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Tondemo Skill – 413 – Getting (Forced) into Battle After All This Time

Chapter 413: Getting (Forced) into Battle After All This Time


Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: Well, two scenes deleted and… a battle scene.


“Thank you for your care!”

“No, no, thank you for the information, haha.”

“We’re literally saved by your party. Thank you so very much. We shall be in the city for the time being. Just leave a message at the Adventurer’s Guild and we’ll meet up,” said Alek-san to the nods from the rest of the [Pentagram] party.

“Right, see you soon!”

I waved goodbye to the Pentagram members.

We had all spent the night at the safe area after dinner.

The next morning, I had asked Fer for the most efficient directions to the stairs going to the upper floors so that [Pentagram] could leave this place safely.

According to Alek, there were only two parties on this floor before we arrived.


The other party consisted of [8a] seven people, with two S Rankers and five A Rankers. One of the members, probably an A Ranker, had had their arm torn off and had been sent to make their way back to the surface alone.

“Um, wait, just one person?”

The rest of the team members intended to explore the deepest parts of the dungeon and did not want to waste time sending one guy up. Word has it that they managed to reach the 37th floor.

“So, we ran into the injured guy and he told us a few things, you want to hear it?”

“Oh, oh yes, of course,”

The 34th Floor, the floor after this one, contained Ogres. Moreover, coloured special individuals such as Blue Ogre and Red Ogre as well as high-ranking Ogre Kings.

35th Floor has the same types of monsters, but there were more of them.

More importantly, the Ogres there were even more ferocious, have an acute sense of smell and are very good at tracking down Adventurers.

““Hm, ferocious Ogre Kings, eh…””

I ignored Fer’s telepathic mwahahaha!

“Ahem, you got this from the, ah, injured Adventurer?”

“Oh yes, an Ogre took off his arm and ate it. It sounds like Ogres has a taste for human flesh…”


“… …”

Well, at least my familiars were all cheering at the prospect of taking down vicious, powerful, man-eating monsters…


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The 33rd Floor’s boss was quickly taken out by Dora-chan while Sui took out the Iron Golems. And, yes, we spent more time collecting Drop Items than battling monsters.

As we descended the stairs to 34th Floor, Fer declared, “If an Ogre King appears, I get to take it out.”

“Okay…” no arguments from me. The other two grumbled a little but I convinced them to let it go.

“Oh, look, Red and Blue Ogres, go get them, Sui! Dora-chan!”

Luckily, my little familiars were soon occupied dispensing carnage all over the place.


“Hey! Wh-why did it look like all the Ogres are gunning for me specifically?!”

I was horrified.

Mu, Ogres like human flesh, didn’t they tell you this earlier?”

“”Woah, considering how rare it is to see a human down here, they must be starving,”” Dora-chan snickered. [5a]

“”Aruji~ Sui will protect you~~””

“A-ah, Sui-tan is still the best.” I grabbed Sui and fiercely squished her cool squishy body against my chest. What? I look like a pathetic grown man with a stuffed toy? So what? It’s perfectly normal to be frightened under such circumstances, you know?!

Sui really did her best to keep me safe. As soon as any horrible Ogre broke through Fer and Dora-chan’s defences, she would destroy them immediately. If you must know Ogre Drops were things like Skin and Magic Stones. Although, I have to say that Ogre hide is kind of grotesque looking.

We also found a treasure chest in one of the rooms, so the trip was not a complete waste of time. The box was equipped with a poison-tipped arrow, by the way. Inside the box, we found a medium size diamond, earrings and a bracelet set with small but various kinds of stones. Quite a typical result from a dungeon famed for jewels and precious metals.

We arrived at the Boss Room to find it defended by Red, Blue and Green Ogres.

It was actually a little difficult to judge the strength of these Ogres since Sui took them down so easily with just a few strategically applied Acid Bullets.

Onwards to the 35th Floor, where even more Ogres await us.

Indeed, as soon as we stepped off the stairs, Ogres immediately came running toward us. As quickly as they turned up, they were taken down. Even so, our progress was significantly slower than usual since there were a lot of them.

“Why are there so many…”

“Humph, no matter how many weaklings turn up, they are still weaklings. Only Ogre Kings are a bit of a challenge, but it still hasn’t appeared yet.” [5b] [5b]

“W-well, if you could help Sui and Dora-chan take care of these…”

Mu, fine,” Claw Slash attack formed at the end of Fer’s paw and was launched almost lazily at the horde.

“”Mwahaha! Ice Pillars!””

Stab! Stab! Stab!

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Meanwhile, I stay in the middle of the triangle of attacks, being useless as usual. Which is perfectly fine for me, thank you very much!

Once the horde was wiped out there was nothing left but a pile of loot, since we’re the only ones here, it was our duty to collect them.

Our progress was pretty much the same as before, just with more Ogres throwing themselves our way. Which meant we have to stop and pick up things… anyway, we eventually made our way to the Boss Room.

A peek inside revealed a bunch of Ogres, as expected.

In the middle of the horde was an Ogre with normal colour skin. Unfortunately, he was also twice as big as the ones around him…

“Is that…”

“Finally, an Ogre King! Leave it to me!”

Wow, Fer looked really pumped up.

“”Sheesh, well, I guess Sui and I will take care of the rest…”

“”Sui will defeat all the bad monsters~””

“Yes, yes,”

Just as we were about to step into the Boss Room, Fer suddenly stopped.

“Come to think of it, you haven’t fought a single monster as yet, have you?”

“Eh? Well…”

“I see, then you shall fight here.”


“Dora, Sui, leave one Ogre for this guy. An ordinary non-special individual.”

“”Sure thing!””

“”Hmm… Sui doesn’t understand, but okay~!””

“Good, let’s go.”

“Wait? One for me, what do you mean? Don’t decide things by yourselves!”

I was protesting loudly, but no one was listening.

They had all rushed into the Boss Room, and I, like an idiot, rushed in after them.

Rows and rows of Ogres with vicious faces were glaring at us. Some opened their big, tusked mouths to roar.



Ugh, the thought of having to fight one of them filled me with dread. Especially since they were all looking at me with covetous eyes and drooling mouths.


Weapon! I need my weapon!

I quickly seized my Mithril Spear from the [Item Box] and took a defensive position.

While I was doing all of this, Fer had already launched his attack on the Ogre King. Attack was the right word since all it took was one Thunder attack and the game was over.

A blacken and crispy Ogre King stood in place, swaying slightly before gradually falling like a downed tree.

Sui and Dora-chan were launching their own attacks on the Ogres. Most of the Ogres here were either Red, Blue or Green type.

There were no ‘normal’ Ogres.

Hey, maybe I don’t have to fight at all!

Just as the thought occurred to me, a telepathic message from Dora-chan came to me. ““Oi, we found one regular one for you!””

“”It’s coming to Aruji~!””


The ugly looking Ogre was thundering towards me, drool splattering and eyes gleaming with greed.


The Ogre came over and I struggled to back away, only to trip and fell on my backside. Luckily that took me just out of the Ogre’s striking zone and I quickly rolled away.

“This bastard…”

“Guoo!!! Guooo-”

The Ogre suddenly stopped moving.

I looked up cautiously.

My spear, which I had raised up instinctively to protect myself, had pierced the Ogre in the chest. Its own momentum had forced the blade into its body.


The Ogre tumbled to the side with a muffled thud, and disappeared.

“Haahhh, hahhh…”

“What a clumsy way of fighting, weren’t you a little bit more efficient in the previous dungeons?” was Fer’s comment.

Grrr… It’s been a while since I had actually battled you know? Moreover, these Ogres are really scary looking!

“”Eh, it’s not like I have much expectation for this guy’s fighting power,”” said Dora-chan.

Is that your idea of defending me?

“”It’s okay for Aruji to be weak~ Sui will protect you~~””

That’s… kind of sweet and terrible at the same time.

I am… very weak.


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[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now

[a] An entire dialogue that was.. a repeat of [8] [b] Deleted exta reiteration, mentions and dialogues of ‘can someone take care of this horde of Ogres’. Over 200 words =_=

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Wait, what? Much confusion, two parties > 1 party returned to ground level > the rest of the members explore lower… wait, that’s not right? > Arms taken off, okay, and? S Rankers? A Rankers?

Gumihou: …right, let’s rearrange the information in a way that makes sense, yeah? The information appears unimportant, merely a vehicle to deliver ‘information re monsters on lower floors’

[a] Continuity issue – in the later chapters, the party of 6 with one injured member leaving for the surface turned out to be… a party of 6?? Change the ‘6 people party’ to ‘7 people party’ has a new Membership System!!

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      So true he also needs to and to stop comparing himself to his familiars. If he’s going to compare himself to people he should pick legendary creatures but should pick adventures around his lv

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