Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0126

Chapter 126 – Level 5 Incident

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


Moby’s fist clenched as he raised his head to look at the dragon, hatred burning in his eyes. However, he quickly realized that what he was seeing was not a real dragon and quickly refocused his attention downward until he noticed Julian. Shock registered on his face.

He had been operating as a blacksmith here for a few decades and though he was there when Julian moved in just over a decade ago, and had bought quite a few bottles of mid level recovery potions from him, their relationship did not go beyond nodding acquaintanceship, he could not say with any conviction that he knew the man at all.

He had always believed that Julian was a Level 5 wizard, due to the fairly ordinary mid level potions sold in the shop. The only thing remarkable about the potions was that it was slightly cheaper then what others charged

However, it looked like he had been hiding his true ability. Only a Level 9 wizard or above could conjure up an actual dragon. Moby had no confidence of winning at all if he had to face this conjured dragon at his current level of strength.

“Looks like I’ll have to come up with a special thunder spitting weapon that could not only defeat conjured dragons, but also that damned red dragon!” Moby clenched his fists again, and turned his eyes in the direction of the restaurant. Mike had Amy in his arms and they were both engrossed by the floating dragon. Who knew what had happened to pissed off both Klaus and Julian to the point that they’d pick a fight so early in the morning, but he was quite sure it had something to do with this father- daughter duo.

A short distance away, Sargerass, flanked by two demon comrades covered in black lava lines paused in their steps. They all looked towards the people crowding in front of the restaurant with some surprise.

“Boss, what happened here?” the demon on, a tall skinny fellow looked at Sargerass questioningly.

“I’ve mentioned this before. The moment we enter the restaurant you must exercise your best manners and be at your best behaviour, no matter what. Do you remember?” Sargerass said, while keeping his eyes on the commotion before him.

“Boss, didn’t you say that restaurant is run by a human? What is there to be afraid of? Humans will cross the road just to avoid us. We can do whatever we want in a human restaurant.” the much shorter and fatter demon snickered, clearly he did not take Sargerass’ words seriously.

“You stupid fool!” Sargerass flicked a chestnut at the fat demon’s head, with a sharp laugh he said, “Open your eyes and look, there is the daughter of the boss. If you really insist on being foolish, you will burn to death at the hands of that little girl.”

“Ouch, ouch, ouch!” the fat demon hopped two steps away in pain, he looked in the direction Sargerass was pointing, and his eyes rounded in surprise. With a swift dart, he hid himself behind Sargerass, in a shaky voice, he said, “B-boss, isn’t that the legendary dragon? Why is there a dragon here?”

“That’s right, boss. Could it be that this restaurant is back by a dragon?” the tall, thin demon also sidled closer to Sargerass, frightened and surprised.

“That thing is not a real dragon, however, don’t look down on this restaurant just be cause there isn’t a dragon supporting it. If you must know, it’s backed by a wizard who’s a well known as a dragon slayer. It would be best if the two of you be on your best behaviour, otherwise even I could not protect your life.” Sargerass gave Klaus, and his equally famous magic staff, a wary glance, he really couldn’t warn these idiots too many times.

Ever since he saw Klaus bashed a dragon on the head with that magic staff of his outside Lot City, Sargerass fear of wizards etched deeply into his heart. He had never seen the great dragon slayer Michael Alex, however, no matter how incredible the man’s reputation was, it could not beat seeing a show of strength with his own two eyes.

“Are you talking about that white bearded wizard?” his two companions looked at Klaus, then at the huge floating dragon, “I think that old man would be swallowed up by the dragon, ba?”

“Not likely,” the corner of Sargerass’ mouth ticked up, but he did not say anything else.

… …

“Look everyone, it’s snowing! And there’s a white dragon outside!”

“For real, yah! Do you think that dragon’s here to make trouble? Hey, isn’t it floating directly over that restaurant that’s having really good business lately?”

“That’s right, it’s the restaurant that only has two items on its menu. The cheapest item there cost 300 cooper coins. Don’t know why those fools kept lining up everyday to hand their money over to that owner.”

“That’s right, if only that dragon would smash that shop to pieces. My business had been suffering lately, I even saw a few of my regulars lining up in front of that restaurant yesterday.”

“Quick, quick, let’s all go and have a look. It’s a dragon! This is the first time I’ve seen an actual dragon!”

Quite a few people have noticed this (formerly) quiet corner of Aden Square. Tongues began to wag about as the peanut gallery grew bigger and noisier. A lot of restaurant owners were rather sour in their language, hoping that something disastrous would happen to the rival shop. However, majority of the newcomers were just attracted by the commotion. Even though Chaos City was rather tolerant and multi-cultural, it was still quite rare to see a dragon in their true form. Dragons tended to assume a human form before entering the city.

… …

“An incident! Two over Level 8 wizards are about to battle each other, this is a Level 5 Incident! I repeat, a Level 5 Incident! We must report this to the temple, you two with me, we must first evacuate the people, reduce the casualty rate as much as possible.” at this time, a middle aged man in a grey robe appeared. His face turned almost as grey as his robes when he saw Mickey’s Restaurant. To his credit, he reacted quickly and gave the young man in similar grey robes some hurried instructions before rushed over to the danger zone.

“Yes!” the young man snapped a reply, and turned to run for the temple. He had only gone a few steps when he spotted a finely dressed man on a horse. He immediately seized the reins and practically pulled the man off the horse and swung himself onto it. He then tossed a token at the man saying, “Emergency temple business, apologies for appropriating this horse. Please show this token at the temple later to redeem your horse later.”

“What emergency business the temple has the requires you to snatch other people’s horses?” the young aristocrat looked at the token in his hand with some surprised. He had wanted to show off a newly bought horse to his friends but, there was nothing he could do except but sighed loudly to himself and made his way slowly to the temple walking after the disappearing figure of his horse.

… …

“We haven’t even started selling our new product yet and we already have two overly enthusiastic supporters fighting over the flavours.” standing in front of his restaurant, Mike looked at the curious and excited crowd around him with some satisfaction. How nice it is to have free advertisement for his [Beancurds].

“It looks like they got into a fight over the flavour of a new product!” it was easy to trace the spread of this news from the baffled expressions on the people around him.

“It seems that the same item tasted totally different when matched with different condiments. Though both are surely delicious.” Plutoer looked looked thoughtful, he then looked towards Mike with some anticipation, “Boss Mike, will we get to taste the new product today?”

The people crowding around them also turned to Mike. A delicious gourmet dish that caused a fight between two powerful wizards really piqued their interest and appetites, ah.


[Translator’s Notes: Well, that really escalated beyond expectations… Fight! Fight! Fight!]




Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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