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The Feast – 038 – Brilliant Under Pressure

Chapter 38: Brilliant Under Pressure


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Translated by Gumihou

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“That’s right, mother. If there’s anything you wish talk about, let’s do it inside.” Duan Tingxuan was also doing his best to warmly encourage Madam Yang to enter the house. Only to hear Madam Yang said coldly, “No, the only thing I want to know is this. What you plan to do with these three?”

Duan Tingxuan understood Madam Yang’s meaning, she wanted him to divorce this wife. However, is this even possible? Let’s not even talk about the delicious food that this prince now depended on like tigress milk. Even if there were no good things to eat, he could no longer live without this woman who charges into rowdy battles with him. He simply refused to live without this source of happiness. Even if he was beaten to death, he will not divorce this wife.

Mind zipping about like silver quick lightning, he immediately saw an opportunity within this crisis. Thus, pretending not to hear the dark hints under Madam Yang’s words, he made a he-he laugh and said, “Nuan Nuan and the rest have been living in this Mei Yue Lou for quite a few months. As mother could see, this place is quite remote, so your son is just thinking that in these next few days, once they’ve packed up this place, they could return to the inner court.”

“WHAT?” Madam Yang and Su Nuan Nuan screeched in unison. Both directed ferocious glares at Duan Tingxuan. Madam Yang grounded out, “You still wish to bring them back to the inner court? Are you trying to say that our palace is not lively enough?”

As her voice dropped to dangerous decibels, she directed her glare at Su Nuan Nuan who waved her hand quickly, “Elder madam don’t look at me like that. This decision is all your son’s doing, nothing at all to do with me. I have already decided to stay in this Mei Yue Lou until I die, I won’t let anyone move me from this place. Why should I go to that backstabbing and intrigue filled place, when I could just stay here to continue my research on good food and drinks?”

Xu Ran Yun and Xue Zi Lan couldn’t quite believe their ears as they stared at Su Nuan Nuan. Is this woman not afraid of being struck by lightning? You already did so many bad deeds, what right to you have to say ‘backstabbing and intrigue filled place’? And what’s this ‘ research on good food and drinks’?

No wonder the Lord has changed. From what they could see, it’s clear that her level of scheming has upgraded to an un-precedented level. Daring to use the ‘let loose in order to capture’ technique and play around with the Lord to this level!

As the two of them chewed on this information, a feeling of doom loomed over them. As expected, Duan Tingxuan said to Su Nuan Nuan, “You’ll have to come back to the inner court sooner or later, why not come back a little sooner, and…”

“Absolutely not, I forbid it.” Madam Yang declared. “Want them return to the inner court? Over my dead body.”

“You hear that? Are you trying to curse your own mother? Already a slag, you want to add unfilial too?” Su Nuan Nuan nodded fiercely, one finger pointing straight at Duan Tingxuan and the other planted on her hips. She stood as though she was Madam Yang’s personal defender of justice.

“Very well, since mother already said so, the three of you can stay in Mei Yue Lou.” Duan Tingxuan said decisively. Both Su Nuan Nuan and Madam Yang breathed a united sigh of relief and grinned over their victory. However, when they caught each other’s smile, a sense of awkwardness fell over them.

“Since mother does not wish to enter the house, let this son send you home, ba. Hong Lian, please fetch a large bowl of that smoothie from your mistress’ kitchen.” Duan Tingxuan ordered loudly. In a short while, Hong Lian appeared from the kitchen with a food box and brought it over to them. With a wordless bob of greeting, she handed over the box to Duan Tingxuan.

At the word ‘smoothie’, Madam Yang’s eyes brightened. She’d been obsessing over this thing for a few days. However, when she had heard that it was made by Su Nuan Nuan, she refused to lower her pride and ask for any. On the other hand, if the other side personally send some over, there was no reason to reject it.

Duan Tingxuan placed the flowered steam buns he had been carrying all this while into the box and slung it over one arm. With the other arm, he attempted to escort Madam Yang, only to be smacked by her. With a fierce harrumph, “Don’t touch me with your greasy hands, these are new clothes.”

”Yes, yes, your son is careless.”

Duan Tingxuan smiled indulgently, and made a respectful gesture for his mother to walk before him. Madam Yang turned, and stepped smartly for Mei Yue Lou’s main entrance. This almost shocked Xu Ran Yun to death. After seeing her huge hopes just crashed down like that, she has completely forgotten about Duan Tingxuan’s earlier cold gaze.

Neither did she noticed Xue Zi Lan’s drooping figure, carefully cultivated gentle and agreeable air all gone: The moment they walk out of this place , they could no longer bring up the matter of divorce any more. She almost could not bear the anger in her heart, elder madam, ah, elder madam. Could you please take a look at how you handle this important matter? We came here with the intention to force the Lord to divorce this creature, you can’t just let the mention of ‘returning her into the inner court’ frighten you into a retreat, ah.

With such fury burning within her, Xu Ran Yun’s brain almost couldn’t take it. As such, she dashed towards Madam Yang’s side and cried out, “Elder madam!” However, before the echo of her shout disappeared, Duan Tingxuan suddenly turned to look at her. In a very neutral voice, he said, “Ran Yun, if there’s anything you wish to say, let’s go back first, all right?”

It sounded like a gentle suggestion, but the weight behind it was almost overbearing. Xu Ran Yun felt a tingle on her scalp, her lips moved, but no words came out. She did not dare to speak any more and could only lower her head. At this moment, Madam Yun’s mood was worse than if she had eaten a mouthful of flies.

Madam Yang also sighed quietly, in the end, she would leave the matter of controlling the wives to her son, the Lord of the Mansion. Though she had been stunned by her son’s attitude just now, how could she not be reminded of the true reason they enter this place by the sudden cry of ‘elder madam!’? Only it looked like her son was determined to protect this woman of his.

If that is the case, Madam Yang who had always indulged her son in everything decided not to interfere. It was one thing to decide one something, it’s quite another to actually implement it. In truth, the two secondary wives had placed their bets on a ‘Pig Team Mate[1]’. The moment they encounter a ‘Godly Opponent[2]’, her true nature was forced out, and she retreated.

Thus, Madam Yang pretended not to hear Xu Ran Yun’s cry for assistance. She only gave her son a little glare. Using her eyes to inform him: You better just find an excuse for me to let you keep that woman of yours, if you dare fool me again, I shall not be so lenient.

When Duan Tingxuan caught this secret message from his mother, he heaved a secret sigh of relief. This prince had never imagined that his mother would come right at this moment and see the way he battle with Su Nuan Nuan with her own eyes. This was truly fortunate, that female tiger’s arrogance had definitely angered his mother, that’s really bad, ah. On the other hand, if he really could not get over this hurdle, he still has the old madam as back up. Since she had eaten so many good things from Su Nuan Nuan, surely she would come up with some ways to mediate and sooth his mother’s temper.

Ah, not good, old madam had specifically informed me to bring some snacks for her, how could he have forgotten?

Wu! Thank goodness, he still has those 2 flowered steamed bun in the food box. He could cut them into pieces and made up 2 platefuls. As long as old madam never found out that he had clutched them in his paws all day should be fine.

Duan Tingxuan continued to polish up this evil plan of his as he escorted Madam Yang back. Su Nuan Nuan kept her eyes on that group of people until not even a shadow was left on her threshold. The, she turned towards Si Ping who was trying to quietly sneak away, “Why did you not appear when elder madam arrived? Why did you not go back with your master? Do you feel that he had not stolen enough from me and want to sneak out more food on his behalf?”

“Madam’s words are too heavy, this kind of immoral behaviour was only something the thick faced master could do. This small one has a thin face, and a cowardly heart. How could this one dare to act under madam’s sharp eye?” Si Ping gave a little hei-hei laugh as he tried to coax a smile from her. After all, the master was not around, if he did not curse him now, when would he have a chance?

“Rascal, don’t think that just because you said some bad words against Duan Tingxuan I would let you off lightly. Birds of a feather flocks together, since you’re your master’s hand, you and he are the same.” Su Nuan Nuan said with a sneer. Suddenly, she noticed Xiang Yun also sneaking out from the kitchen. She has no good feeling for these two maids as she angrily said, “I sent you two to guard against Duan Tingxuan in the kitchen. As a result, you not only watch him eat half a plate of my stuff, but also take my food away. Still dare to appear? A pair of dogs is more useful than you two.”

Xiang Yun grinned, “Madam, please don’t say things like that. If not for this one and Hong Lian, would the master be satisfied with just half a plate? I’m afraid a few of your plates would be empty by now. To be able to manage this much, Hong Lian and I already did our best. As for the two dogs, I’m afraid the master would just kick them to death, and then eat and eat, and then what would you do? Therefore, we’re still more useful than dogs.”

“Still want to talk smart? Su Nuan Nuan was still pissed off, but Si Ping was nodding vigorously from the side. “This small one can verify. What Xiang Yun said is correct. Our master never give much thought to animals, pets or otherwise. Once, at Prince Qi’s palace, there was this really fierce pure bred dog from the Western Regions. It bared it’s teeth at our master, barking as it charged at us. Our master gave it a swift kick in the head, and it ran away with it’s tail between its legs.”

Palace dogs should have their minders, how could it actually be given an opportunity to charge at Duan Tingxuan, barking and snarling? This Duan Tingxuan was also too violent, actually kicking a dog, really not giving face to its owner, ah. Oh, wait, it should be said that he was being merciful, otherwise, that kick would not have sent it running, away, it would have sent it to doggy heaven.

However, Su Nuan Nuan was not all interested in picking out the plot holes in this kind of story. She just treated it as nothing more than fancy story telling. As a foodie, one should stay above all this underhand fighting and squash down one’s curiosity. If you investigate to deep into a matter, you will be the one squashed between two hard decisions. Too troublesome, ah.

At this point, she decided to go to the kitchen to calculate her loss, when she saw Si Ping loitering around with shifty rat’s eyes, clearly up to no good. Su Nuan Nuan frowned and said, “Still not leaving? Are you waiting for an opportunity to do some thieving for your master? Afterwards when I fry some snacks, would you believe it if I say I’ll throw you into the hot oil as well?”

Si Ping quickly smiled flatteringly, “Madam has misunderstood, this servant would never dare to repeat the mistakes of this one’s master. Nor does this servant knew any 8 Steps Catching Cicada or Scale Across River on Duckweed qing gong. This servant was just thinking, Madam has just seen this one hide away and did not face the music with master. If master really sees this one right now, wouldn’t this small one be kicked to death, ah? Therefore, Madam please show some compassion and grant this small one some leftovers. So that this lowly one may use it to appease the master into believing that this lowly slave has stayed behind in order to accomplish his dirty deeds, and not have this poor slave beaten to death.”

“Pei! You sure have a big face[3], you think I don’t know that some of the stolen food ended up in your mouth? You’re not afraid of drowning in your own bullshit?” Su Nuan Nuan glared at Si Ping’s flattering face, feeling both amused and cheered up. When all was said and done, her heart was made of neither stone nor iron. After a brief hiss of fake displeasure, she went into the kitchen, collected 2 tray full of things, giving the incredibly joyful Si Ping permission to take them away.




[1] Pig Team Mate – Word originated from teamwork games, refers to stupid team mates.

[2] Godly Opponent – Refers to powerful enemies or opponent

[3] Big face – Daring, lol







Translated by Gumihou at kitchennovel dot com

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