Daddy Fantasy World – Chapter 0127

Chapter 127 – You’re Dead

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“Apologies, we haven’t started selling the new product yet. The tasting samples were all gone too. However, we will start selling [Beancurds] during tonight’s dinner service.” Mike said with a smile, he will need some time to soak the soybeans.

“Is that so, ah. Then, I have no choice but to come over tonight to try it.” Plutoer looked a little disappointed, however, he was already familiar with Mike’s personality by now. There was no chance of changing his mind once it was all made up.

The other customers also secretly promised themselves to come over and line up at the restaurant for the dinner service. They must try this new product.

“Daddy dearest, look! The dragon is moving!” while the adults gossiped idly, Amy’s excited voice pierced through their mutterings.

Julian had gone five steps forward, the swirling, delicate looking snow suddenly turned into a snowstorm.

In contrast, the courtyard that Klaus had made his stand on was completely dry. Howling winds that blew his way automatically parted around him, as though it had struck an invisible wall. In fact, a couple of meters around him was perfectly calm and unmoving, clearly protected by a magic shield.

A ball of fire blazed on top of his staff, the fire looked especially red and fierce. However, the strength of the blizzard was so strong that the molten fire actually looked like a warm eye in the middle of a white storm.

The Frost Dragon had finally completely solidified, its wings started to flap, the blizzard grew stronger, three small tornadoes appeared beneath the floating dragon. At each flap, the tornadoes spun faster and grew larger.

“Julian, it’s been over ten years, but it looks like you haven’t improved much.” Klaus was looking up at the Frost Dragon, not at all in a hurry to do anything.

“As for you, you have grown older.” Julian retorted sarcastically, he waved his magic staff and shouted, “[Savoury Beancurd] defines the true meaning of deliciousness, your [Sweet Beancurd] is a blasphemous existence against nature, die, ba!”

The dragon opened its mouth wide and 3 needle sharp ice spears formed in front of its mouth. With a roar the three spears flew out, splitting into 9 spears, then 15, a blink later 27 half a meter long spears flew like a cloud of arrows towards Klaus.

“You [Savoury Beancurd] eating bastard, this old man will show you error of your ways!” Klaus expression grew stern, he lifted his flaming magic staff and a huge fireball about a diameter wide appear. It flew up to meet the incoming 27 ice spears in an ear shattering explosion. All of the ice spears broke into a thousand pieces upon contact, half of it actually vaporized out of existence, whereas the rest fell onto the ground in icy pieces.

When the crowd heard this, they finally believed Mike. These two old guys really did got into a fight over [Beancurds].

“Wah, that Halfsies Beard Old Man really is good at fireballs. It’s so awesome, it could even explode!” Amy’s eyes were wide, excitement sparkled in her blue eyes.

“Does Amy want to learn it?” Mike asked Amy with a little smile, the authority to choose was in his hands, he will choose the person that Amy like best.

“Want, ah.” Amy nodded, anticipation in her eyes, but then she looked up at the white dragon and hesitated, “but, the dragon made by Tortoise Grandpa is really awesome too. If Amy can make a dragon then, wouldn’t Amy be able to fly on a dragon?”

“You want to learn that, too?” Mike smiled questioningly, when it came to refined and complex magic, Julian’s ice magic seemed more fun compared to Klaus’ crude fireballs. It’s flexibility and infinite possibilities would definitely attract the interest of little children.”

“That, too.” Amy nodded earnestly after some deep thinking.

“Is that so…” Mike looked forward, not really seeing the battling pair, as he considered this. He really hadn’t expect Amy to want to learn both branches of magic, this could be a problem.

Klaus, who had destroyed the ice spears, did not wait for the dragon to attack again. He looked at Julian who stood about a hundred meters away and sneered, “Even a real dragon can’t defeat me, how can your fake dragon even imagine itself to be my opponent. Let’s settle all scores today, old and new, ba!”

He had just finished speaking when a curious, silver runes materialized in a circular pattern under his feet. In a flash, he suddenly flew forward at Julian.

“Humph!” Julian also did not looked worried, he swung the magic staff in his hand and one after another thick ice walls appeared in front of him.


A crackling sound, and the first ice wall shattered under the Klaus’ magic staff. Tiny ice crystals flew into the air in a shower of sparkles. Klaus body became an after image in the eyes of the people watching as he shattered the thick walls of ice like brittle glass.

Through the entire process of destruction, he did not even use a single spark of magic. In the hand of Klaus, the magic staff might as well be a regular stick. As he continued to smash things around, the impression he gave off was that of a powerful knight, and not a mage.

“At this rate, just who will win?” someone asked excitedly.

“I think the winner should be the black robed wizard, ba. That’s a Frost Dragon, to be able to call out such a legendary existence, his power is just too scary!”

“I feel that Master Klaus will be the winner. He’s the consecrated wizard of the Lost empire after all, you can’t look down on his strength.”

The moment this question was put out, the customers in front of the restaurant started a lively debate on the subject.

“Master Klaus, you must win! For the Sweet Faction!” Abbe Mia gripped her hands together, praying earnestly in her heart.

Though seeing the Frost Dragon was like catching a glimpse of a long lost relative, when it came to [Beancurds], there was no way she was going to compromise no matter what.

“This should be the so-called combat mage, ba?” Mike raised his eyebrows, he looked at the amazing scene before him with some shock. That kind of speed and strength was just too explosive, one could even call him a magic knight.

“Wow, Halfsies Old Man is really strong, daddy, I want to learn this!” Amy was staring at the scene with her mouth wide open.

“En?” Julian’s ear twitched, his face grew colder at this remark. In a flash he flicked his staff at Klaus, the floating Frost Dragon flapped its wings once and shot down from the air, its jaws opened wide, ready to take a bite out of Klaus.

“You could die from just that one bite, ba!”

Someone whispered, a few more cowardly people closed their eyes, not daring to look.

“You’re dead.” Klaus looked at the fierce incoming dragon without a shred of fear, he took a step forward, and then leapt three meters into the air. The magic staff spun twice in his hands, then smashed forward with neck breaking speed towards the dragon’s head.


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