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Higher Level Wife – 230.1 – Reminder (Part 1)

Chapter 230: Reminder (Part 1)

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug


Madam Jiang gasped, [a] “What are you trying to say? Wanying comes from a noble family and while she may be a little proud, how could you say that she would intentionally plot against others?”

Madam Fang sneered, “Of course, you would defend her as her aunt. Do you think that I do not know what she is truly like? I have never said anything thus far, because I was generous enough to leave her a bit of face. After all, she had been neglected by Fengju. I had hoped that she would reflect upon her behaviour and think about why she was not favoured. Who knew she not only did not reflect but became even more arrogant these days?

As her aunt, you should have knocked her down the moment she behaved too inappropriately. Back when everyone at the estate was worrying anxiously over Prince Rong’s matter, she had the audacity to dress in bright colours every day, spilling joy and laughter indiscriminately. This lack of sensibility is too much. No matter how resentful she may have felt about being neglected, she should not have lost her head like that. You of all people should know how Prince Rong’s matter is related to our entire extended family, right?”

Madam Jiang [a] frowned, “No matter the reason, you should not just assume that Wanying is in the wrong. You may call me biased as you like, but you also have to admit that the estate runs perfectly now thanks to Wanying.”

Madam Fang gave a neutral smile and said, “I am merely giving you a little reminder. Naturally, you may take care of the matter as you see fit. At any rate, it has been snowing heavily these days and I have not had the chance to visit your courtyard. It is only right for me to come for a proper visit. Go and fetch my snow coat, Ruan Xiang. I will wait for you at Elder Madam’s place.”

Only then did Madam Jiang notice that they were in front of her courtyard. She nodded and said, “Yes, it has been a while since we last had a good talk. Come in and have a seat.” As she stepped inside, she asked the maid beside her, “Did the Old Master go out today?”

Ling Long, her senior maid, hastily replied, “To answer Elder Madam, Old Master went to the study early this morning. He left a message with us: should Second Master come by to pay respects, we are to send him to Old Master’s study. Second Master may not have returned from court yet, because he has not come by to pay his respects.”

Madam Jiang nodded, “Very well, I understand. When Fengju returns, tell him this. There is no need for him to come to pay his respects. Instead, have him send his greetings to Old Madam Jin first, then to go find his father.”

Ling Long acknowledged the order and went to stand guard outside the door. Nothing else was said.


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Although Prince Rong had narrowly missed the crown prince title, and the future was still uncertain, the Emperor was still quite healthy and robust. Not to mention, the Jin family’s royal favour had not diminished. On top of that, Prince Rong and Princess Consort Jin Yanqiu’s son, their Fourth Son specifically, was praised and rewarded by the Emperor not too long ago.

Even the courtesan who had caused such a great fuss before due to her low status and, more importantly, caused Jin Yanqiu to lose her temper and rush back to her maternal home in a temper, was pardoned from her status as a traitor’s daughter. It was ‘discovered’ that her father had been implicated in the past, and all was fine now that the truth was revealed. Later, after giving birth to a son, the courtesan’s status was elevated from lesser concubine to proper concubine.

In short, everything appears to be progressing positively for the Jing Dukedom. Therefore, this year’s New Year is expected to be exceptionally lively.

After a long day of being part of Old Madam Jin’s laugh track and listening to ancient women’s idea of ‘clever jokes’, Fu Qiuning was more than ready to leave. However, she found no respite even after returning to Elegant Mansion. How could she when she was being followed by a nosy Jin Fengju? With him around, she could not avoid staying up for New Year’s Eve. As the children ran around the courtyard with their lanterns, she sat in silence, exhausted and tense.

Jin Fengju couldn’t help but sigh and said, “I truly am getting old. I cannot match those few children in terms of energy.”

“If the Young Marquis is tired, you should go and rest,” said Fu Qiuning.

Jin Fengju laughed, “How could I? Despite how happy they are now when they are playing, they will fall asleep in the blink of an eye after returning. Wasn’t it the same last year? If you are tired, just sleep in my arms. When I get tired, I will wake you up. We still have to pay the New Year’s respects early tomorrow, so not sleeping now is not an option.”

Fu Qiuning said, “I understand, I will not fall asleep.”

“… Are you thinking of visiting your maternal home on the third day? Ah, but you may be expected to bring your mother and Concubine Luo with you. No matter, just say that they have caught a chill and could not go. You visiting them is giving them face already.”

“I see.”

Jin Fengju chuckled, “No matter. Your father and grandfather are like toothless tigers now, their former dominance is long gone. Prince Hong has fallen, and even if they wish to stay loyal to the original alliance, they still have to find a new mountain to lean on. Your sister already revealed their attempts to establish a connection with Prince Lie. Even so, regardless of whether she approaches you with false intentions or is genuinely distressed, not one of them would dare to offend you. You can rest assured. I will accompany you that day, and say whatever needs to be said, I shall speak to them and make them understand the stakes in this matter.”

Fu Qiuning looked at the man beside her, his chest puffed up with pride as he delivered his lines. She sat up straighter as the children slowly slinked closer, reluctant to attract their father’s attention.

As expected, when he saw the children, all good humour dropped from Jin Fengju’s face and he told Jian Feng, “Take them to bed. Children should sleep early. Why are they still running wild like this?” Then, he must have felt Fu Qiuning’s eye on him because he coughed and continued, “That is…Tomorrow, we will be opening the ancestral hall and worshipping the ancestors. It is time for Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao to enter the family registry. This is a big event; don’t let them doze off at that time, or else we will completely lose our face in front of our clan relatives.”

Jian Feng smiled and acknowledged the order, herding the children off to bed. Jin Zhenyi looked like he wanted to say something smart, but was forcibly hauled off by his brother and sisters. Meanwhile, Jin Fengju turned to Fu Qiuning, eager to be praised for being such a thoughtful and generous father, only to see her stand up and say, “It’s late, time to sleep.”

He quickly got up and, as he trotted after his beloved wife, the sound of firecrackers could be heard, signalling the coming of the New Year. An overwhelming sense of contentment filled his heart as he chased after his very shy and reserved love.


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The next day, after paying New Year’s respects at Health & Longevity Court, they entered the ancestral hall to worship the ancestors under Old Madam Jin’s guidance. Jin Yu presided over the ceremony for Jin Changfeng and Jin Changjiao to enter the clan registry. They were busy until noon before it was more or less concluded. Due to staying up late the night before to observe the New Year, most people showed signs of weariness that day. Even the carefully prepared lunch by the chefs was barely touched before everyone went back to sleep.

The servants and children could still sneak away to rest during the hustle and bustle, but the masters couldn’t. For three consecutive days, the two older brothers, Jin Yu, Jin Shi, and Jin Luanfeng, who had just hurried back from out of town for the New Year, had to host guests at their own homes. Last year, Fu Qiuning could still find a moment of respite at Night Breeze Pavilion, but this year was different. Old Madam Jin forced her to meet the wives of the various dukes, marquises and earls, but fortunately, Jiang Wanying was there to take the lead and she could just sit back and be part of the background while Jin Fengju’s secondary wife entertained the guests.

On the third day of the New Year, Jin Fengju accompanied Fu Qiuning to her maternal home. King Zhenjiang and his heir were not difficult to deal with. However, since Yu’shi and Luo’shi were no longer at King Zhenjiang’s palace, Fu Qiuning had no reason to interact with them beyond what was necessary. After exchanging a few words and taking lunch, there was no more reason to stay.

Yu’shi and Luo’shi had been worried, fearing that Zhenjiang Palace would force them to return, or worse, make trouble for Fu Qiuning. When they heard that Jin Fengju would accompany her, they were relieved.

When Fu Qiuning returned, she was able to put their mind at ease about their husband’s lack of interest in wanting them back. It was… enlightening to see the two women clasp their hands in prayer and chanting Amitabha over and over again in thanks for the loss of interest.

At least, these two ladies had resigned themselves from seeking a scum man’s attention. That’s right, it was best to live a free life where one does not have to pay attention to other people’s moods.


[Gumihou: The chapter is 3000 words long… it’s been split though]


[a] It makes more sense for Madam Jiang to defend Jiang Wanying



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