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Little Cooking Saint – 0230 – Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (g)

Chapter 230 Crystal Meat – Spiritual Leopard Version (g)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“No need, it’s your win,” was Fire Wolf’s reply.

“Good,” Shiyu nodded once, acknowledging her victory calmly.

Right now the scores stood at 5-2, with the Fire Wolves in the lead. The next battle would be the team fights. If the College Champion wins the team battle, they would enter the playoffs. If they lose here, well, it would be their first team lost since the start of the tournament.

The master of ceremonies leapt onto the stage and announced, [1] “Ladies and gentlemen, both teams will now have a quarter of an hour break. Please look forward to the team battle in 15 minutes!”

Shiyu sat down with her teammates and breathed in deeply. She had an easier time than she had expected. She had no injury, had used her flames twice and a bit of her mental power. She should be fine after a short rest.

“Don’t do it again,” said Lin Fan. “This is not a life or death battle. It’s better to show as little of your abilities as possible,”

A tall tree is susceptible to the wind. Those who stood out will attract unwanted attention.

“Alright,” said Shiyu.


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While the Imperial Capital was busy obsessing over the tournaments. A certain green-robed girl finally returned to the Eighth Realm.

She landed on the Wuji Coast which bordered the Wuji Sea.

The coast was fringed with sand so white that looked like the edge of a delicate soap bubble. The gentle susurrus of waves rolling and receding from the shore left a shimmering silver trail that dazzled the eyes.

[1] Not that any of these gorgeous sights attract the eye of Tan-Tai Chu. [2] She kicked off the shore and shot directly towards the Wuji Sea. As straight as the crow flies from Wuji Shore was an immortal island surrounded by clouds and mist. The island was large enough that it could be spotted from the shore. On very clear days, one could even spot the eaves of blue-tiled rooftops. On cloudy or rainy days, however, the Wuji Sea transformed into a completely different world and the Immortal Island looked as distant as though it was in a different dimension altogether.

[2] Once she reached the island, Tan-Tai Chu made her way towards [3] Devil’s Ivy Pavilion where her mother stayed all year round.

She wanted answers.

As the name suggested, her mother’s living quarters was a riot of green plants that looked like they were on the verge of devouring the place. [4] The twisting vines with their wide heart-shaped leaves covered pretty much everything. When the sea breeze blows, the wide, flexible Devil’s Ivy leaves sway and flutter like cresting waves.

[2] Tan-Tai Chu found her target seated under the largest Ivy vine. [4] The heart-shaped leaves sheltering a woman tuning a fine black guqin [5] on her lap. The mystical atmosphere was further enhanced by the hauntingly crisped and mysterious tunes that lingered in the air.

“Mother,” Tan-Tai Chu’s voice was strident but respectful.

“When did you return?” the woman raised her face. She was no great beauty. In fact, one might even say her looks was quite mediocre. Nevertheless, the luxurious clothes and haughty demeanour was more than enough to give her an imposing presence.

“Just now,”

“The Tea of Enlightenment?”

“I don’t have it,”

“Then are you here?” frowned the woman.

“I have no intention of being here. However, I have some questions for you,” [2] Tan-Tai Chu’s voice was arrogant, bordering on rude as she continued. “I saw someone with the same face as mine. As my mother, you should know best, shouldn’t you? Is that girl my twin sister or is our similarities merely a coincidence? I cannot rest until this thorn in my throat is settled. As the one who gave birth to me, you should know the truth.”

[2] The main unease in her heart centred around this crucial question. As for Uncle Wang, who is he to her? A mere servant. A lost servant could be easily replaced. She must have her answers no matter what.


The clean and crisp trill of a perfectly tuned guqin is suspended in the air.

Apparently satisfied, the woman took out a piece of soft cloth and began to wipe down the guqin before tenderly putting it away. She directed a mocking look at her daughter. “So what if I gave birth to you? It’s not like you’ve ever treated me as your mother.”

“You are wrong, I have always respected you,”

“Respect? We both know I am here because you still have some use for me,” the woman laughed.

“Enough about that. Tell me, who is that person?”

“Who is she?” the thrill of her laughter was like a finely tuned instrument. [6] “Just someone you owe everything to for the rest of your life. Where do you think your great talent come from? When you were born, a vision appeared in the birthing room followed by a strange fragrance. They say that your birth is a miracle, that the vision came down from heaven itself. However, what they call a vision is really a sign of disaster. The terrible consequence of you devouring your sister’s soul.”

There was a slight change on [2] Tan-Tai Chu’s face, “Is this true?”

[6] “Why do you think they confine me in this place for over a decade? They are afraid that I will reveal the truth. That the miracle that is Tan-Tai Clan’s most promising student is a devourer of souls. Once word that you have consumed your own blood sister got out, who would accept your existence?”

The woman paused. Her face was nearly tranquil even as her eyes blazed with some undefinable emotion.

“So, you had better kill that person before she gets too strong,”

“You’re lying,” said Tan-Tai Chu suddenly. “If what you say is true, then that so-called sister of mine should be dead. So why is she running around in the Ninth Realm? Are you trying to destroy the Dao of my heart?”

“Believe me, don’t believe me, it’s up to you,” the woman cast a careless glance at her. “None of you Tan-Tai people is ever truly upright. Your Way is built upon the corpses of the dead you devoured.”

“Whether we are or not is not up to you to decide,” [2] Tan-Tai Chu stood up and turned to leave. “I shall take my leave.”

[7] Before she had taken more than a couple of steps, the woman said. “Tan-Tai Chu.”

[7] It was the first time the woman said her name. She waited.

[7] “I shall grant you one last piece of advice,”

When Tan-Tai Chu said nothing she continued. “You had better kill that person right away.”

“Why?” Tan-Tai Chu [8] turned to study the woman.

Again, that little thrill of laughter. “As I have stated, it is your miraculous talents that attracted the attention of the Tan-Tai Clan. Talents that exists because you have eaten your sister’s soul and sucked out her blood essence. [6] What will happen to you when your dear blood sister grows more powerful?”

“Is that so?” this time, when Tan-Tai Chu leave, she did not look back.

She did, however, went straight to the Clan Estate, summoned three powerful servants to her and left Wuji Sea once more.

Whether Mother’s words could be trusted or not, it would be wise to cut off whatever loose ends left on the Ninth Realm. That Uncle Wang’s Cultivation suffered a sudden devastating blow was a fact and this meant that wretched girl must be hiding some secrets on her person.

But, no matter. She, Tan-Tai Chu, will destroy that wretch for good and take those secrets for herself.

Human Die for Wealth, Birds Die for Food. Cultivators are no different.


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Once Tan-Tai Chu left, the woman in the Devil’s Ivy Pavilion clutched her guqin close to her breast as she sat curled up under a [8] large heart-shaped leaf.

There was a gleam of desperate hatred in her eyes.

After more than a decade of patient waiting, finally, finally, the moment I have been waiting for has come.

How funny, ah. To think those sisters would eventually fight each other to death. It’s fine if both of them die in the conflict. Better still if one of them survive to turn the Tan-Tai Clan upside down.

How wonderful would that be?


[Gumihou: Erm, Gumi gave Mummy a bit of extra tweaking in the name of USMiC!]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjusted Details: Changed passive sentence into dialogue.

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Green robed girl’s reaction. We’ll just call her Tan-Tai Chu since we should all know who she is. I don’t understand why author-san is being so M. Night Shymalayan about it. (If you must know, Fire Lord Ozai’s face was shown openly through the beginning and middle of the movie, but was later on was obscured. We were only shown his legs and chest while his voice boomed menacingly at someone, which is kind of pointless since his face was already shown much earlier? Lovely bit of technical issue that one.)

[3] 綠蘿小閣 – The 綠蘿 here could be interpreted Green Radish (lol) with the scientific name being Epipremnum aureum or Devil’s Ivy as the common name. Guess why Gumi chose to go with ‘Devil’s Ivy’? Too bad the Green Radish pun was lost though.

[4] Refer to the actual Devil’s Ivy plant when describing Devil’s Ivy Pavilion.

[5] Guqin – A seven-string musical instrument. Lan Wangji’s weapon of choice, lol.

[6] Adjusted Details for Dramatic Purpose: Adjusted Mummy’s words to be sharp, provocative and as hurtful as a jagged blade in the English language.

[7] Changed Detail for Dramatic Purpose: Mummy doesn’t seem like someone who ‘…shouted, “Tan-Tai Chu, I’ll tell you once again, you had better kill that person!

Like, why build up all that drama only to break character at a crucial point? Please maintain your cool, Mummy.

Adjusted these details as per SPOOCS regulations.

[8] Changed Detail for Logistic Purpose: Continuity error – it was ‘under the largest Devil’s Ivy plant’ but then later became ‘continued to sit under the ‘withered vine’ like… are background scenes fighting each other now?


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