3] how silly, ah. How could he have forgotten that while the Ninth Realm serves as the base camp for the Human Race, it does not mean that there are no humans on the other realms?

[3] After all, he had been pestered by some so-called geniuses from the Eight Realm hoping to become his disciple. There’s that one particularly arrogant Divine Transformation girl from the Tan-Tai Clan for example. Huan Mo thought her pride was quite amusing, especially since her Cultivation rested on her ancestor’s ability to raise themselves from the Ninth Realm to the Eight Realm and thus gave her access to Cultivation resources that ordinary Cultivators at the Ninth Realm would not have.

[3] To Huan Mo, a five-year-old Divine Transformation powerhouse in any of the other realms is nothing too extraordinary, but if such an individual appears on the Ninth Realm… well, the whole Nine Realms will be shaken up.

[3] For a child born in Heaven Realm, well, five-year-olds achieving Divine Transformation would be a matter of course.

Huan Mo studied this person beside him. This person cannot be an heir from a large family. The elders would not be able to keep their mouths shut about having such a great talent from their side.

Still, this was only their first meeting. Who knows what great adventure would greet them next!

Having made his decision, Huan Mo decided to call the clone back.

Oh, before that…


Clone Huan Mo quickly wrote a letter and handed it to Suo Lan, “Give this to my disciple. Also, make sure no one dies on the Eastern side. If you manage this, I shall remember this favour.”

Sua Lan, who had been running errands all over the place for this Elder was saddled with another duty. However, he did not take offence. After all, now that he has a direct order, he was basically protected.

The people on top would not quarrel with minions.

“This one shall carry out your orders.”

With a final smile, Huan Mo disappeared.


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Shiyu only learned of her master’s departure half a month later.

Before that, she had been stuck inside the Saint’s Dwelling. The first thing she did when she received the herbs was consult Fat Cat. She wanted to know if the three herbs she received would nourish the soul and help strengthen Fat Cat’s soul.

When she received a negative answer, Shiyu promptly handed all three herbs to Ocean Heart Flame to purify.

The three stalks of herbs were all 100,000-year-old plants. After purification, Shiyu has three little pools of golden liquid medicine and a little lump of Qi of Origin.

This lump of Qi of Origin was more than all the Qi she had collected until now. Shiyu was immediately grateful to this Second Master of hers.

“Is this amount enough?” Shiyu now has two lumps of Qi of Origin, one as large as the tip of her thumb and the other as the tip of her index finger. She has no idea whether it was enough to repair the black pages.

Fat Cat gave the Qi a glance, “Close enough, let’s have a try.”

Cat and girl approached the stone table. The book was still floating above it. Lying below the book was a piece of the black page.

Shiyu placed the black page on the <<Soul Drawing Book>> and then poured the Qi of Origin onto the broken black page. The Qi of Origin quickly burrowed into the gaps in the book.

A short while later, they could see the tears on the <<Soul Drawing Book>> starting to repair itself. Then, with a flash of bright light, the black page was assimilated into the book


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[1] Back Wave of the Yangtze River Pushes Forward while the Forerunning Waves Dies at the Beach – the young overtaking the old

[2] I think author-san is trying to make an ‘awkward scenario joke’ here, except her joke seem to depend a lot on mind-reading or wordless understanding. Which would be highly unlikely since these two haven’t been together for long. One battle does not a mind-reading relationship make. Adjust dialogues to make the joke work.

[3] Reduce the Stupid – Huan Mo: Explanations are all given in the generic narrative form of bla-bla-bla-info-dump-bla making it kind of underwhelming.

Decide to make it more active via Huan Mo’s sassy POV. Also, pulled Tan-Tai Chu as an example of someone ‘Not from the Ninth Realm’ because at least a couple of generations of grandchildren and great-grandchildren must have sprouted from the loins of people who had successfully ascended to the Eight Realm and never set foot on the Ninth Realm for whatever reason.


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