The Feast – 200 – Play with Fire & Burn Yourself

Chapter 200: Play with Fire & Burn Yourself


Translated by Gumihou

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Duan Tingxuan gave a bitter smile, “If I really am as tyrannical as you imagined, would I really only act now regardless of your feelings? Enough, on matters between men and women, only when you invite and I consent that it’s good for us. However, with those maids still on watch outside, we should at least make some noise for their benefit. Otherwise, They’d be suspicious of us. What husband and wife don’t… ahem, that is… you should know, ba. Also, we’re at that age…”

Of course Su Nuan Nuan understood. She understands this thing all too well. In her past life she has the computer, you know? All teenagers and young adults have access to AV content or at least high level H yellow books. However, knowing the theory was one thing, but how to fake it realistically? Should she cry out? Shake the bed? Jump on it? Heaven have pity on virgins, ah. She had never done this for real even in her past life, to ask her to fake it now, isn’t this too high a level for her, ah?

At his wife’s stone like body, Duan Tingxuan’s heart felt bitter, though it did not show on his face. Instead, he tried to comfort her, “It’s fine, you just need to trust me. I will not endanger you. After being with me for so long, surely you know what kind of man I am?”

“I do. For the sake of eating a good thing, you will try to gain it through fair or foul means. You’ve even thrown away your status and dignity as a little marquis and sneaked into the kitchen like a common rat.” Su Nuan Nuan said with a nervous swallow. She was 100% suspicious of this greedy little marquis.

Duan Tingxuan, “… …”

“Fine, it’s not like I don’t believe in you.” Was the expression on this motionless husband’s face ‘very hurt’? Su Nuan Nuan felt a little guilty. She quickly tried to explain, “Well, it’s just that… I… I don’t have any confidence in my performance. That is… I’ve never done this performance before. You know?”

“So, you also have areas of acting where you’re uncertain? Weren’t you incredibly confident earlier? You even implied that I might drag you down.”

Oh, so Su Nuan Nuan was worried about this matter? The little marquis’ iced over heart warmed a little, and a little teasing laugh escaped him. He stood up and carried Su Nuan Nuan over to the bed. Seeing the slightly damp hair splayed over the bed next to the accompanying pillow, his heart began to sway even more. A certain part of his body became nearly uncontrollable as it raised its head interestedly. The little marquis was afraid that his wife would see this ‘ugly’ part of him and he quickly lowered the bed curtains and slipped under the bed covers. In a whisper, he said, “Just do what I do and gently shake the bed a little.”

“How… how do we shake it?” Though she had read erotica and seen adult movies before, this first madam was still a newbie in this thing. Seeing Duan Tingxuan trying to suppress a smile as he shook the bed, she quickly caught on and began to shake the bed with all her might. Of course, no matter how nice a room was set up, how could they supply a luxurious bedframe for mere servants? Therefore, as both of them shook the bed, it began to creak and groan like a dying old man…

“Stop… stopstopstopstop…” when the little marquis heard these alarming series of creaks and groans, he immediately realized that Su Nuan Nuan was overdoing it. Frightened half out of her wits, Su Nuan Nuan quit shaking the bed and hissed, “What?”

“How is that two people ‘Making Clouds and Rain [1]’? It sounds more like two dragons mating.” Duan Tingxuan hissed, amused and annoyed at the same time. “Didn’t you hear the bed? In another two shakes it would probably collapse. Also…” the little marquis suddenly paused, before continuing, “… with the bed shaking so enthusiastically, don’t you think it’s strange that no other noise accompany it?”

“What are you saying? Are we supposed to make a symphony? What… what kind of noise are we supposed to make? I… I don’t know, ah.” The normally tough as nails first madam was now completely red in the face. Was she supposed to make sex noises? Isn’t that just too embarrassing? Wait, this is not the point. She really didn’t know what kind of noise to make, ah.

With his beloved blushing so fiercely before him and all the normally fierce attitude absent from her face. If someone could actually control themselves before this scene, it was not the little marquis. In fact, even a 70-80 year old eunuch would not be able to control themselves.

As though bewitched, Duan Tingxuan reached out to wrap Su Nuan Nuan in his arms and whispered, “It’s alright, I will teach you…”

“Ah!” Su Nuan Nuan shrieked in surprised as she sprawled over Duan Tingxuan’s shoulder. In a panic, she hissed, “Calm down, Duan Tingxuan you better cool it. Didn’t you just promise me…” before she could finish her accusation, Duan Tingxuan began to laugh seductively and whispered to her ear. “Stupid melon, didn’t you just call out just now?”

Ah? So… he deliberately provoked me?

Knowing that Su Nuan Nuan’s face was bright red again, her husband’s low laughter echoed within the bed, “That little call just now was very good, this husband is feeling all tingly from it.”

“Wei! Don’t overdo it, ah!”

Su Nuan Nuan harrumphed crossly. At the same time, she was feeling a little itchy all over. As someone who never had intimate relations before, for her to be so close to a man who exceeds expectations in terms of looks, charisma and attitude, was infuriating. More importantly this man was officially her husband. Her having intimate relations with this man would be right in the eyes of the law and heaven.

Wait, Su Nuan Nuan’s heart began to race. Something inside her seemed to be clamouring for something. Frantic, still unwilling to compromise her principles, but… wasn’t she and Duan Tingxuan a perfectly harmonious couple together? So why shouldn’t they be intimate with each other? Why should she make him suppress himself and even push him into other women’s arms?

No… no way, she refused to allow this to happen.

A sudden desire to dominate surged through Su Nuan Nuan, and she grabbed Duan Tingxuan’s thin shirt in her fists, and pushed it down. Because Jiang Nan’s spring was particularly warm, they only had on thin sleep clothes. The loose clothing slipped off Duan Tingxuan’s arm, revealing a slim and powerful upper body.

Su Nuan Nuan blinked a couple of times, saliva nearly dripping from her lips. Though he lived like a prince, and worked as an official, the little marquis did not have the typical soft body that came from good living. There was not a trace of weakness on him. From his movements alone, one could tell that under the noble and civilized clothes that he made of sleek, flexible muscles. Capable of switching from lazy indolence to sudden flashes of speed, like a wild cheetah.

Even the best male models for men’s underwear was never as tempting as the half-naked sight of her husband, ah. Su Nuan Nuan’s sanity finally collapsed. With a wild “A-woo!” she threw herself forward at Duan Tingxuan’s body and began to rub her face against the little marquis’ pecks and gnaw at his skin.

This was clearly playing with fire.


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If you must know, the little marquis had never been this close to his wife. Under such an intimate circumstance, hearing her breathing in his ear, the little marquis was barely able to maintain his sanity by keeping the strictest control over himself. He had tried so hard, so very, very hard, to the point of beating that little brother downstairs in the head several times. Many, many times.

Yet, that little brat remained stubbornly up. It was under these extremely stressful circumstances that Su Nuan Nuan decided to leap at him. If this isn’t playing with fire, what the f*ck is it?

Must resist, must resist, was the mantra in the little marquis’ head, as the image of Aloof in a Lady’s Bosom Liu Xiahui [2] in his mind began to crumble. After all, there was no way to know whether the lady in Liu Xiahui’s arms was a beauty or a hag. Moreover, the lady in Duan Tingxuan’s arm was the woman he loved most, and she was daringly biting and licking at his chest.

Even then, he managed to heft Su Nuan Nuan up by the waist and held her away as he swallowed and desperately reminded her, “Nuan Nuan, you… youyouyou better let go… you’re really playing with fire. I… I… I can’t bear it… anymore…”

“I don’t care anymore…” Su Nuan Nuan’s lust monster had been provoked into life by this first grade man flesh. Even her most precious principle of ‘Not sharing a husband with other women’ had been punted to the back of her mind.

While Duan Tingxuan had been suffering, had she not suffered too? If she were to add up both lifetimes lived, she was close to 30 years old, and was at the age when a woman thirst for things men and women do together. Moreover, it was THIS man. A man she really adores from the bottom of her heart.

Thus, once all the reservations and principles had been thrown away, all that left was this thirst inside her. This raging thirst was so all-consuming that even words like ‘I don’t care anymore’ was said.

“If- if… you regret this, I… Nuan Nuan, I really… can’t bear it.” The little marquis was really suffering, ah. His brother downstairs had endured to the point of pain and was urging him, practically whipping him into action. However, he was still uncertain of his wife’s feelings and dared not step over this line. He was afraid that once this line is crossed he would be hated and ignored by his wife.

It was this fear that had held him back all this while. However, he could not hold back anymore. Thus, his good intentions finally flat-lined and his hands seized upon Su Nuan Nuan’s thin sleep clothes and tore it open.


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At that very moment, the two low ranking maids outside heard the bed made a loud noise. Their ears turned red and Feng’er rushed to huddle under Xiao Chan’s blanket and whispered, “Elder sister and elder sister’s husband is really loving. I’ve heard my own elder sister and her husband go at it, but… it was never this enthusiastic.”

“Exactly! Though elder sister’s husband looks thin, I never thought he’d be this strong. I think it’s been going on close to half an hour now, ba? But the bed is still squeaking. But until now elder sister never made any noise, she sure is good at restraining herself.”

They had barely mentioned this when a loud “A-woo!” came from the room. The two girls nearly explode themselves from trying not to laugh. Feng’er pushed against Xiao Chan, “Pei! Look what you just did? Didn’t she just cry out? Want me to slap your beak? But, to think that even up to this point she’s still feeling good. To be honest, my own sister and her husband… teehee… barely lasted 15 minutes.”

“Pei! What’s all this shameless talk? Your sister lives right next door, what if she hears you and beats you to death?”

The two maids giggled to themselves under the blanket, nearly rolling onto the ground several times. Neither of them knew that the battle within the room was just starting. Though Su Nuan Nuan was mentally (and spiritually) a virgin, this body had already known love making and was a ripe, sweet peach for the picking.

Husband and wife already got along quite well in all other respects, but because of Su Nuan Nuan’s strict principle, they had never actually taken this last step. Right now was like the breaking of a damn after months of rain. Once broken, there was no taking it back.

A little more than an hour later, things finally slowed down. The maids outside were almost stupid from shock. Why such a long time? Are those really people inside or mating fox demons, ah? Isn’t this nearly two hours? How scary…

On the streets, sounds of the night watchman’s clapper rang, it sounded three times, indicating that it was the third of the five night watch periods. Midnight. Xiao Chan and Feng’er were so sleepy that they did not even have the energy to gossip anymore. They shuffled their way to their beds and was asleep as soon as they hit the pillows.

While the girls drifted off into dreamland, the couple within the room laid side-by-side on the bed.

Wide awake.



Author White Pear Flower: Hahaha! Isn’t this a nice surprise? I had planned to keep this all the way to the end, but someone mentioned that surely I mustn’t be so tradition minded. After considering the matter, I thought their comment was reasonable. After all, the two were already married, and it’s best to let nature take its course. Thus, made the proper arrangements! Hohohohoho…


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[1] Making Clouds and Rain – Euphemism for having sex

[2] Aloof in a Lady’s Bosom Liu Xiahui – Liu Xiahui, also known as Zhan Huo, is well known for his moral values. To the point that on one occasion he held a lady in his lap without even the slightest imputation of his moral character. Good role model for men who wants to practise self-restraint.




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