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Little Cooking Saint – 0091 – Chargrilled Rabbit (b)

Chapter 91 Chargrilled Rabbit (b)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


To put it plainly, Wood Spirit Essence is the blood and essence of plants that had slowly and gradually collected energy over hundreds and thousands of years. Of all the races in the world, plants had the most difficulty Cultivating.

It was entirely down to luck where a seed sprout and take root. Then, once they’d gained a little awareness, they would have to breathe in the Spiritual Energy in the air and absorb it through the ground to slowly Cultivate. They could not devour other races or take medicinal herbs to improve their cultivation.

It is quite rare to find a thousand-year-old tree with Wood Spirit Essence. Humans coveted the power of the trees due to their purity. However, if a human tried to take the essence of a Wood Spirit by force, the tree would self-destruct, burning itself and taking out a large swath of ground around them.

Therefore, Plant Cultivators were also regarded as great disasters with potential for large scale destruction and to be avoided at all cost.

So… why did these Plant Cultivators just drop their Wood Spirit Essence into Wen Xian’s hands?

They all stared at this mysterious party member of theirs.

Finally, Shiyu asked, “Wen Xian, where did you pick those?”

Wen Xian had been walking behind Shiyu, who was trailing after the two male heirs and none of them had noticed the fruits. Shiyu was sure that she would have noticed fruits of all things.

Wen Xian shook his head and pointed above them, “I didn’t pick them. Grandpa Tree gave them to me.”

Grandpa Tree!?

They all looked up, but the only thing they saw was a thick and silent canopy. A trickle of light sparkled through, but that was it. Everything else was very silent and still.

“What do you think?” Shiyu turned to the other two, but the young men were similarly baffled. Nevertheless, they all remained alert. It was not unusual for something in the Cultivation world to bait their victims with something good before devouring them.

San Pang leaned over to Wen Xian, “Can you really see Tree Spirits?”

“I don’t know if that’s what they are,” Wen Xian shrugged.

“This is the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range. Although it had been a thousand years since the humans fled to the 9th Realm, this Mountain Range had existed for 100,000 years.” When San Pang saw the doubt on the others’ face, he explained, “The trees around here are tens of thousands of years old, the younger ones are at least a few thousand years old.

Regular grass and plants could gain awareness through Cultivation, so it is not surprising that big trees like these could as well. However, just because plants could gain awareness, it takes a much longer time to develop Wood Spirit Essence. Therefore, it was not surprising for such old trees to have developed Wood Spirit Essence. Anyone who wants to collect Wood Spirit essence cannot use force. They could only gently coax a tree to part with its essence willingly or be destroyed with it.”

At San Pang’s explanation, they all stared at the fruits in Wen Xian’s hands with a little more awe. These were valuable Wood Spirit Essence that could not be obtained through force, rendering the common sense of this world useless. But, why did these ancient trees only grant Wood Spirit Essence to Wen Xian alone? The second weakest of them was granted such valuable item… this hurts the towering pride of three geniuses and one transmigrator, you know?!

In fact, the saddest and most hurt person in the party was probably Feng Luo. Because he’s actually a Wood Element Cultivator, ah! Why do these Ancient Trees look favourably upon Wen Xian who ate these precious, precious Wood Spirit Essence as though they were common snacks?! If he consumed these Wood Spirit Essence, he could build his Cultivation Base now and increase his chances of breaking through to the Divine Transformation Stage, ah! [1]

“Wen Xian,” Shiyu said. “Could you ask if these Grandpa Trees meant any harm to us?”

“No,” Wen Xian immediately answered. Then, another Wood Spirit Essence fell right into his hand.

Everyone’s eyes widened at the scene before their eyes. If they had half believed him before, they could only believe him whole-heartedly now.

Just who is this Wen Xian? Why the f*ck did the Ancient Trees like this guy so much?

Envy, jealousy and hatred roiled within all of them.

Lin Fan cleared his throat, “Well, we now have an explanation as to why we have not been attacked by any spiritual beasts.” He looked up at the trees and bowed, “Thank you, seniors, for your assistance.”

A rustle of leaves answered him. [2] The others looked at each other, should they curry favour with the Ancient Trees too?

With the help of the Ancient Trees, they picked up their pace. Less nervous now about sudden attacks from Spiritual beasts, their mood improved. [2] However, no matter how nicely they spoke about the trees and plants in general. Wood Spirit Essence continued to fall into Wen Xian’s hands alone. They had helpfully provided a bag for him. The bag was almost full now.

The amount was almost obscene to Feng Luo’s eyes. Rare and precious treasures were supposed to be few and far between. It was almost like looking at someone swinging a rattan basket of diamonds and emeralds around. He was pondering over how he could convince Wen Xian to exchange some of those precious, precious Wood Spirit Essence with him when the young man innocently handed the whole bag to Feng Luo.

“Senior Feng, since you’re a Wood Element Cultivator, I think these would help you a lot. I could only eat them as regular fruit, which is a terrible waste really.”

“Are you sure? Are these really useless to you?” Feng Luo said. “You must not deprive yourself just because I don’t have any. These are all rightfully yours.”

“Well, it’s not like I can’t get more if I want to, right?”

Feng Luo thought about it, but finally decided to accept Wen Xian’s generosity at face value and thanked him appreciatively. “However, I cannot just take your things. What element are you? In return, I shall give you some medicinal herbs that would help with your Cultivation.”

“Hem…” Wen Xian hesitated, then said, “I am Water Element.”

Feng Luo immediately cheered up, “The Feng Clan has one of the most extensive collections of aquatic medicinal herbs. I will send you a cartful once I return home.”

“Good, good,” Wen Xian happily responded. Then, he flashed a glance at Shiyu.

Shiyu was staring at him in disbelief. Because she had asked this guy what his element was before and he said it was Fire. Just when did it turn into Water? Was he trying to not make trouble for Feng Luo?

Ah well, there’s no need to say anything now, she’ll just ask him about it later.

They walked until it finally grew dark and they happened upon a small cave. It was not very big, but spacious enough for the five of them to spend a fairly comfortable night. Below the cave was a small stream, so cleaning and cooking would not be a problem.

Once they had all settled down, the next thing to look forward to was dinner.

To be fair, while it was nice to have the Ancient Trees looking out for them and giving them precious treasures, they were a little bored by the endless hike. The only exciting thing thus far was their three meals. Also, while they went into the cave to check for nesting beasts or insects to clear out, they found the cave to be suspiciously clean. Puzzled, they did not think much of it until they return to the mouth of the cave and had to stop and stare.

[3] There were dead rabbits, a dead dear and even a dead wild chicken staring at them with dead glassy eyes. They might have thought that someone was out to threaten them if not for the little piles of brightly coloured fruits around the dead animals. Wait… just how do trees, even Ancient Ones, kill animals and bring them here?

[3] … let’s not think about that too deeply.

“This is…” even Shiyu was speechless. There was really no need to wonder who left these things for them. Moreover, considering the amount of food, this was meant for all of them, not just Wen Xian. How flattering, ah!

“Brother, this is all thanks to you!” Feng Luo patted Wen Xian on the shoulder.

Lin Fan wordlessly thumped him on the shoulder too, so did Shiyu. Seeing her elder brothers and sisters conduct this mysterious ritual, Xiao Qi came forward to copy them. However, when she tried to reach up to pat Wen Xian’s shoulder, her feet left the ground when Wen Xian swing her up in his arms.

Wen Xian felt very excited and touched by his friends’ acknowledgement. As someone with neither strength nor connections, he had been very alone with only the support of Uncle Gan. It was not until Shiyu arrived that he finally had friends close to his own age. The rest of these other people were friendly with him because of Shiyu, not a single one became his friend out of his own merit.

However, the acknowledgements he was getting now was all his own. Somehow, he was recognised by the Ancient Trees through some mysterious ability he had and by default, was recognised by his friends. He looked at the Ancient Trees gratefully and thought: Thank you very much.

Now that she has the ingredients, Shiyu got started on dinner. At the same time, the roiling mists which had long since kept the Spiritual Beast Mountain Range hidden began to thin out and slowly reveal its secrets…


[Gumihou: Wen Xian, you are such a pure soul. This auntie is so proud of you~ *sob* But, why the lie tho?]


By the way, some plot-related reminders! Which Gumihou is keeping track so you don’t have to ~

Chapter 61 – Wen Xian’s surname ‘Wen’ is one of the 6 big heroes who died in the Heaven Realm War a thousand years ago

Chapter 80 – Note 7 – Fat Cat made an intriguing observation


[1] Added some ‘!’ and ‘!?’ because the occasion seems to warrant it.

[2] Added Details for Comedic Effect.

[3] Added Details for Dramatic Effect: Describe the Ancient Tree’s generosity in more detail


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