Reborn-Super Chef – 051 – Sister, Why Are You Here?

Reborn-Super Chef – 051 – Sister, Why Are You Here?

Chapter 51 – Sister, Why Are You Here?

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The mysterious person with the knife entered the diner. She cocked her head at the sound of floors being swept upstairs and made her way to the second floor. Her feet were light as she slowly approached Ye Chui…

Suddenly, without warning, Ye Chui turned and slashed the broom in his hand at the intruder with all his might.


A woman’s high pitched scream broke the silence, and the mysterious person fell backward without Ye Chui even touching them with the broom. The box sailed through the air and the knife fell out.

“Yi?” Ye Chui let out an involuntary sound and reached out his hand and caught the knife by the handle.

He flipped the knife to test its balance and nodded to himself. “This is a very good kitchen knife!”

— It really was a kitchen knife, the handle was craved from [Red Pear Wood], the edge was bright and sharp with wavy pattern cresting towards the spine of the knife. The patterns represented more than beauty, it showed the number of time the iron is folded for a sharp yet flexible blade.

The edge of the blade was extremely sharp, and appeared to have been sharpened by skilled craftsmen. The whole weight of the kitchen knife was very well balanced. It fitted into Ye Chui’s hand as though it had been especially made for him.

The kitchen knife is the as likened to a sword in a warrior’s hand. With a good knife, a chef could increase the taste and aesthetics of his dishes.

After playing around with the blade for awhile, he suddenly recalled the person who came with the blade.

He had already heard a vehicle stop in this lonely road while he was sweeping the upstairs room, when he heard the slamming of a door and the creak of the front door, he assumed that some unsavoury person wanted to sneak into his future home and diner to make trouble and decided to play dumb and use his broom to frighten off the intruder instead.

He looked down and the intruder on the floor, he blinked and asked, “Why is it you?”

“Why shouldn’t it be me?” Han Yuyan looked at Ye Chui angrily. She was a mixed martial arts champion, what an embarrassment to be freaked out by a youth with a broom.

However, what made her even more angry was how Ye Chui had flawlessly caught the blade in his hand and ignored her as he plated with it… isn’t this an insult to her womanhood? Her great beauty? She glowered as she picked herself up from the floor and pointed at the knife, “That knife is my grandpa’s treasure, it’s called [Zhan Xiang]. My grandpa had specially asked someone to bring it over from Beijing as a gift for you. Do you like it?”

“Yes.” Ye Chui nodded his head and reply. This knife was really extraordinary, it fitted him really well.

Han Yuyan made a little hehe laugh, “Then come and work as grandpa’s personal chef.”

“No way!”

Instant rejection from Ye Chui.

Han Yuyan flared up, “Return the kitchen knife to me!”

“This is your grandfather’s gift to me, what’s it to do with you?” Ye Chui tucked the knife behind his back, how could he easily relinquish such a good knife?

“You…” Han Yuyan angrily clenched her fist at Ye Chui, this elder sister always appeared cool and in control, though she looked more like a pissed off little girl now.

Ye Chui smiled and asked, “How is Elder Han’s condition?”

“He is still recovering. He kept complaining about wanting to eat your cooking everyday, but the doctors refused to let him.” at the mention of her grandfather, her expression softened. A glimmer of tear sparkled in her eye. She said with a choked off voice, “My grandpa is already at a great age, and his greatest love is delicious food. You’re the first person who manages to touch his heart through cooking. Please, won’t you help him? You will not lose anything from it.”

“Hah! Save your tricks!” Ye Chui snorted. “I can tell that Elder Han is still quite robust, your sad drama won’t move me.”

“You … you….” flame ignited in Han Yuyan’s eyes. If not for her grandfather’s repeated warning she would have let this Ye Chui brat feel her aerial kick. Fortunately, Han Yuyan have more tricks up her sleeves. A sly and coy smile curled her lips and she leaned forward, “Then, how about this? Take me in as your disciple, I am very smart, I’m a Beijing’s Mixed Martial Arts champion after all.”

“The f**k, you think it’s so easy to become my disciple?” Ye Chui felt sweat beading up the back of his neck. Even 5-star chef Tian Xiaodu barely met his requirements for a disciple, okay? As for this Han Yuyan… your mix martial arts have nothing to do with cooking, alright?

“I don’t care, from now on you are my master!”

“Who wants you as a disciple…” Ye Chui muttered helplessly.

“Master!” Han Yuyan sweetly called out.

“Elder Sister, please behave yourself, ok?”

“I don’t care. If you do not accept me as your disciple, I will not leave!” Han Yuyan immediately sat down on a sofa. She looked very stubborn and give Ye Chui a look that says, ‘I am going to stay here no matter what. What can you do?’

“You will not leave?”

Han Yuyan shook her head.

“Then I shall leave!”

Saying this, he hastily fled.

Han Yuyan, “……”

Since he had not moved in yet, he can temporarily escape the persistent Han Yuyan. He was not worried that Han Yuyan would stael anything from him. After all, she is much richer than him.

After Ye Chui had left, Han Yuyan frowned. She stood at the window and watch Ye Chui as he fled. She smirked, “You may run away from me today, but sooner or later, you have to come here. I will stay here and wait!”

Ye Chui did not think of Han Yuyan as he rushed home. He will never become Elder Han’s personal chef. There is no room for negotiations. As for Han Yuyan, let her do as she pleased. He was not afraid of her and will cheerfully face her plots head on, there’s no reason for him to fear a pretty lady…

When he reached home, it is exactly 10 pm at night. Wang Shiyu was sitting on the sofa watching television. Her hand was a piece of Colonel… Little Chui Chicken Nugget. When she saw Ye Chui, she called out sweetly, “Elder brother, welcome home!”

“En, do not eat too many nuggets. Too much oily food is not good for health.” Ye Chui said as he glanced around the room. When he didn’t spot An Jing, he tilted his head and heard the shower going. He sat down next to Wang Shiyu and leaned close to her, “Little Rain, you are always with An Jing. Tell me, has she ever mention that Zhao Hongyu?”

As a brother, he did not want her to be involved with a boy he disliked. He felt that it was a brother’s privilege to do this.

Wang Shiyu raised her head and looked straight at Ye Chui, “Elder brother, are you asking me if Zhao Hongyu is chasing after sister?”

“… you’re not wrong…” Ye Chui felt sweat gathered at the back of his neck. “Just where did a little kid like you learn the word ‘chasing after’?”

“Of course I know, I have two boyfriends you know.” Wang Shiyu rolled her eyes, and gave Ye Chui a contemptuous look. “You did not even have a single girlfriend yet, how shameful.”

Ye Chui:“……”

All right, this brother of yours shall catch Wei Lin for you to see!

“Let’s talk about that Zhao Hongyu first… is he after our An Jing?” Ye Chui went back to the topic.

“That’s right!” Wang Shiyu nodded vigorously. “But elder sister doesn’t like him. But he is like a glue that sticks to elder sister. He even tried to bribe me with candies.”

“Then did you accept the candies?”

“Of course, I accept.” Wang Shiyu nodded her head. “But I will not help him to court elder sister!”

“You accept his gifts but did not help him? Isn’t this quite unreasonable?”

Wang Shiyu put on her cutest look, “I am just an adorable kid, I do not know about these kinds of stuff!”

Ye Chui:“……”

Your skin too thick, these words are too shameless.

An Jing stepped out of the bathroom, and they both dropped the Zhao Hongyu discussion. However Ye Chui had already made up his mind and will do everything in his power to make Zhao Hongyu stay away from his sister. He really looked forward to the trip tomorrow, it would be a good time to get closer to Lin Wei.

That night passed by quietly.

The next morning Ye Chui woke up early and immediately made preparations for the trip. He was still worried about the shop, and after having a quick shower, he rushed to the shop.

Ye Chui had no idea if Han Yuyan was still there. He made his way staelthily to the second floor and had to stop, and stare…


[1] Did anyone notice that Ye Chui was not concerned about Wang Shiyu having 2 boyfriends at her age? Or is it just me?



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