The Feast – 199 – Misunderstanding

Chapter 199: Misunderstanding


Translated by Gumihou

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“Darling.” Duan Tingxuan gazed pathetically at Su Nuan Nuan…

…who merely glared at him, “Didn’t you say you’re willing to be the coolie? Well? Why aren’t you moving yet? Someone go and find out where that wild game is now. We have to marinate it as soon as possible or the taste won’t penetrate the meat. Also, we’ll need a few kinds of dipping sauces. How annoying, can’t they let us know about this earlier? We have barely two hours left, who knows whether we can do a good job or not. Who is that annoying person, ah? How dare he send game meat at this inconvenient time.”

“… …”

Everyone shrugged their shoulders regretfully. This Ms. Wang really don’t know how to tell good things from bad. Our master is 100 times better than that spineless coward next to you. Why don’t you just give up that good-for-nothing for our lovely celestial master, ah?

However, regardless of whatever everyone thought, the colour of Duan Tingxuan’s hat remained its original colour. He happily trotted after Su Nuan Nuan and dashed about here and there, ready to obey her every word.


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“The marinade for the grill meat is just right, the fire control is also perfect. As expected of Ms. Wang. As for this dipping sauce, it’s nothing I’ve ever had before. Is this also something from An Le restaurant? No wonder they became the number one restaurant in the Capital in so short a time. Though Duan Tingye’s business acumen is not good, he must have been favoured by the God of Wealth to strike it rich so quickly.”

On the large table, which had been covered with various plates of sliced, marinated game meat, only two plates were left and there were only a handful of pieces of meat on it. Lu Feng Yu was pretty much in a food coma now. His stomach bulging with good food, crushing his image as an untouchable celestial. However, he was also incredibly happy and couldn’t stop muttering praises and comments to himself.

It wasn’t until Duan Tingxuan’s stomach suddenly gave a loud [Gu!], that he realized that there were still other people around him. He laughed out loud and said, “Oh, I’m in the wrong, only thinking of myself and forgetting that you two must haven’t had your dinner yet. Lu Qi, go to the kitchen and fetch a few more plates of meat, and dipping sauce. They will eat here.”

Lu Qi was shocked.

Duan Tingxuan also quickly demurred saying, “We must not, how is this appropriate?”

Lu Feng Yu merely waved his hand, “Nonsense, today’s grilled meat is the best I’ve ever had in my life. It is only right to reward you. But giving out silver is just tacky, so you may have your dinner at this table.”

Duan Tingxuan laughed ingratiatingly, “Master, this one would rather have tacky things. As for dining at this table, this lowly one is afraid that we really do not deserve this honour.”

Lu Feng Yu stared fixedly at him. It was unclear what he was thinking from those bright, luminous eyes. Suddenly, in a low voice, he said, “If you’re really those two, I can’t be blamed for being mistaken. For an heir of a noble house to address himself as ‘this lowly one’ so smoothly, what else can I say?”

When Duan Tingxuan effected a puzzled look, he laughed cheerfully, “Nothing, nothing, I didn’t realise that you’re such a money grubber. Heheh, so you want money? Well, I don’t want to give it to you. If you want money, you can just work hard for it. Once servants get too used to monetary rewards they tend to get inattentive. You can just have your dinner here.”

“Yes.” Duan Tingxuan said as he pulled a long face. In a flash, cooks began bringing in the marinated meats. There were also fish, prawns, sliced sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and rice balls. Seeing Ms. Wang wife and husband seated at the same table with Lu Feng Yu caused two of the cooks to just stand there in shock. It was only after Lu Qi cleared her throat meaningfully that they finally regained consciousness.

Su Nuan Nuan was not at all courteous as she began serving herself. Duan Tingxuan, however, maintained an overly cautious and awkward movements as he carefully grilled his own portion of meats. Both were being perfectly in line with their characters. Lu Feng Yu maintained a vigilant eye on them, however, the only thing he discovered was that the two ate very well and the greedy foodie bugs in his stomach began to squirm again.

He subconsciously picked up a piece of meat, placed it on the grilling pan, and said lightly, “Two days later, His Lordship will be leaving for Jin Ling. You two prepare some ingredients for the boat trip there. I’m not at all used to the palace kitchen’s food. We’ll prepare our own. Hmm, it’s better to prepare more. Though His Lordship is not quite as appreciative of fine food as I, we shall need to send him some if only to keep up appearances. Otherwise, some people might call me prideful and spoilt by His Lordship’s favour.”

“Ah? To Jin Ling? We’re… going too?” Duan Tingxuan asked, after nearly choking himself from hurriedly swallowing the piece of meat in his mouth.

“What nonsense.” Lu Feng Yu picked up the nicely done meat and dipped it into the sauce before chewing it elegantly. He sniffed, “If you don’t go, by the time I got back with His Lordship I’d be nothing but bones. After getting used to elegant dishes like Bright Moon Rises Over Heaven’s Mountain, I’d rather starve than eat anything else.”

Su Nuan Nuan was right, this ultimate super foodie would one day be ruined by that mouth of his. The wolf princes + me + old madam + Nuan Nuan would still lose to this ultimate super foodie. Feed him a few more days and when we cut him off, he would probably surrender right away.

As Duan Tingxuan pondered over details in his heart, Su Nuan Nuan took the opportunity to interview Lu Feng Yu over his tastes and preferences. This diligent attitude of hers impressed Lu Foodie even more. After the meal, he even bestowed them another five silver taels before supporting his stomach as he stood up.

“Master, you seemed to have over eaten. It’s better to have a walk before going to bed. If it’s too much to bear, I think it’s better to just stick a finger down your throat and throw some of it up,” Su Nuan Nuan advised as Lu Feng Yu was supported out of the dining room by two maids on each side. He was practically bent over by the weight of his stomach as he shuffled away. The sight caused her to be amused and crossed at same time.

Lu Feng Yu merely waved a hand at her, indicating that he had heard her before continuing his snail like pace back into his room. That free and leisurely celestial air of his had completely disappeared.

The two managed to not laugh until they reached their house, only to find that their two maids have already lit the lamps for them and were currently doing some needlework by the light. At the sight of their ‘masters’ the two immediately leapt up with smiles and said, “The water is all heated up, would sir and ma’am like to bath first?”

Duan Tingxuan waved a hand at them, “What sir and ma’am? We’ve never been called by these snooty things in our life. Ugh, I can feel shivers all over my back. Older sister and sister’s husband is fine.”

The maids, of course, immediately declared they didn’t dare etc etc, but after a stern word from Su Nuan Nuan, they changed their forms of address.

After a hot and refreshing bath, the two of them sat in the tub wearing simple leather clothe, soaking. As long as they were not too long in water, the thin leather clothes would not slip off the body easily and expose the certain body parts

When the two maids heard that the two of them already had their meals, they immediately blushed and said in unison, “Since it’s already late, the blankets had already been turned down. Would… would elder sister and sister’s husband please have a rest. We would be outside, so, so if there’s anything you need, please just call us.” the two flushed so red that it looked like blood was about to come out of their noses as they dashed outside. They were even thoughtful enough close the door behind them.

“Just what are those two up to?” Su Nuan Nuan looked at herself up and down, wondering what about herself that would induce so much laughter. Suddenly, she felt pressure around her waist, and looked up to see that Duan Tingxuan had pulled her close to him. She heard him laughed lightly, “Still don’t understand? The two maids believed that we’re about to shake the world. That’s why they are so embarrassed.”

“Sh- shake the world?” Su Nuan Nuan faces turned into 囧囧as she looked Duan Tingxuan. After a long while, she looked away, hissing, “So, you’re planning to use this opportunity to play for real?”


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