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Little Cooking Saint – 0123 – Stone Bowl Bibimbap

Chapter 123 Stone Bowl Bibimbap (f)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


There was only two hours before the Crown Prince’s procession start moving.

The Liu Elders and Grand Elder Feng returned to the Hall of Rituals, along with the rarely seen Imperial College Dean, causing quite a stir among the attendees. While the people were being occupied, the emperor sent down a decree. No one is to interfere with whatever is happening at the Xue Estate.

As faint incense smoke shrouded the Imperial Palace, the emperor leaned back on the wide throne and pondered over various secret worries: I have done my best to block the worst of the obstacles for you. If you still cannot handle this much, I’m afraid you are not worthy to enter the Imperial Palace.

As the events fell, one after another, the trash that had been hidden under calm waters would soon be revealed.

The atmosphere at the Hall of Ritual was still rather lively, but Feng Luo and his party had long since disappeared.

There were guards at the Xue Estate, of course. At both [1] Core Transformation and Core Condensation Stage. However, the Feng Clan has enough clout and connection within the Imperial Capital to borrow a couple of powerful Core Condensation Masters with clans they were friendly with. Moreover, it’s not like anyone would be opposed to letting the Feng Clan owing them a favour either.

After going around visiting various clans they were close with, they managed to assemble around 20 Core Condensation Stage Masters. Moreover, they have the 12th Martial Uncle at [2] Great Perfection, Core Condensation Stage, Qing Chen at 3rd Level, Core Condensation Stage, and Lin Fan, who had recently broken through to the Core Condensation Stage, meaning their own party alone already has three Core Condensation fighters.

They were about to set out when several College elders also came up to support the team. Oh, and one of them was Elder Liu in disguise.

“Since Xue Qingge is about to be married, the clan had boosted two of their members into Great Perfection Level. How could you all cope without my presence?” quipped Elder Liu.

The sun was gradually dropping to the west. There was a slight chill in the air as the group assembled quietly just outside the Xue Estate.

“Everyone, take care!”


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Shiyu turned to Wen Xian and Xuan Yin, “You two stay out here. If the Crown Prince’s procession [3] arrived before we come out, block it.”

With that, a dagger appeared in her hand and she stepped into the Xue Estate.

The Xue Clan’s Estate covered a fairly large area. Oddly enough, though today was supposed to be a happy occasion, there were not many guests present. News of Xue Clan’s despicable scheme against the Feng Clan during their most vulnerable time had cost them more than just family property.

The few guests were startled when a dozen masked men rushed into the house. Screams interspersed with sounds of furniture crashing and dishes shattering against the floor. As Shiyu passed through the house, fire lit everything she touched.

The Xue Clan guards were naturally not for display purpose only. After the initial shock, they quickly retaliated. While the bulk of the small army fought the guards, Shiyu’s party split off and headed towards Xue Qingge’s boudoir.

Their main goal here was Xue Qingge. As long as they could get rid of her, the matter could be considered over and done with.

When Xue Qingge heard the commotion outside, she frowned. “Go and see what’s going on outside,” she told the maid.

She was to be married today. There had better not be trouble.

However, as soon as the maid opened the door, she was pulled out and kicked to the side. Then, the whole door was kicked off its hinges and Shiyu stepped through the broken remains of the door.

“The guards will be here soon. We will block them. You take care of matters here,” said Lin Fan.

They had stormed into Xue Qingge’s boudoir as soon as they could, but that did not mean that the guards outside had been taken care of. However, as long as Xue Qingge dies, they could disregard guards and make their escape.

The last person Xue Qingge expected to step into her room was Shiyu. As soon as she laid eyes on this girl, she knew that her meticulous plans had been ruined.

“Why are you here?!” Xue Qingge sneered, taking down a long sword from the wall. “Never mind, it is good of you to send yourself to my door. I shall be happy to destroy you with my own hands, you [4] little heart devil.”

Ever since she came back from that wretched Qing Shan City, her Cultivation had stagnated. Every time she tried to focus on her meditation, the humiliation she suffered at the Lin Estate would plague her like little heart devils, making it impossible for her to focus enough to Cultivate.

Shiyu did not waste time trading nonsense with this woman. The longer time drags on, the higher the chances for something to go wrong. Xue Qingge was currently an 8th Level Core Transformation Cultivator, the same stage as Shiyu was now thanks to the Fire Spirit.

She rushed forward with her dagger. This little dagger has seen a lot more battle thanks to The Turbulence, she was no longer that inexperienced girl facing Mo Yin with her half-baked martial arts. Shiyu kept her eyes on Xue Qingge even as Spiritual power gathered in her dagger.

As for Xue Qingge, she was currently looking at Shiyu in bewilderment. This little cook had only broken through to the Core Transformation stage barely half a year ago, so why couldn’t she just kill off this little heart demon? Has my Cultivation regressed? Or, could it be…? Has my opponent advanced to the same Cultivation stage as myself?

As the more experienced fighter, Xue Qingge noticed that Shiyu only fought with the same few moves after a few exchanges. Relief suffused her. So what if they’re at the same Cultivation stage? She would not lose to this wild seed in martial arts. Moreover, Xue Qingge was confident she has more than enough skills to win against this peasant bitch.

With barely a thought and a quick wave of her hand, Xue Qingge froze Shiyu’s feet to the floor. [5] There, now that little bitch can’t hop around wilfully. The smirk had barely formed on her face when the ice cracked under Shiyu’s fire.

Fire automatically overwhelmed the weaker Water Attribute attack. Shiyu slashed with her dagger and fire flashed out like a scythe at Xue Qingge, who found herself the one leaping out of the way instead.

As the two traded blows, Xue Qingge began to have the impression that the longer this continues, the lower her chances of winning. Suddenly, Shiyu stopped attacking. Flames began to gather on the wretched little devil’s palm, the temperature around them suddenly grew so hot that Xue Qingge felt her hair crackled. Her heart shrank when she realised that she had no way of countering this attack.

For the first time since Shiyu appeared, fear began to crawl into Xue Qingge’s heart.


The instinct to escape was overwhelming, and Xue Qingge was already dashing for the broken door before her conscious mind realise what she was doing.

“Want to escape?” Shiyu flung the Ocean Heart Flames at Xue Qingge.

Just as the fire was about to reach her, a body dashed towards the flame. As soon as the Spirit Fire touched the man, he instantly turned into a human torch.

“Father!” Xue Qingge’s eyes were filled with horror. Her father was a Great Perfection Level, Core Condensation Stage Master. How could he be burnt by mere spirit flames? Just what is this terrible fire?

“Run!” Patriarch Xue rasped. He had already been severely injured by Grand Elder Feng a few months ago. Today, he had suffered more injuries from 12th Martial Uncle’s attacks and now had to face this fire. It took everything in him to resist the flames enough to beseech his daughter to run before he was burnt to ash.

Seeing her father torched to death in front of her filled Xue Qingge with real horror. Escape, she must escape!

As long as she could escape, the emperor would shelter her if only to guard his face. As long as she could stay alive she has a chance to start all over again. When the time comes, she will cut Shiyu down with a thousand sword cuts and avenge her father!

However, would Shiyu let her leave just like that?

Suddenly, the area around Xue Qingge turned into a sea of flames. Golden fire dance and wave as the Ocean Heart Flame pranced about cheerfully, happy to threaten this person for the sheer joy of destruction. Xue Qingge froze in place, not daring to even touch these deadly flames. While she was trapped within the fire, Shiyu easily stepped through the flames and stopped in front of Xue Qingge. She held out her hand towards Xue Qingge.

As Xue Qingge watched, Shiyu slowly closed her hand into a fist, the surrounding flames rose and enveloped them in the middle of a ball of fire.

Now that the matter had come to this, it was useless to be strong. Xue Qingge muttered, “I really regretted not-” she was not given the chance to speak her last words. Her beautiful eyes widened with disbelief as she stared at Shiyu.

“What a whole lot of nonsense,” Shiyu said absently as she pulled her dagger out of Xue Qingge’s chest. She took the time to wipe the blade clean against Xue Qingge’s clothes before putting it away. She was about to leave but turned back to look at Xue Qingge who was still standing there, staring at her in astonishment.

“Really, if you had not been so impatient and spent more time to get Lin Fan to really like you, it’s possible that your future could have panned out the way you imagined it. Unfortunately, a person’s base personality is unchangeable. So, I supposed it’s also possible you won’t achieve that future either.”

Xue Qingge opened her mouth, but nothing came out. In the end, she quietly collapsed backwards, into the embrace of Ocean Heart Flames. The girl who had once stood like a proud plum blossom in the snow was now nothing but ashes in the wind.


[Gumihou: … I really hadn’t expected that…]


[1] Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have to~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4


[2] Great Perfection = 10th Level and last level before the breakthrough

[3] Crown Prince’s procession is actually the ‘Procession from the Groom’s House to Pick Up the Bride’

You can read about Chinese traditional wedding ceremonies in the following link:

[4] 心魔 or Xin Mo or Heart’s Devil = Basically psychological issue of the heart. Translate it as ‘Little Heart Devil’ as it could also be used as a curse

[5] Additional Detail for Dramatic Purpose: It’s a fight scene! A fight scene! There were some small changes of details here and there to make the story smoother, but 95% of it belongs to Author-san. Prime-of-Life-san, Gumihou is your fan again!


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