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The Feast – 220.1 – The Plan

Chapter 220 (Part 1): The Plan


Translated by Gumihou

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“What is considered as ‘of great value’?”

Su Dong Lou’s eyes were like a hawk staring down its prey. Seeing this Lu Feng Yu’s embarrassed and guilty expression was a little… how should he put it? Adorable? Yes, adorable. In fact, it was so endearing that he nearly could not control his predatory instincts to hunt down this venomous little snake and bite down on its long tempting neck.

He wanted to pin down Lu Feng Yu’s lithe, twisting body into the ground, while contemplating the best way to devour the snake as it writhed pitifully to escape his claws. Shall he cut this snake into chunks and pan fry it? Boil the bones into soup and deep fry the sliced off flesh? No matter how it is cooked, it is bound to be delicious.

No matter what, it’ll be worth facing its fangs to get its flesh.

At this moment, Lu Feng Yu was desperately trying his best to make a good argument out of the nonsense he had just spewed. At the very least, he should find something that would fulfil Su Dong Lou’s curiosity. He was so busy trying to think himself out of his problem that he never saw Su Dong Lou’s thirsty eyes that were all set to devour him.

As he thought hard, his mouth never stopped murmuring, “A thing ‘of great value’? Well… for example, if they found evidence that we are actually colluding with His Lordship, or… the cause of death of that Long Pingzhang. Or, the secret of Immortal’s Range. Any of those could be considered ‘of great value’?”

“Just what is hidden at Immortal’s Range?” The black-hearted Master of Mingyu House was finally pulled out from his yellow thoughts by these keywords. Curiosity now at the forefront, he could not help but prompt for an answer.

“I cannot speak of Immortal’s Range to you just yet. The only thing you should know is this: There lies the key, the crucial support beam to our success. When the time is right, I shall bring you there myself, and you would know without asking more question, just what it is.”

Lu Feng Yu’s eyes flashed for a moment, before settling into deep liquid pools that looked more like the opening to a deep pit or an endless abyss. Clearly, this fellow was entertaining some evil thoughts again. Su Dong Lou was incredibly familiar with this Gaze of Evil. The hairs on his skin rose in reaction: His last mission, the assassination of ‘Long Pingzhang’, nearly saw him tangled into a multi-layered trap woven by this fellow. If not for his own resolve and heartless cruelty, his true allegiance would have been exposed by now.

In the end, he nearly had a falling out with a good friend because of his decisive action. If it were not for Su Nuan Nuan, who had not only kept her head and taken over the discussion, but also pointed out a very crucial clue about the true identity of his assassination target, he would really have fallen out with Duan Tingxuan, causing Lu Feng Yu to win by default. Lu Feng Yu’s tricks were too complex and difficult to guard against.

“Dong Lou, say, do you think once we have assisted His Lordship in his great ambition, His Lordship will grant me a wife as a reward?”

At this, Su Dong Lou looked up, and saw a pair of clear eyes staring back at him. The dark abyss from before had disappeared, leaving only clear rippling pools filled with childish hopefulness. To see such a yearning, excited look on the normally inflexible brow nearly undid Su Dong Lou. The lust he had just pressed down leaped through his entire body once again.

“Wu! I guess that should be quite easy, ba. Why? Who caught your eye? Are you looking to bag yourself a princess?”

Su Dong Lou laughed heartily, but he spoke the truth. If they really managed to set King Xiangyang upon the throne, Lu Feng Yu marrying a princess was not out of the question. In the end, as partners and co-conspirators who had schemed together, King Xiangyang would not be stingy in rewarding the people who had helped him.

Though Su Dong Lou did not approve of what they’re doing, their plan required a lot of sacrifices and planning on their part, and of course, rewards must be given out once the party is successful. As long as Lu Feng Yu did not request for King Xiangyang’s own wife and concubine, nothing should stand in the way of his wish.

“Why would I want a princess for? Can she cook delicious food for me?” Lu Feng Yu sniffed derisively as he sneered. His long fingers flicked contemptuously against imaginary dust on his sleeves, as though a noble highborn princess is nothing but a stain on his clothes.

“Then, who do you want?” Su Dong Lou was really curious now. At the same time, bad feelings were oozing out of his heart like a muddy volcanic spring. Could it be that this fellow has fallen for someone? Well, he’ll just have to find out who this girl is and get rid of her! By getting this girl married off quickly of course! Haha, and put a stop to Lu Feng Yu’s absurd little wish.

“I want…” It’s so rare to see this arrogant and prideful Lu Feng Yu act shy and timid, almost like a blushing maiden.

Su Dong Lou hid his impatience by throwing back a cup of tea, and then pouring himself another. Finally, Lu Feng Yu leaned in closer to whisper into his ear, “I want Marquis of An Ping heir’s wife.”

Ever since Su Dong Lou brought him the confirmation of the couple’s identity, what little doubt Lu Feng Yu might have against his own deductions had evaporated, along with his distrust against this man of Jianghu. Lu Feng Yu, who never really had a real friend in his life, treated Su Dong Lou as the one true person he could confess his real feelings to, did not hesitate to drop this incredible bomb.


Just as he had expected, Su Dong Lou was shocked into spitting out a fountain of tea. Lu Feng Yu had already ducked his head earlier, and did not catch even a drop of the tea on his immaculate clothes.

“You… you… what did you say? You’re… surely… is this for the sake of that mouth of yours?” Su Dong Lou was nearly incoherent as he stared at the snickering Lu Feng Yu. Finally, his face sank into seriousness, “You’re joking with me?”

“Hahaha…” Lu Feng Yu could not help laughing, looking very cheerful and brilliant against the lush green background of the private garden.

Su Dong Lou said nothing, but continued to stare at him. When Lu Feng Yu finally settled down to random snickers, Su Dong Lou said carefully, “This outrageous idea, please tell me you’ve never voiced it out before those two?”

“Oh, yes.” Lu Feng Yu nodded his head simply. “But that Liang Shou… Oh! Perhaps I should address him as the An Ping heir. En, he refused to agree. What a headache, ah. Am I really going to sully my lifetime of purity by robbing someone else’s wife?”

This fellow was the one giving others a headache, ah. But look at that face! That troubled frown and the way he stroked his chin. So mulish! Even Su Dong Lou was speechless. All he could think of was: Pei! You still think you’re pure? You think you can just carelessly ruin people’s life and order assassinations with that mouth of yours and call yourself pure?

The number of people indirectly killed by your schemes could already form an underworld army, you know? They are all waiting for the day you’re cast down so that they can throw you into the huge cauldron of boiling oil [1].


[Gumihou: Haha, is Lu Feng Yu brilliant or dumb?]



[1] It’s a reference to the 9th Level of Hell – Hell of Oil Cauldrons

According to Chinese beliefs, there are 18 levels of hell and here’s a Wikipedia of it


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