Vending Machine – 126 – Reincarnated as a Field

Chapter 126: Reincarnated as a Field


Author: Hirukuma

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Hirukuma: Kikoyu, Kuroyata and Botan are from a different work of min called [I am a Peerless Field] @

It is not necessary to know this story from this novel to understand what’s going on. However, if you’re interested in the story, do take a look.

Gumihou: If anyone’s interested to know Kikoyu’s story, do let me know~~


The words that came out of her mouth were very unbelievable. [1] I speak this seriously as a person who had transmigrated into this other world as a vending machine.

“There was a field in a remote village cultivated by an old woman living alone when suddenly, the soul of a person came down and resided in her field. This person came from another world. However, as a field, they have no way of communicating and was tilled by the old woman every day.”

[1] Wait, what? What?

I am not sure which point I should address first. [1] What?

Isn’t having a soul inhabiting a field too crazy? No, wait, isn’t it similar to a soul inhabiting a vending machine? What’s with this world and people from Japan inhabiting non-sentient things?

Hold on, a Japanese person in this world? Transmigrating into this place under similar circumstances? I should pay attention to what she’s saying and not get lost in my own thoughts.

“One day, the old woman passed away and the field was left alone. Even so, the field managed to make friends. Kuroyata, Botan and Eshigu.”

Eshigu? Isn’t that a rabbit-like creature with ears like sharp blades? [1] Literal blades and not euphemistic good at hearing ‘sharp ears’. [1] Also, why is that last creature just Eshigu and not Wabbit or something?

Hold it, three creatures on a field? Isn’t that the whole plot of a play performed by a theatre group? Am I hearing the original story?

“The days with the animals were very peaceful. Then, one day, a young girl was being chased by humans for some reason and came across the field. The compassionate field pacified the pursuers and rescued the girl.”

In the play, a giant hand grew out from the field and fought with the pursuers… [1] In what way did it ‘pacify’ the humans? Anyway, I thought that such an absurd story must have been dreamt up by someone, but it turned out to be true?

“The field set out on a journey and saved even more people. Finally, it reached the Northern Defence City.”

My mind stuttered at this point. I simply cannot imagine how a ‘field’ could go on a ‘journey’? Maybe it’s inappropriate for me as a vending machine to say this, but, isn’t this kind of story too over the top?

The play had depicted various people who came into contact with the field, but what happened after that?”

“Then, when a fierce battle against the Demon King’s army took place, Hata [2], that is, the field threw itself into the battle

Even though it’s just a field.

I tried to think of a way for a field to move, but the field probably solidified its soil and moved around in a golem-like form. If it’s a high-performance golem, it could be capable of fighting too.

Having somehow repelled the attack, the defensive city obtained momentary peace. But, Hata advanced towards the Demon King’s stronghold, saying that true peace would not come unless they somehow dealt with the Demon King’s army. After a fierce battle with the Demon King’s army, just before losing consciousness, Hata managed to save their companions before finally closing their eyes.

If it were a normal hero instead of Hata, it might have become an inspiring story. But ‘Mister Field’ was the protagonist. Judging from the fact the way this girl referred to the clump of soil in her arms as the ‘Mister Field’s Fragment’, it was most likely that this was what the protagonist had been reduced to after rescuing their friends.

“Mister Field, who protected us… is in the Demon King’s territory. There is a huge wall of soil blocking the only road from the defensive city that leads to the Demon King’s territory, and we cannot go any further. We really wish to meet with Mister Field once again. Therefore, while everyone is gathering information and trying to decide what to do, we remembered something that a member of the Demon King told us.”

Mister Field, Mister Field, Mister Field… looked like even though this ‘Mister Field’ had collapsed, it was still much beloved by everyone.

Even though they were not human, the fact that they were so greatly admired by their companions gave me courage. After all, I too am a non-humanoid existence. I should learn from Mister Field and do my best.

“We heard that the left-arm general of the Demon King’s army is targeting this dungeon. We came here on this information with a desperate hope.”

So, a young child accompanied by two animals went into the dungeon, knowing the danger, and tried to make contact with the general of the King of the Netherworld’s army.

“But, what do you plan to do after meeting the King of the Netherworld?”

“I want to ask if there is a way to enter the Demon King’s territory. If possible, I wish to settle the matters peacefully.”

As she said this, her eyes sharpened. In short, if negotiations were to fail, she would not hesitate to settle things in a non-peaceful way.

“Then, allow me to tell you what the King of the Netherworld is planning within this dungeon and our current situation,” said Director Bear.

Although we already knew what Director Bear was going to say, I listened intently as along with Kikoyu. Kuroyata and Botan were also leaning forward, as though they understood Director Bear’s words.

“And, that’s how it is,” concluded Director Bear.

“I see. It certainly seems as though they would offer to provide us with information in exchange for us killing the dungeon residents,” said Kikoyu calmly.

Director Bear’s claws appear to shine in the darkness.

“Even so, were I to do that, Mister Field would be very angry at me, right? Kuroyata? Botan?”

“Kuack kwacka!”


The animals nodded vigorously. One cannot be sure whether they truly understand human language, but it was certainly a heartwarming scene that inspired trust for the girl.

“Oh, it looks like the sweet potatoes are cooked. Um, Hakkon cannot eat them, right?”

“Too bad.”

The animals were enjoying raw sweet potatoes so much that I was curious to try them, but there was really no way for me to eat them. Well, since provided food, I should offer to take care of the drinks. After all, sweet potatoes tend to make the mouth dry, right? Now, what kind of drinks go well with sweet potatoes? Tea is a reasonable choice, but milk goes well with them too.

“Please go ahead, Director.”

“Thank you for the food.”

Director Bear accepted a sweet potato and splitted it into two. The insides of the sweet potato was golden yellow and so moist that sticky juice actually spills out. The juice looks kind of like syrup. This sweet potato-like thing must be super sweet. I suddenly recalled that time I had an Anno Sweet Potato in my past life.

“Hmm, huff, huff, this is quite delicious. The texture is moist and fluffy and there’s a sweetness that spreads throughout my mouth. It looks good, but tasted even better!”

Ugh, Director Bear’s food report alone was descriptive enough to make me want to eat it too. The vending food and drinks may be tasty, but I have tasted them all before so it doesn’t make me feel much. However, when it comes to unknown food, I can’t help but want to taste it.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. But compared to food grown by Mister Field in his original form this is only a tenth, no… it’s even worse than a tenth…”

“You’re saying it’s ten times better than this… If such food exists, I can understand the rumours of the legendary Field.”

Director Bear must have seen the play, or was this actually a well-known rumour within the Hunter Association? Regardless, he knew something about it.

Even so, saying that this thing is only a tenth as delicious must be an exaggeration. If it was even twice as delicious, I would not be surprised to discover that it was pumped full of addictive drugs or something to make Director Bear react like that.

Goodness, I was supposed to dispense drinks. Well, Japanese tea doesn’t seem to be very popular with the people here yet, so let’s just give them some milk.

Bottles of milk dropped into the dispenser and, via <Telekinesis>, I moved the milk so that it floated in front of Director Bear and Kikoyu.

“Um, something is floating toward us,” said Kikoyu nervously.

“That’s the drink Hakkon made. It’s floating thanks to his Gift of <Telekinesis>.”

Kikoyu poked at the floating bottle of milk for a bit before grabbing it.

“This is how you open the lid,” Director Bear liked bottled milk quite a lot and was now really good at opening them.

Kikoyu struggled a bit but managed to open the bottle on her own. “Wow, it’s cold and delicious! Hakkon can provide drinks too!”

“That’s not all. He’s a reliable person who can provide food and various other items.”

Director Bear is praising me too much. Kikoyu is still holding the milk bottle and looking at me with shining eyes. She seems to be even more impressed than I imagined.

“Mister Field could make anything with vegetables. Hakkon is similar, after all.”

It looks like an innocent child’s smile at first glance, but I don’t think it’s my imagination that there’s something lonely about it.

Oh, right. There was something I wanted to ask Kikoyu.

“A-nothe-r w-orl-d”



“Are you asking me if I also reincarnated into another world?”


“I heard from Hyurumi that the soul inside Hakkon came from another world,” explained Director Bear.

Kikoyu’s eyes sparkle as she looks at me.

I wonder what kind of reaction this is. She seems happy.

“Maybe it’s even from the same hometown as Mister Field! He’ll be so happy to know he has a friend,” said Kikoyu with a beaming smile. The cuteness of animals and young children is universally heartwarming.

“If I reunite with Mister Field would you like to meet with him?”


I would even ask to meet with that person myself. Just by being Japanese, we’ll have lots to talk about. Having shared this strange reincarnation experience, we would have even more common between ourselves.

“And one other thing, may I join you in exploring this Labyrinth? I have been wondering around this place for a month, and have filled about a third of the map. While I may be weak, Kuroyata and Botan are a great help. May I impose on your help?” Kikoyu bobbed her head energetically.

Kuroyata and Botan also bobbed their heads next to her.

Neither I nor Director Bear had any intention of abandoning the girl, even if she turned out to be a hindrance. Still, it would be great to add two more fighting companions into our party.

There was no reason to refuse them at this point.


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