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Reborn-Super Chef – 050 – Second Class Characters Make Good Pawns

Chapter 50- Second Class Characters Make Good Pawns

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When Yu Yan came to take Lin Wei home, they had already finished with dinner and were busily chatting with each other over the newly purchased table.

Lin Wei enjoyed the company of An Jing and Wang Shiyu, and they get along well in that tight knitted girly way. When she noticed that An Jing and Wang Shiyu were still wearing some old clothes that were almost discoloured, she wanted to take them out for shopping – it was not a waste for them to address her as ‘Elder Sis’.

Before she left, Ye Chui suddenly recalled something and asked Lin Wei to wait for a moment. He rushed back into the kitchen and came out a short while later with a plastic container, he placed it in Lin Wei’s hand. “These are just some snacks I made on a whim, I’m sure you’ll like it.”

Lin Wei cracked open the lid and saw the golden yellow pieces of chicken nuggets inside. She licked her little lips and gave Ye Chui a reproachful glare, “How terrible, I’ll get fat!”

Even as she said this, she slipped her fingers into the container without hesitation and quickly popped one of the chicken nuggets into her mouth. The nugget was still quite warm, it had been deep fried, just like the La Zi Ji, but there was definitely something different in terms of taste. Lin Wei chewed her mouthful, a blissful smile bloomed on her pretty face. She turned excitedly at Ye Chui, “What is this called?”

“It’s Colonel Chicken Nuggets, I plan to open a fast food restaurant that specializes in fried chicken. This will be one of the main products.” Ye Chui smiled, though he ended up with a diner now, he had not let go of his plans to open a fast food chain. It was the best way to make money after all.

The Colonel chicken nuggets are made using minced chicken breast, dusted with flour and fried with tempura batter. Kentucky fried chicken had 11 herbs and spices and these herbs and spices are commercial secrets.

Ye Chui had conducted a countless number of experiments had more or less isolated the herbs and spices used. He even improvised on the recipe to elevate it from merely tasty to amazingly delicious.

“Colonel Chicken Nuggets?” Lin Wei frowned. “What kind of name is it?”

“This… ah…” Ye Chui was stumped, just how do you explain this?


“Brother, I want to try some too.” Wang Shiyu looked up at Ye Chui, her head tilted adorably.

“There are some more in the kitchen, just for you and An Jing.” Ye Chui smiled. He turned to Lin Wei, “Er…. do you think I should change the name? Chui Brother Chicken Nuggets?”

“That’s horribly.” Lin Wei sniffed, then smirked, “How about Little Chui Chicken Nuggets?”

“…I’d rather call it Chui Brother Chicken Nuggets.”

Lin Wei put her nose in the air and said loftily, “I don’t care, I’m going to just call it Little Chui Chicken Nuggets!”

“…fine, as you like.”

After deciding on the time and place to meet up, Lin Wei left with Yu Yan. Ye Chui asked An Jing to bring Wang Shiyu home first, while he cleaned up the place. He wanted to properly prepare the place so that he and his sisters could move in as soon as possible.

=== Meanwhile, in Xizhou’s ‘Fire and Wind’ Nightclub ===

The sound of the music made the crowd grove to the beat as they danced the night away. In one of the VIP areas, Cao Kang was seated between two beauties. He used to love the high life and often come here to relax. But tonight, he does not have the mood to make merry.

A week ago, when Cao Kang heard from Fang Tao that Ye Chui was in trouble, he immediately rushed over to the hospital to mock Ye Chui, but ended up getting kicked by Han Yuyan. Not only did he get kicked for nothing – because of Han Yuyan’s status, his father was very angry and grounded him for one week.

Today, he finally allowed to leave the house, but nothing seemed to mend his spirits.

“Young Master Cao,” At this moment, someone suddenly shouted near him. He turned and discovered that it was someone who he was quite close to. Cao Kang heard this man saying, “Let me introduce you to someone.”

“Who?” Cao Kang asked.

“He’s from Beijing, and will be transferring to the Xizhou Elite Noble school. He had a lot of status and power, and is the son of the scion of the He Enterprise.” The man explained, “His name is He Chengfei.”

Even Cao Kang knows about the He Enterprise. The son of the CEO of He Enterprise? This was a big shot! Cao Kang immediately got up, “Where is he?”

“Young Master Cao, pleased to met you.” He Chengfei smiled as he walked over and shook hands with Cao Kang. He sat opposite Cao Kang, “I am a few months older than you. If you do not mind, you can address me as Brother Fei.”

“Brother Fei.” Cao Kang said in a low voice called out. He was not used to addressing others as ‘brother’. But He Chengfei’s status and power were much better his own, and he could not help bowing to social pressure.

He waved away two women beside and looked up at He Chengfei, “How may I help you?”

“Hehe, I will be transferring to Xizhou Elite Noble school soon. I heard that you are a big shot in the school, and come here to greet you and get to know you first.” He Chengfei smiled.

Cao Kang heard these words and felt very pleased. It gives him some face. He smiled and nodded his head, “Brother Ge, I can guarantee that no one will dare to create trouble for you within the school.”

“Then, I have to thank you, Young Master Cao,” He Chengfei nodded, but a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

“Bother Fei, why have you transferred to Xizhou?” Cao Kang asked.

“I am here because of a girl.” He Chengfei smiled, “You also know her – Weiwei.”

“Weiwei?” Cao Kang was angry. So he was Lin Wei’s suitor as well, and come here to ask him to back down?

“Do not be so rash.” He Chengfei consoled and explained, “Weiwei is my cousin. I only regard her as a sister. This time, I come here to take care of her. I have heard that you are chasing after her. I think you are a good match for her, and came to support you.”

As soon as Cao Kang heard these words, he grew excited and slapped the man on the back. He even poured a glass of wine for He Chengfei.

Privately, He Chengfei sneered at Cao Kang. How could he really support this idiot, Cao Kang? He said these words just to confuse Cao Kang and to make use him to carry out his plan to get rid of Ye Chui. Once Cao Kang was of no use to him, he will discard this idiot like a toy. This type of idiot was only useful as a pawn.

He was is a man who likes to manipulate things behind the scene. Today, after seeing how intimate Lin Wei was with Ye Chui, he wasted no time in hiring someone to get hold of Ye Chui’s information. That was when he found out Cao Kang’s grudge against Ye Chui.

From there, he formed a plan to use Cao Kang to get rid of Ye Chui, while keeping his hands clean. Lin Wei will ‘find out’ that Cao Kang did it, and avoid Cao Kang, while he remained the final victor.

He Changfei was a scheming and clever man, and knew how to manipulate Cao Kang.

He remained very friendly and drank the wine that Cao Kang had poured for him, and immediately put his plans into motion, “Oh yes, I heard someone told me that Lin Wei is very close to a man named Ye Chui?”

Cao Kang’s face turned pale, but he forced himself to remain calm, “He is just a chef. Nothing special.”

“That’s right! A mere chef is not a good match for Weiwei. This kid must have used his honeyed words to fool Weiwei!” He Chengfei looked very angry. “As a brother, I cannot allow my sister to be continuously tricked by this man!”

“Brother Fei, you are right!” Cao Kang nodded his head in agreement. But he seemed a bit hesitant, “But…. Brother Fei, what do you suggest we do?”

“That Ye Chui is too much! We should teach him a lesson!” He Chengfei suggested.

Cao Kang agreed, “That’s right! But how are we going to teach him a lesson?”

He Chengfei pretended to think for a moment, “I heard that he is opening a restaurant?”

“Fei Ge, what do you mean?” Cao Kang was surprised.

He Chengfei raised his wine glass and clinked it against Cao Kang’s wine glass in a toast, and whispered, “I am new to Xizhou and do not know anyone here. I’m afraid I have no choice but to depend on you. Can’t you find some thugs to create trouble at his restaurant and ruin the place?”


It is already 9 pm at night.

Ye Chui was still cleaning up in the restaurant when a car rolled to a stop outside the little diner. The car door opened and a long, shapely leg stepped out. The figure of a lean woman, a box tucked under one arm, slid out of the car and stood for a moment, silhouetted in the street light. After some time, she opened the box, and withdrew something that gleamed in the street light. It was a knife! Her lips curled into a smile as she shut the knife back into its box, and began to drift forward towards the diner. The little gate unlatched easily under her hand…




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