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Little Cooking Saint – 0122- Stone Bowl Bibimbap (e)

Chapter 122 Stone Bowl Bibimbap (e)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“It’s too dangerous for you to venture forward alone,” Qing Chen said. “It’s better to go back and make some plans with the others first.”

Shiyu had calmed down a lot by now. At least enough to agree with Qing Chen’s suggestion, “Alright.

They returned to the lakeside pavilion. From their black expressions, Shiyu imagined that everyone had more or less guessed what must have happened. [1] They had all stayed put despite their anger, trusting that Qing Chen would track her down. Trusting Shiyu that would see reason and return to them for further action, eventually.

[1] Shiyu stared at their solemn faces and was suddenly struck by their trust in her. They trusted her judgement and her strength. Trusted that Qing Chen would be there to back her up and stayed where they were to avoid having her movements detected by others. For a group of powerful hotheads used to being in the middle of the action, staying put was even more incredible than coming after her.

She did not bother to hide the incident from her friends and told them everything. “No matter what, I must kill that Xue Qingge!” If her family had not been moved into Spiritual Beast Mountain Range, who knows what suffering they would have had to endure?

“You cannot do it alone,” said Lin Fan. “You’re only a [2] Core Transformation Cultivator. There are many guards at the Xue Residence. There should be several Core Condensation masters there. I shall go with you.”

“Count me in,” said Feng Luo immediately. “I still haven’t gotten revenge over last time’s matter. To think that she would strike us again while we remain quiet.”

Qing Chen and Xuan Yin said nothing, but it was clear that they were both ready to throw their lot with Shiyu. They made their stance very obvious in their own strong, silent way.

The Xue Clan has been around for many years and has accumulated a certain degree of foundation. Even after being struck by bad luck, poor leadership and losing half their properties, these people would not be easy to get rid of.

“Now that Xue Qingge has made her move, it’s better for us to counter her immediately. Preferably before the Crown Prince’s bride fetching procession reached the Xue Estate.”

The moment Xue Qingge married the Crown Prince, she would officially belong to the Imperial Family. If they were to confront her then, it would be like slapping the face of the royal family. Even if it’s just to protect their face, the Imperial Family could not afford to remain indifferent if one of their members were attacked.

“If we make our move now, what are our chances? Can we win?” Shiyu asked. If the chances of pulling this off are low, she would rather swallow this anger or attack the estate on her own. She did not want to drag everyone down with her.

“Our chances should be good. We’re not the only ones who want to make trouble for the Xue Clan. Plenty of people still held grudges from the last incident,” said Feng Luo. “I shall go look for Grandfather now.”

Qing Chen said, “I shall look for 12th Martial Uncle.” 12th Martial Uncle was a Great Perfection Level, Core Condensation Stage Cultivator. Having her with them would add to their fighting power and tip the odds to their side.

Once this brief strategy meeting was done, the group broke off into different directions.

There were only three hours left to dusk.


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Feng Luo found his grandfather very easily. The Grand Elder was currently in a conversation with the two Elder Liu brothers. From the content of the dialogue, he was apparently trying to matchmake some poor unfortunate soul again.

“Excuse me, Grandfather. May I speak with you for a moment?” [3] He smiled at the two Liu Elders. “Apologies to esteemed Elder Liu and Patriarch Liu, but I have something urgent to speak with grandfather.”

After pulling Grand Elder Feng to one side, he explained what had happened earlier. Ending with, “That Xue Qingge even aimed her vengeance against a child. I’m afraid if we let her get away with this, she will eventually send people to harm the Feng Clan. Grandfather, this grandson believes that we must pursue this matter to the end.”

Grand Elder Feng’s expression sank a little. In fact, he foresaw an even more sinister reason behind this attack against Xiao Qi. That woman was clearly making use of this opportunity to force the Feng Clan into the heart of the struggle. If her scheme succeeded, they would have suffered a terrible loss without even the slightest opportunity to avenge themselves.

“Stay calm,” advised Grand Elder Feng. “I’m going to make a short stop at the Imperial College.”

At the very least, this matter still involved the safety and reputation of an Imperial College student. As a minor without a strong family background, Xiao Qi’s biggest backing would still be Imperial College. She, along with her brother and sister, were all students of the College. Appealing to the Imperial College to step out on Xiao Qi’s behalf would be the best.

[4] Who were Xiao Qi’s brother and sister?

[4] None other than the extraordinarily talented Lin Fan. The one who had caused a great wave the moment he stepped into the College. The young man won first place at the latest End of Term Competition and was a Top Class talent. There’s also her sister, Shiyu, whose sudden increase in Cultivation base made even her harshest critic bow down in shame. Moreover, Xiao Qi’s own Cultivation talent was nothing to be scoffed at. If something were to happen to any of these three, the Imperial College would not simply sit idly by.

If they could pull the Imperial College to their side, they would no longer have to worry about giving face to the Imperial Family. Without the backing of the Imperial Family, the shaky foundation of the Xue Family would soon crumble!

When Grand Elder Feng was pulled aside by Feng Luo, the Liu Brothers were curious but unconcerned. However, when Grand Elder Feng suddenly decided to pay a visit to the Imperial College, the Elder Liu Brothers glanced at each other and decided to accompany him.

When two Divine Transformation Masters and one Great Perfection Level, Core Condensation Master suddenly left together, they naturally attracted the attention of many people. Whispers and speculations soon followed in their wake, everyone wondering just what had happened to cause these masters to suddenly leave the Imperial Palace.

On route to the College, Grand Elder Feng related Xiao Qi’s matter to the Lius. When Elder Liu understood what Xue Qingge was planning, he became incensed and began to curse, “Fxck that motherfxcker! I’m going to call up all the elders and masters of the College and storm that pathetic little estate. How dare they scheme against the College students?!” More importantly, how dare they scheme against the little girl I have set my heart to become my personal apprentice!

“We mustn’t make too big a deal out of this,” Grand Elder Feng motioned for him to calm down. “Let’s look for the Dean first and see what he has to say.”

The Dean of the Imperial College was also a Divine Transformation Stage Master. However, the man rarely appeared in public and tended to focus his attention on the welfare of his students.

When he discovered how talented Lin Fan was, he instructed all the mentors and elders of the College to assist the boy in every way possible.

Later, when Lin Fan brought in an exceptionally talented little girl, he nearly burst with joy and even contemplated whether to accept the child as his personal disciple.

When Shiyu came back to the College with those Leisurely Cloud Sect people, he was there to silently observe the situation from the top of the teaching building. How could he not notice her sudden surge in Cultivation? Everything else aside, he had already mentally reassessed her value, placing her in the same bracket as Lin Fan.

Therefore, when he found out that someone dared to target all three students he had his eye on, even the mild-tempered Dean could not stop himself from becoming angry. Even so, he was able to reign in his rage to say suspiciously, “Surely with the two of you here, the matter could be easily dealt with. Why come and bother this old man?”

If two Divine Transformation Masters were to combine their strength, not many clans could defend themselves against total annihilation.

Grand Elder Feng sneered, “With the Imperial Family staring down my neck? [5] The Feng Clan had been neutral for many generations. If the Feng Clan were to stick out our hand for Xiao Qi, the emperor would see it as us rebelling against a member of the Imperial Family. [5] That woman is too vicious. It’s clear what she’s trying to do.”

If the Feng Clan were to go against a member of the royal family, the emperor seated at the top of Feng Xian Mountain might, in all his wisdom, throw his weight in support of the Xue Clan as a way to balance out the powers of the land. Which would be a headache and a half for the Feng Clan. Rather than letting this problem eventually erupted into a future headache, let’s deal with the issue right now.

The Dean suddenly understood, “You want me to suppress the Imperial Family and let the younger generations solve the matter themselves?” After some thought, he touched the palm of his left hand and nodded, “Very well, this is also a good opportunity to observe the wisdom of the young.”

The three old masters had not expected matters to turn out this way. However, this was not a bad result either. Letting the next generation solve their own problems without interference from the Imperial Family or the old masters could also be considered an opportunity for them to grow.

After some more discussion, the four of them returned to the palace.

As soon as they reached the palace, the Dean led them to meet the emperor and make a complaint against the Xue Clan. He told an impassioned tale of how a group of brave, young students had found the Xue Clan scheming against the Imperial College. His rhetoric was so impassioned that he made it seemed as though the Xue Clan was planning to flatten the Imperial College and how he, the Dean of said college, was finally incensed into making this plea with the emperor of this land.

The emperor was a middle-aged man with a rather plain face and deep-set eyes. Though the Imperial Family has some power, they still dare not offend the Imperial College too much. Finally, all the emperor ventured to say was, “Xue Qingge is [6] zhen’s daughter-in-law…”

“Has the bowing ceremony happened yet?”

“… that the ceremony had not yet happened could either aggravate or pacify the matter. No matter what, it is not good for the Imperial Family to involve ourselves. The Crown Prince’s procession will be leaving for the Xue Estate an hour before dusk. So long as the procession has not reached the Xue Estate, Xue Qingge is still not the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine. Since this is a personal matter between them, let them settle it themselves.”

“Dean of College, Elders Feng and Liu, what do you think?”


[Gumihou: … I’m seeing a lot of Divine Transformation Stage masters all of a sudden. So much for the ‘glass ceiling’ that prevents people from breaking through… Also, Xue Qingge? Tsk, tsk.]


[1] Plot Hole 1: Er, why are you guys staying put? Aren’t you gonna storm after Shiyu?

Never mind, patched it with ‘common sense’. Which is really unusual and made this group of calabashes sound so much more badass and incredible

[2] Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have too~ 


 凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage amazing


[3] Added Details for Prevention of OOC: I expect Feng Luo to be polite, especially when interrupting a conversation between elders.

[4] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Because it should be dramatic

[5] Changed Details that Did Not Add Up: Original ‘You think I’m reluctant to avenge my Feng Clan?’ changed to ‘Feng Clan is neutral, but’

[6] Zhen – Royal ‘I’ or ‘me’ for emperor


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