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The Feast – 177 – The Little Marquis’ Consideration

Chapter 177: The Little Marquis’ Consideration


Translated by Gumihou

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The thought had just occurred to her when she felt a strange touch on her back. Su Nuan Nuan was so shocked she nearly leapt off the bed. She whipped around to glare at the little marquis, whom she had dismissed as a greedy immoral beast, with alarm, “What are you doing?”

At his wife’s frightened expression, Duan Tingxuan knew what she was thinking. Annoyance and frustration coursed through him as he kneaded her back gently. He rolled his eyes and sniffed, “Be at ease, it’s not what you’re thinking. Didn’t you just complain about having worked too hard? I’m just helping you to loosen up a little.”

“Oh, you should have just said that earlier.” Su Nuan Nuan said with relief as she flopped down again. Hmm, this Duan Tingxuan seemed to have some skill in massaging. The places where he had kneaded seemed so relaxed that even the pores have opened up, letting the tiredness seeped out of her. Su Nuan Nuan was currently feeling very warm and comfortable.

“Is this inner strength? How curious, ah. It’s too bad that I can’t even dream of learning this.” After witnessing the little marquis’ martial prowess at Pu Shan Temple, Su Nuan Nuan had more or less given up on martial arts.

“Having culinary skills is good enough.” Duan Tingxuan grinned as his wife relaxes her defences before him. Then, his tone took on a concerned note as he said, “Only, don’t be so tired next time. I’ve said it before, you’re the heir’s wife. Who in this mansion has the qualifications to eat your hand made food aside from the senior madams, the old marquis and I? Why do you ignore your status like this? You just made yourself unbearably tired.”

“Money can’t buy my love.” Su Nuan Nuan said comfortably as she squirmed happily on the bed. Thinking about how busy she had been these days, she closed her eyes and said softly, “It’s all good, ah. The servants and maids have been so busy that their feet barely touched the ground. But the look on everyone’s faces is so cheerful. New year lanterns are hung, and there are stained glass lanterns throwing colourful light everywhere. The whole mansion had never seemed so bright and cheerful.

The kitchens have been cooking non-stop, making all sorts of delicious things. The sewing rooms are so busy that they had to invite famous dressmakers and tailors to make the dresses, while they concentrate on making accessories like brocade purses, belts and other things. Everyone is so busy and lively. It’s so lovely to have a lively new year, ah. Duan Tingxuan, I’ve never had such a lively new year in my life. The very air is filled with the flavours of new year…”

Duan Tingxuan’s movement slowed to a stop. He knew that Su Nuan Nuan must be thinking about new year celebrations from a different world. From the way she spoke, his wife must have been a human? And had celebrated new year? Thank heavens, ah. Though he was quite prepared to accept Su Nuan Nuan, whether she had been a ghost, monster or even a demon, and would love her till their hair turned white, it was still reassuring to know that she had been human. If she had been an insect, poltergeist, or some kind of wild animal in the past, that would be a little awkward, right?

Su Nuan Nuan had absolutely no idea what her husband was thinking. Still wearing a happy expression, she mumbled, “So what if I tire myself out? I like to personally make snacks for everyone. Not only that, I also want to make at least two new dishes for the reunion dinner. We’re a family after all, why all this talk about status? I’ve sent dishes to your two secondary wives, you know? Though I’m not happy about it, but… whatever. Who ask old madam to treat me so well? Elder madam is nice to me too. We don’t talk much, but I know that she is really concerned over me.”

“Oh? Mother actually likes you now?” Duan Tingxuan shook himself and applied more pressure into his massage, until Su Nuan Nuan let out a comfortable moan before laughing, “That’s right. Every time I went over to old madam’s place to give my greetings, she always asked after my well being. Such as whether I have enough charcoal at home, or why my belly is so quiet. She kept talking about how a woman should have at least one son and half a daughter by her side. She often use herself as an example to try and guide me properly.”

“What are you talking about?” Duan Tingxuan really don’t know what his wife was talking about. For his rather cool and rule minded mother to use herself as an example in order to guide a daughter-in-law seemed quite unlikely to him. Just when did these two people became so close without him knowing?

“Still don’t understand? After giving birth to an excellent son like you, though she did not say it often, she must have been incredibly proud. However, how could she brag about giving birth the most excellent son in the whole world before the reserved noble women of the Capital? She must be bursting with the need to brag, but could not do so due to propriety. Suddenly, here I am, a daughter-in-law with no children of my own is here for her to ‘give advice to’. She could subtly brag about you on the pretence of giving advice.

Also, since I occasionally offer up random delicious things to show my filial appreciation, she slowly saw me as someone who is not completely terrible. Though she first gave me some tentative wifely advice, it eventually turned into a torrent of proud bragging about how awesome the fruit of her loins is.”

Duan Tingxuan had, at first, listened carefully to her little mumblings, but finally ended up laughing out loud. He collapsed over Su Nuan Nuan’s back as he laughed and apologized, saying, “Sorry, sorry, my mother is just an ordinary woman. The greatest achievement in her life is giving birth to such an amazingly talented, handsome, well-behaved and excellent me. Nuan Nuan, though it’s been hard on you, please just tolerate her talk, alright?”

“Why don’t you just scram? Someone called you good-looking and suddenly you’re an unparallell beauty, is it?” Su Nuan Nuan could not resist giving Duan Tingxuan a swat with her hand. She scolded with a laugh, “Also, who’s this amazingly talented and handsome person? The one I know is a thick faced, black-bellied scum of evilness.”

As husband and wife chatted obligingly together, Duan Tingxuan proceeded to massage his wife from head to foot. As a noble born young master, where would he learn how to massage? However, he has the advantage of knowing how to use his inner strength. As he ran his hands over Su Nuan Nuan’s body, he channelled inner power through her skin, causing her to feel incredibly warm and comfortable. Less than two hours later, all her tiredness vanished as though it was never there.

“Thank you, I feel much better now.” Su Nuan Nuan sat up. Her heart beat nervously as she checked the time. It was close to midnight and the blasted candlelights lent an incredibly suggestive atmosphere that was potentially dangerous to her. What if this overly hormone filled man slut Duan Tingxuan suddenly became lusty? Should she kick him off the bed? Ah, but… he’d just given her a whole body massage, so… wouldn’t that be impolite?

At his wife’s suddenly guarded behaviour, how could the little marquis not understand? He gave a long sighed, and thought: Duan Tingxuan, ah, Duan Tingxuan. The road to reaching your wife’s heart is still far, ah. Don’t tell me that we can never be true husband and wife? But… you’re still a man with three wives and four concubines, as long as this doesn’t change, Nuan Nuan would probably never accept you. Whatever, it’s fine, it’s all fine. As long as I can see her happy and joyous expression, and look she even trust you enough to let you massage her back. This is already a great improvement. Being overly greedy will only invite heaven’s damnation.

With that, he suddenly got up and said, “It’s already late. Tomorrow is the new year’s eve so you’re bound to be busy. Get some sleep, and don’t let the maids wake you too early. I shall sleep in the side room.”



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