Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0125

The Chapter 125 – Pick Me Up, Up High

Translated by Kitchennovel dot com


“What scary ice magic!”

Someone said with breathless admiration, they stared at the snow covered square, as though couldn’t quite understand what they were seeing.

“This black robe wizard actually dared to challenge Master Klaus, does he know that Master Klaus had to at least a Level 8 wizard? Unless, that black robe wizard could actually win?”

“Those two came out of the restaurant looking really angry, could it be that they’ve come out here to fight? Just what happened in the restaurant?”

The people stepped closer towards the restaurant, whispering to each other in amazement and curiosity. Just what had happened? What could have made these two incredibly powerful wizards so angry, that they’d immediately bring out their most powerful moves at once.

[Ting ling!]

The restaurant door rang out again, this time Mike came out with Amy in hand. Amy hopped up and down with excitement at the sight of the snow covered square. Her blue eyes sparkled, and she shook Mike’s hand. “Daddy, daddy, look. It’s snowing! It’s snowing!”

“En, it really is snow, and look, there’s even a dragon.” Mike nodded, his attention more drawn to the frozen dragon that was slowly beating a set of wingspan that was more than twenty metres across. Brilliant white scales covered the hefty body of a western style dragon, its large wings looked almost too small to support itself. White fog surrounded it, the snow seemed to avoided the dragon’s body. Suddenly, a pair of ice blue eyes shot open and glared at Klaus.

There were many scenes of dragons being slayed within Michael Alex’s memories. Often, it was memories unbelievably big swords swiftly cutting off dragon’s head sending sprays of red blood into the air. These memories did not scare Mike, in fact, it was kind of… exciting.

The warrior’s blood hidden within the depths of this body seemed to surge up at the sight of the dragon.

“My hand can only hold kitchen knives now, who knew when I could actually hold a sword properly.” Mike clenched his fists. Though he did not actually experience blood lust, he had been a bit of a thrill seeker in his past life. Base jumping was his extreme sport of choice, he’d also done things like handstands in Trolltunga, Norway for example, and taken the Grand Canyon Swing Ride in the middle of an 80 km/h wind. If he could one day leap into the air and chop off a dragon’s head, what kind of thrill that would be.


“Quick look, it’s a dragon! It’s huge 20 meters ice dragon!” other people soon noticed the Frost Dragon in the air, and cried out in alarm. Fear was obvious on their faces.

“Even a Level 8 wizard can’t just simply conjure up an ice dragon. This dark cloth wizard had to be at least a Level 9 wizard, perhaps even a Level 10!” a little old man exclaimed, clearly he had some understanding of wizards and magic in general.

“A dragon? So this is a dragon.” Abbé Mia stood next to Mike, mouth open as she stared up at the Frost Dragon floating in the sky. This was the first time she actually laid eyes on a dragon. Though dragons sometimes do visited Chaos City, she never really had time to leave the kitchen where she worked like slave. When she was very young, her mother had once described her father.

However, it was only a few words in the middle of a cold night. An imposing man dressed gold armour who could turn into a hundred meter long dragon who would take her anywhere she wished to go.

However, once her mother had finished speaking, tears rolled down her face. Abbé Mia never asked her anything about dragons or her father any more.

“There’s a giant lizard in the snow! But how could lizards fly?” Amy looked suspiciously at the majestic dragon floating in the midst of the swirling snow.

“That’s a dragon, Amy. It’s a Frost Dragon.” Mike said with a smile, Amy had never seen a dragon in her life. But a dragon really did looked like a large lizard with wings after all.

“A dragon?” Amy’s eyes brightened, she stood on her tip toes, but since there were quite a few customers already gathered around to look, she could barely see anything past their much taller figures. Finally, she held up her hands, and said in a rather soft and spoiled tone, “Daddy dearest, pick Amy up, up high to see the dragon.”

Mike looked at the pouting little lips, and could feel his heart melt into a puddle. Forget about chopping off a dragon’s head, with such a lovely adorable little daughter by his side who cares about a dragon in the sky?

“Alright, daddy will pick you up.” Mike smiled, and squatted down to pick Amy up. After eating [Yang Zhou Fried Rice] and [Juicy Burger] regularly these few days, his body constitution had improved quite a bit. Though he was still weaker than a normal man, it was still better than the previous 1.5 health status of a cripple. Still, he had some trouble holding Amy up high.

Amy’s little body felt very soft and flexible, she also smelled really nice, like the cherry blossom shower gel they have in the bathroom.

“Daddy dearest is the best.” Amy wrapped her hands around Mike’s neck, and pecked him loudly on his cheek. Her little face was quite cheerful as she turned to get a better look at the Frost Dragon, then at Klaus who was standing quite a bit away. With some concern, she said, “If Grandpa Tortoise made the dragon, would Halfsies Beard Old Man be able to beat it? Daddy, should we make them stop?”

“That’s alright, they are more or less at the same level.” Mike said with a smile. Klaus was a splendid wizard with a powerful reputation against dragons. He should have no problem dealing with a conjured dragon. Moreover, these two were old rivals, if one of them actually fell at the first move, they’d be unworthy to be called rivals.

Though she had been the one to egg them on earlier, she was quite unexpectedly worried about their safety. Though it looked like his little brat liked excitement, her heart was in the right place. It really gratified him to have such a wonderful daughter.

“Boss Mike, just what is going on? Why has Klaus and that wizard got into a fight?” Plutoer turned curious eyes at Mike.

Nearby customers who heard this also tuned in their ears for Mike’s answer. It was rare for such a big row to happen within Chaos City. Even if the Grey Temple people were to show up, all they could only stand aside and maintain crowd order.

Moreover, these two got into a fight immediately after leaving the restaurant, just what had happened there?

“They got into a quarrel over whether [Sweet Beancurd] or [Savoury Beancurd] is more delicious,” explained Amy solemnly to the crowd of spectators.

“[Beancurds]?” everyone grew even more curious. Surely there was no such dish in the restaurant menu, ba? Moreover, to fight over savoury vs sweet dish? Surely grandmaster wizards like them wouldn’t be so petty, ba?

“Dragon!” the door next to them crashed open, Moby the Blacksmith rushed out with a yell. A freezing wind blew past him, causing him to shiver. He squinted at the white dragon, which was still lazily flapping its wings in the sky.






Translated and edited by Gumihou from kitchennovel dot com.


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