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Tondemo Skill – 386 – That Blush… Something’s Going On?

Chapter 386: That Blush…

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou


Chapter + filler episode


The next day, everyone got started on the refilling work early in the morning.

I helped out too, since we need to meet the deadline tomorrow. [5] If we work hard now, we could take a small break in the afternoon.

Also, I intended to speak to everyone over lunch today.

Today’s lunch was Beef Katsu Sandwiches, made from the cutlets I had been frying all day yesterday.

It was very easy to make Katsu Sandwiches and they were very popular with children and Sui. To make the sandwich, first spread butter and mustard on lightly baked bread, then, firmly press the cutlet between the bread.

[6] Finally, slice the sandwiches into halves.

Simple, right?

However, just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it is any less delicious than a complicated stew. Personally, I still think that a Beef Katsu Sandwich is best made with finely sliced cabbage or lettuce.

Lotte-chan was beaming over her sandwich, [3] “Delicious!

The others were grinning around their plump cheeks too. [5] [5]

[6] “It’s incredibly good.”

[6] “Yummy~”

[6] “Delish~~”


As for my familiars…

“Oi, seconds.”

“”Me too!””

“”Sui wants another one ~~””

Wow, that was quick. Aren’t you eating too fast? [5]

I pulled another large plate piled high with sandwiches and watched as my familiars devoured the food.

“Haah… it’s so great to eat such delicious food in the afternoon, ” [3] sighed Irvine. [5]

“Working as an Adventurer usually means barely any time to eat during the middle of the day…” said Irvine.

The other former Adventurers nodded fervently.

[4] “Hm? Really? Our party have three meals a day very regularly. I mean, I missed providing lunch once or twice but Fer and the rest would whine about it all day so I try not to do so,”

“While in the middle of a quest, food is whatever we carry around on our person. When it came to escort missions that lasted a long time… well, those are the worst…” [3] said Bartel with a frown.

“Field rations taste bad…” said Peter quietly.

The rest of the former Adventurers nodded sombrely.

Well, I do know that the existence of field rations, they were largely unrelated to me since I have both [Net Super] [6] and an unlimited capacity [Item Box]. 

I heard that the field rations here were made by drying and baking wheat to make something high energy and long-lasting, making it an indispensable energy source for travellers and Adventurers.

Unfortunately, whoever made it did not take flavour into consideration…

“One thing I hate about rations is that it sucks out all the water in your mouth,” said Irvine with a bitter, yet oddly nostalgic expression.

“Irvine you idiot, why bring up rations while we’re eating delicious food!?” [5] [3] Tabasa smacked Irvine in the back of the head.

“Ow! What’s that for?! [8] I’m just reminiscing over how bad ration food is with Mukouda-san. Right? Mukouda-san?” [5b]


“Well, I do know that field rations exist, but…” I cleared my throat a little embarrassedly. “I never had the opportunity to experience it…”

The former Adventurers were all staring at me.

“Also, rations already have the reputation of being… not tasty. The reason Fer followed me was because of delicious food, so…

All eyes turned to stare at Fer, who was currently licking his plate. “Mmm, this is pretty good. Hm? What are you all looking at?”

“N-nothing, Fer-sama.”

“Please continue to enjoy your food, Fer-sama!”

[6] Tabasa placed a hand on my shoulder, “It must have been hard for Mukouda-san.”

“Eh? Well, I guess?”

“Oi, seconds!”

“Yes, yes, coming~” I said, moving to refill Fer’s bowl, completely missing the look of sympathy on some of my servants’ faces.



Please read this at kitchennovel dot com ~



“Mukouda-san, the work is done,” [7] said Aiya.

“Ooh, it’s done? Thank you for your hard work”

I followed her to the basement and saw neatly stacked and labelled crates of Divine Medicine, Hair Power tonic and its accompanying shampoo as well as regular soap, shampoo, and hair treatment in several different grades and scents.

Right, that should be enough for tomorrow’s delivery. [5]

[8] Now that the packing (or repacking) job is done, I had everyone come to the living room. I had promised to reward everyone for the rushed job and I intended to give them something even though Alban and the rest insisted that there was no need.

“Once again, good job on completing the orders everyone. As promised, everyone will get a reward for a job well done!” [7] I said through a smattering of awed whisperings.

As half-expected, unrestrained Lotte-chan was the first to react.

“Here, here, here! Lotte wants sweet things! Sweet things!”

Her parents, Alban and Teresa, were wearing forced smiles on their faces [6] while her siblings tried their best to hush her.

[6] However, I really don’t mind Lotte’s enthusiasm. Compared to a certain goddess, this is cute!

“Sweet things, eh? Hold on a minute.” [5] I opened up [Net Super] and considered my options.

Well, when it comes to sweet things, candies are always a good option. I could get something like candy drops which are long-lasting and comes in a variety.

Let’s see… wow, they still have these really old and long-selling sweets on the menu. Feeling a little nostalgic, I put a tin [9] of the hard candy drops into the cart and immediately checked it out.

“Lotte-chan, put your hand out.”

[6] Lotte excitedly put her little hands out.

I dropped a single candy into her tiny palm.

“Uwaaah!!! It’s so pretty~”

“Well, put it into your mouth, but don’t bite it.”

Lotte-chan immediately popped the candy into her mouth. [3] She squirmed with happiness, “It’s so sweet and yummy~~”

“There are lots more in this can. Different coloured candy tasted like different fruits, but make sure not to overeat, okay?”

[6] “Okay~~” Lotte-chan skipped away with her tin of candy rattling with every step.

Alright, who’s next? [5]

Celia was squirming in place, so I picked her, “Is there anything you want, Celia-chan?”

“Um, that is… wait a minute,” [6] she suddenly ran out of the room. In less than 10 seconds, we heard her footsteps come clattering back in. In her hands was the notebook I had given nearly everyone before leaving for Rosendal.

“This one, I want… this!”

“A notebook? You’ve filled up the pages?”

Celia quickly handed me the book, [6] as though I had just asked for evidence.

Well, I took it and flipped through the pages. Words and letters were tightly packed on each page, well into the margins in fact. Somehow, there was a feeling of great accomplishment seeing a notebook so well used.

“Oh my, you’ve studied hard, haven’t you.”

Celia blushed a little.

“Um, I- I want the same thing too!”

“Me! I- I want that as well!”

Lotte’s older brothers jumped in to say. Well, looks like they really liked studying. I have no reason to discourage this kind of good behaviour.

“Very well, a set of stationeries for the three of you!”

I included pencils, erasers as well as extra notepads. [5] [6]Study hard and be useful adults in the future!

Just before I checked out, Costi-kun chimed from the back, [3] “I- I want more stationeries too…”

“I as well,”

[8] My, I can understand Costi and the rest of the children wanting stationeries, but, “Peter? You too?” [5]

Peter nodded shyly, “I like studying, it’s fun to learn about new things.”

Right, that’s… hmm, 5 sets of stationeries. Study hard, everyone!

“That’s the children taken care of, what about the parents? Is there anything you’d like?”

[5] The parents still appeared a little reluctant, but I persisted and finally got them to ask for something.

Toni wanted a good axe for cutting down large trees; Aiya, a large frying pan; Alban, a hoe to plough the fields with and Teresa… a large pot. [5d]

[6] These were all work-related things, so I gladly provided them, even though I would not have minded if they had asked for something that would benefit them personally.

I looked through [Net Super] and bought a nice, deep, [9] fluorinated pan for Aiya. The pan is easy to maintain, non-stick, and is both anti-scorching and anti-corrosion. I got a deep stainless steel pot for Teresa that looks very durable.

Since the gardening category of [Net Super] was not particularly wide, there’s only one type of axe and one type of hoe for sale. However, both looked pretty alright to me, so I clicked on them too.

When the items arrived, everyone looked pretty happy with them.

Finally, there were only four people left. [5]

“Liquor! That strong one from before!” [3] roared Bartel.


“Beer too!

You guys… [5e]

“What about you, Tabasa?”

“Hmm… shampoo and hair treatment…”

Oh? How unexpected. [8] No, I remember that she already knew about the soaps and shampoo when I first talked about them to my slaves. Looks like women all like to look and smell nice regardless of their temperament. [5] [5]

The beer and whiskey were both quickly purchased, I’m very familiar with this page now. As for Tabasa’s shampoo and hair treatment… I decided to go with a shampoo and treatment set that works for dry and frizzy hair. Tabasa has a lot of hair, so going for something stronger would provide more visible results. The scent is more fruity than flowery.

“Pfft, looks like sister is becoming more aware of herself-”

“Shh! Shut up!” Luke grabbed Irvine by the mouth and headlocked him. [5f]

“Mpf! Mpf!”

“I know, but you can’t tease her!!” [5f]

[6] I blinked, wow, it’s rare for the twins to restrain themselves like this. I looked at Tabasa, expecting her to look furious.

[6] “… …” well, her face was red, but she was not glaring angrily at the twins but was looking grumpily towards… Peter?

[5] [5]


[Gumihou: … Well, the filler episode is certainly filled with a lot of excess words as well as pointless actions and reactions that led to the ‘twist’]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue 

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information… starting to delete pointless scenes now

[a] Deleted the obvious ‘hint’ why Mukouda is dragged into a conversation

[b] Deleted Mukouda cringing with fear when Fer ‘threatened him’ to keep providing good food.

[c] Deleted scene about Fer asking why the Mukouda did not use Magic Fridge. Because the follow-up is more marinated karaage.

[d] Deleted pointless detail about tools being kind of wonky and breaking down…

[e] Deleted long explanation about why they want beer.

[f] Deleted extended joke about Tabasa’s hair and work out the best way to ‘hint’ at the relationship

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Plausibly drag Mukouda into the conversation.

[9] Most likely Sakuma Drops

A hard candy from Japan made with real fruit juice, has been sold since the Meiji era (1908).

They are best known in the West for their appearance in the anime Grave of Fireflies.

[10] Fluorinated pans – An essential item known as PFC (or other equivalents) non-stick cookware

It’s highly toxic, and cannot be metabolised by humans. 

Way to go poisoning the entire staff, Mukouda-san.

Probably this one:


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  1. Naharr

    Fluorinated pans are not dangerous. You just can’t use metal stuff with them, or you break the fluorinated surface and you can get small pieces of that stuff in your food. They are really sharp. But chemically, the PFS are very stable under normal conditions, fluor has very strong chemical bonds (in most cases). To release that chemical to food, you would need 300°C+, and that’s not the temperatures you can achieve with normal using. But it also depends on manufacturing. In Europe, we are pretty safe, because any cooking appliance has to be tested for food safety.

    1. Gumihou

      I can’t say I’m knowledgeable enough one way or other, but I would not trust my local food safety guidelines.

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    Some people were shipping the MC with Tabasa but looks like she already likes Peter (the giant descendant), I don’t particularly mind, a elf wife is better for the MC because he has his long lifespan thanks to demiurgos and he could easily charm a elf with his delicious food

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