Little Cooking Saint – 0183 – Crystal Pork Shoulder (h)

Chapter 183 Crystal Pork Shoulder (h)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


A complicated feeling welled up Shiyu’s chest.

Right now, Wen Heng was occupying the living room of the Bamboo Villa. The moment Xuan Yin comes, these two stars will meet.

In this life, would Wen Heng and Xuan Yin get entangled with each other just like in the original text?

Shiyu could not help pondering over this matter even as she helped Qi Chuyun up the stairs to a spare room. As they climbed the stairs, Shiyu flicked her eyes towards the area that Wen Heng had claimed for his own. Perhaps sensing her eyes on him, he looked up from his book. However, after noting it was just Shiyu and her guests, he calmly returned to his tea and book.

That self-assured attitude, you sure look like you have nothing heavy on your mind, ah.


Dismissing the random thoughts in her head, Shiyu quickly helped Qi Chuyun to bed and prepared some water for Qi Chuyun to wash her face and hands. [1] After wiping her neck and washing her feet, Qi Chuyun fell onto the bed and closed her eyes.

[1] Shiyu quietly sighed. She looked up at Qing Chen’s cool, unwavering face, “Just what happened to her?”

[1] “So, it’s true that she is your friend,” he said without inflexion. “I was driving the carriage when Miss Qi jumped in front of the horse carriage…” Qing Chen slowly and methodically told her what happened.

[1] At the end of it, Shiyu frowned, “When I left Xuan Chu, she was still fine. Why is she in such a condition now?”

[1] Qing Chen hesitated. He frowned but finally said, “ I don’t know,”

[1] “The Qi Clan has been destroyed,”

[1] Shiyu jumped, “Qi Chuyun? You’re awake?”

[1] A frown marred Miss Qi’s brows, “You were noisy. Anyway, you might as well know the truth.”

The truth was, once Shiyu left, Qi Chuyun’s first move was to meet with the remaining two Divine Condensation Masters who had been supporting the Qi Clan to maintain their posts on behalf of the clan. However, paper could not hold back fire. Now that the true power behind the Qi Clan was gone, the Divine Condensation Masters were free. Why would they want to stay with the Qi Clan? They were now free to go wherever they wanted.

Once all three Divine Condensation Masters, it was the end of the Qi Clan. The Qi Clan that had grown rich over 80 years under the protection of their ‘Venerable Ancestor’ had just lost said ancestor and three strong masters in one clean swoop. All the powers surrounding the Qi Clan immediately scented opportunity and rushed in to take a bite out of the pile of meat that was the Qi Clan now that it had lost its head and limbs.

Naturally, everything was either destroyed or snatched away.

“The only thing I’m thankful about is having sent some of the clan children away,” the seeds were scattered, but they are still alive. It’s up to them to see if they could sprout and take root somewhere else.

As for the destruction of the Wu Shan Qi Clan and herself clan, she will bear the responsibilities and make atonement for the sins of the clan.

“In fact, it’s better this way,” said Qi Chuyun in a hoarse voice. “I cannot bear the thought of living off the corpses of others. If the Qi Clan could restart again with a clean beginning, even if things are a little hard now it’s all for the best. As for what happened in the past, as long as I still have life left in me, I will pay for it. I will pay for all of it.” For the past and future generations of the Qi Clan, she will pay and pay until the debt is cleared.

When she left Xuan Chu, the only thing she took with her were the detailed records of the children. Their names, birthplaces and parents’ names were all recorded. She will pay them all back one by one as soon as she was able to.

As for Shiyu, she could only sigh at Qi Chuyun’s resolve, admiration in her eyes. This young woman was only in her 20s and yet, here she was, ready to bear the sins of her ancestors and 80 years of systematic killing.

While the two girls talked, Qing Chen sat next to them. When Qi Chuyun announced that the Qi Clan of Wu Shan was destroyed, a ripple appeared in his eyes. He stared intently at Qi Chuyun for a long while before turning his gaze away.

It was all in the past, let it stay there.

After listening to Qi Chuyun’s story, Shiyu persuaded the young woman to rest, knowing that she must have suffered a lot on top of the injuries she had received. Having made her confession, Qi Chuyun appeared more willing to rest. Finally, Shiyu and Qing Chen left.

The two of them went downstairs in silence. Wen Heng was still occupying the living room, making it hard for them to approach the place. Thus, by mutual agreement, they turned towards the kitchen and made their way through it to the garden. The two friends stepped down flagstone steps and strolled quietly among the flowers.

In addition to regular flowers, Shiyu had planted Spiritual flowers as well. The blossoms bloomed everywhere, scenting the air with their perfume. It was a beautiful sight. Pretty much every bit of ground had been planted flowers or vegetables.

Their stroll took them to the stone table and chairs under the rose arch and sat down. When Xiao Qi saw Qing Chen, she beamed and called out, “Brother Qing Chen,” before running back to the house with the handful of flowers she had just picked.

Shiyu thought of Xuan Yin and since Qing Chen mentioned that she had been summoned to the palace… “Hey, don’t tell me Dong-Fang was with Leisurely Cloud Sect this past 6 months?”

When Dong-Fang Zhen found out that Xuan Yin was gone, he had packed up and disappeared from the College. Shiyu had a hunch that guy would re-enact the ‘Chasing Wife for a Thousand Miles’ scene. However, she had not expected him to not only made his way to Leisurely Cloud Sect and then refused to leave.

His Highness the Crown Prince is really a reckless one, ah.

Qing Chen nodded, “Not long after we reached our sect, he arrived.”

[2] Then, a miracle happened.

[2] Qing Chen suddenly laughed.

[2] It was not a benevolent smile or a derisive snort, but a little ‘pfft’ behind his sleeves.

[2] Shiyu was fascinated, “What is it? Did something funny happen? You must tell me!”

When Qing Chen lowered his hand evidence of the laugh was gone, “When his highness arrived, junior martial sister treated him very coldly. After all, who would acknowledge an unrepentant playboy as their mate? However, his highness was rather persistent and kept coaxing junior martial sister.”

[2] Shiyu blinked, the story sounded pretty normal. So, “Why did you laugh just now?”

[2] “Did I?” Qing Chen’s sleeve came up to cover his mouth again.

[2] “You did!” Shiyu leaned in, her eyes brightened with curiosity. “Tell me!”

[2] Qing Chen also leaned closer conspiratorially, “To show his sincerity, his highness ran about all over Leisurely Cloud Sect declaring his, ahem, honourable intentions to any martial brother and sister he could find…”

[2] “Pffft!”

[2] “It took close to half a month before junior martial sister acknowledges his efforts. She is much warmer to him now. The fact that she’s visiting the palace with him should show the depth of her willingness to give him a chance.”

Shiyu thought back to Xuan Yin’s rather cool personality. The FL was the stubborn type who would not obey if you held a knife to her neck. If she was willing to visit the palace with Dong-Fang Zhen… wait, what about Wen Heng?!?

Shiyu’s eye twitched. The Wen Heng Arc was rather significant, considering his role as the yandere lover who refuses to share FL with the rest of her harem of male concubines. He even tried to kill them off before dying a spectacular death to protect Xuan Yin, ah. While butterfly Shiyu had caused a few storylines to derail, some things might still adhere to the original text. She had no idea whether he would end up heartbroken and dead later…

That guy might appear amiable and benevolent, but his true nature is pretty cold. People in this world are separated into two categories. Those under his protection, and the irrelevant ones. The people he liked must belong to him and him alone, otherwise, he would rather not have them at all.

A proud person like him had made countless concessions for Xuan Yin, promising her things and retreating when he would have advanced. In the end, when there was no other way, he sacrificed himself for her.

Would it happen again?

Shiyu agitatedly rubbed her fingers against the grooves on the stone table as she thought.

She has no idea how the future would pan out. [3] Wen Heng was supposed to meet Xuan Yin after she has gathered a harem of her own, but now? Shiyu had already prevented the spring filled meeting between Xuan Ying and Qing Chen. The FL’s harem now only consisted of one enthusiastic Crown Prince, so, what will happen, ah?!

All kinds of scenario flashed through Shiyu’s head before her mind blanked out and she sighed.

Regardless of what would happen in the future, it’s all up to Wen Heng and [4] Xuan Yin. She has no right to meddle in their private thing, as a bystander, she should not involve herself in this matter.


Let those two settle it between themselves. She had better just focus on her own Cultivation and not be a busy body about it.


After throwing the messy issue to the back of her head, Shiyu decided to focus on the person seated before her, “So… what have you been doing these past six months?”

The two friends chatted slowly, exchanging stories and anecdotes with each other. Finally, Shiyu asked, “… are you also here for the Tea of Enlightenment?”

Qing Chen shook his head, “I have no interest in such futile quests. Last year, you [5] promise me some return gifts. Since I needed to send Dong-Fang Zhen here anyway, I thought I’d collect from you if you have them ready.”

“Ah, so it’s that! Don’t worry, I’ve prepared them for you,” Shiyu took out two bottles from her space ring. The crystal bottle on the left was filled with beautiful pink Peach Blossom Syrup. The bottle on the right was a light blue wine bottle. The colour of the glass was so light that the green of the wine within shone through like liquid jade. Both bottles looked clear and beautiful and matched Qing Chen’s taste.

“Since you like sweets, I made these for you. The crystal bottle contains Peach Blossom Syrup. Just a little dab of it on pastries would add the fragrance and sweetness of peach blossoms to your dessert. The wine bottle contains plum wine, which is a little sweet and sour. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but please try them



Thinking of sweets led her to think of Xuan Chu. While she was there, she often thought of Qing Chen since the people there liked the same kind of food Qing Chen favours, sweet and a little bland. “I think you’ll like Xuan Chu, everyone there likes sweet things and lighter food. It could be your food paradise,” she grinned.

Qing Chen accepted the two bottles and said without inflexion, “I am from Xuan Chu,”


[Gumihou: Ooohh? Is this significant? Is it?!]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9




[1] Added Details for Dramatic Reason: Missed an excellent moment to be dramatic. Gumi gotchu~!

Original text: “As Shiyu helped Qi Chuyun upstairs and put her to bed, Qing Chen stayed by her side and told her how he met Qi Chuyun

Kind of… unlikely for Qing Chen to be the type to chatter as someone was doing something else? He seems like the type who would want to properly face the people he’s talking to.

Therefore, Gumihou is helping Qing Chen prevent OOC!

No need to thank Gumi.

[2] Adjusted sentence and POV for maximum impact: There was a sudden switch in POV as well as an info dump dialogue later. Switched POV back to Shiyu and use Shiyu to prompt answers out of Qing Chen. The switch in POV contained ‘Qing Chen couldn’t help but laughed’ which means he has a sense of humour, so…

[3] Added Details because… lack of details: These details are taken from Chapter 93, it works as a refresher on what we already know about Wen Heng and Xuan Yin’s relationship in the original text.

[4] Typo= Originally ‘Shiyu’ instead of ‘Xuan Yin’

I’m sure it’s not a premonition.



[5] Shiyu’s promise: Yes, it exists. It’s in Chapter 130. Gumi saves you the trouble of checking the chapters for it~


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