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The Feast – 201 – Aggressive


Chapter 201: Aggressive


Translated by Gumihou

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“I really can’t believe that after enduring so long, we still ended up in this position.” Su Nuan Nuan’s whispered voice echoed within the bed canopy. The tone of her voice sounded complicated to the little marquis’ ears.

“It’s my fault, I couldn’t hold myself back.” The little marquis held his wife close. Fearing regret and blame in her heart, he immediately cast all the blame on himself.

Su Nuan Nuan laughed, “Idiot, if you could really hold yourself back just now, I’d have kicked you off the bed.”

“Nuan Nuan…”

The little marquis was stunned, and was so overwhelmed with emotion that he could only whisper his wife’s name. Su Nuan Nuan sighed, and said resolutely. “Whatever, we’ve already reached this point. Though it is against my principle, I don’t regret it. Things like moral principles, once it has fallen it’s not like I can pick it up again. After it had fallen once, it could fall the second and third time…”

Duan Tingxuan merely listened, and did not try to interrupt. Though he did not quite understand what his wife was saying, he knew that this was Nuan Nuan’s way of dealing with her inner demons and did not interfere. He could only caress her face with his eyes that shone like stars in the dark. Somehow, no matter how he looked, he could not get enough of drinking in that expressive face of hers.

After a while, Su Nuan Nuan’s mumbling finally ceased. She had most probably finished thinking through matters because the next thing she did was raise her head and looked at Duan Tingxuan with bright eyes and said solemnly. “You already know my absolute rule. Now that you have me, you must not be with those secondary wives, concubines or bed companions. I know my request is unreasonable and unfair to them, but hasn’t that always been the way? The reason why women fought and schemed against each other was to gain the affection of their husband. Each fought with their own ability and connections. I have neither the skills nor the patience for these type of games, so, I’m giving you the ultimatum now. Do you agree to it?

If you agree we will be husband and wife, as long as they don’t come at me, I will treat them well. Aside from not sharing my husband, I don’t care about letting them have more of other benefits. If you don’t agree to it, I shall treat tonight as an accident. An unfortunate encounter with a dog that had bitten me and from here onwards, we shall continue as usual, maintaining a harmonious façade while we live our separate lives…”

She had not finished speaking when Duan Tingxuan covered her lips with his fingers. Under the candlelight, her husband’s eyes were so bright that it looked nearly demonic. But the little marquis merely said, “Do you think, that once I have had you, I’d have the heart or eyes for anyone else? Even when you first cold shouldered me, I have never been to other women’s embrace. That was a few months ago.

It is only now that I understand why you say that it is not right for a man to have three wives and four concubines. Now that my heart has found its true love, it did not have the capacity to admit another. Nuan Nuan, I… I’m really grateful for tonight. That you have given yourself over to me like this, I shall never let you go.”

“So you… you don’t feel sorry for them?” Su Nuan Nuan was not really the despotic type. Though she had called it an absolute rule, and had spoken like a tyrannical despot, she was still awkward about the matter. Now that Duan Tingxuan had agreed to her terms, she could not resist turning this question back to him.

Duan Tingxuan said firmly, “In terms of this world’s ethics, I am not at all at fault. However, in the end I am wrong in failing to live up to my promises to them, so… I’m still in the wrong. However, no matter what we say or do now it’s already too late. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have been such a loose man and give myself all these problems. However, saying all that now is just pointless nonsense. Therefore… I am at fault and should admit it. I’ve failed to give them what I have promised, this is all my own guilt to bear. Even if I have to go to hell in the afterlife, I still want to hold your hand in this life. In my heart, there really can’t be others.”

“This is what you say, is it what you believe too?” Su Nuan Nuan’s eyes were particularly bright. When Duan Tingxuan nodded firmly, she happily tucked herself into his embrace. Thank you heaven, god and Buddha, as well as the god who transmigrated her, for letting her find such a sincere man in this patriarchal society.

Duan Tingxuan was also extremely happy. He really had not expected such a nice surprise from this Jiang Nan trip. He held the smooth body close to himself and tucked his chin on top of Nuan Nuan’s head, feeling the glossy sleekness of her hair. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and said, “Say, Nuan Nuan, am I dreaming? Have you actually… given yourself to me? I had thought… I was really prepared to face a future doing nothing but just waiting for this very moment.”

“En.” Came the muffled answer from somewhere in the middle of his chest.

Still feeling that everything was too good to be true, Duan Tingxuan kissed her hair gently and whispered, “To be honest, I was really afraid that when I lost control that time, I’d suffer some bad consequences from it. That… I might be kicked out of your bed…”

“Enough with your nonsense, don’t bother trying to wheedle for a freebie after getting a good deal. Still think you’re dreaming, is it? Well, I can help you…” Su Nuan Nuan lifted her head, her blushing little face had reverted back to its normal fierce look, phoenix eyes narrowing dangerously at him. The little marquis’ danger sensors immediately picked up on the threat and he quickly shook his head and said, “No need, no need, I’m not dreaming. I’m sure of it.”

“Go to sleep. Have you forgotten just what kind of place this is? We have to get up early tomorrow and be alert.” Su Nuan Nuan pulled her thin night clothes up to cover herself. She determinedly closed her eyes, not wanting to think about complicated matters anymore. However, could thoughts just be shut down just because we want them to?

Her imagination began galloping all over the place, and she began questioning herself: What happened to me? Why did my self-control slip tonight? No matter how good looking a romantic radish that Duan character is, for me to suddenly attack him is just… not right, ah. But, it didn’t feel like I’ve taken any spring medicine [1], so, what happened?

After thinking for a long while, she finally managed to fumble her way towards an answer. Of course, from the moment they entered Suzhou, though she had treated it like a huge game, they were actually actively infiltrating into enemy headquarters. Subconsciously, she must have internalized the danger around her. Moreover, they were now in actual enemy territory, the Tiger’s Den, so to speak. With danger all around her, the pressure alone must have been provoked her survival instincts and, coupled with her partner’s alluring looks and manly attraction until even I, this first madam, could no longer stand it.

The moment her thoughts strayed towards that area, the first madam’s face felt like it was on fire again. But, the happiness and satisfaction she felt certainly came from the bottom of her heart. Thanks to the many novels she had read in her previous life, she had actually been half expecting something like this to happen… by the time the night watchman’s stick sounded four times, Su Nuan Nuan’s mental state had settled down enough for her to sleep, tumbling right into the arms of dreams.


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They slept through the final two night watch clamour. Luckily, Duan Tingxuan was there to blearily wake her up. Su Nuan Nuan refused to leave the bed as she stretched, grumbling, “Why so early, ah? I was sleeping so soundly, too.”

Duan Tingxuan laughed, “Why, you ask? Luckily master is not a morning person. If this was an actual restaurant, who would let you sleep until this time? Looks like you’ve become lazy after so many comfortable days at Mingyu Estate!”


Author White Pear Flower: I quite like this aggressive Su Nuan Nuan, hei hei!


[Gumihou: I like how they talk properly after the ‘business’. Too many novels just gloss over this ‘not-fun’ part.]


[1] Spring medicine – lust potion. It’s everywhere! Lolz!








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