Higher Level Wife – 006 – Young Marquis Paid a Visit

Chapter 6: Young Marquis Paid a Visit


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


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While she was busy disparaging the marquis in her mind, Aunt Yu suddenly cried out. Fu Qiuning looked over with a reflexive smile, “What is it now? Have you accidentally found a gold ingot?”

When Aunt Yu remained standing with a shocked expression, she couldn’t help feeling curious and walked over to see what had surprised this woman so. She found Aunt Yu staring dumbfounded at six or seven opened drawers of a large desk. The drawers were filled with all kinds of papers, two complete sets of the ‘Four Treasures of Study’ [1] as well as exquisitely made inkstones for grinding ink and ink sticks. At the topmost drawer, there were two gold hairpins.

Fu Qiuning only needed a moment of thought and immediately understood: According to the rumours, the previously favoured concubine (now dead) used to be a famous courtesan [2] with outstanding literary talent. These must be the things she left behind the day she died. After her death, the servants must have packed off every valuable thing in the house aside from the books and stationery in this study

They must have ignored this place since there were no rare books or similar precious things. Still, it showed just how rich the Marquis of Jinxiang was to simply ignore books and stationery which are considered ‘treasures’ to the general public. Whatever, let’s just consider this stationery as a free bargain or compensation for our suffering. As for the two gold hairpins, they should still be worth 20 or 30 silver if we pawned them off.

The more she thought, the happier she became. Wasn’t this a stroke of good luck? Even the corners of her lips started to curl up.

 Yu Jie, seeing her mistress’s good mood, laughed and said, “There’s a saying that goes ‘A Thousand Things is Not as Good as a Relieved Heart’. Now that madam has learned to take things easy, even two little hairpins are enough to make you happy. Madam’s calculative nature is finally slipping out.” 

Fu Qiuning pretended to hit this maid and scolded, “Of course it’s natural to be calculative. Enough with you, I have plenty more to calculate. How can we live in peace in this kind of place without being a little calculative? Just wait until tonight, I’ll settle some scores with you.”

Yu Jie clutched her chest and pretended to be frightened by her mistress’ remark, causing Aunt Yu, Changfeng and Changjiao to giggle.

Outside, the red sun was sinking west. With so many people working together, the study was finally tidied up. Fu Qiuning turned to Yu Jie and said, “Alright, what’s in the kitchen? Let’s cook something first. Surely we can at least eat our fill in noodles, right?”

Yu Jie laughed, “How poor do you think we are? Of course, we eat our fill in noodles. We can even have a small piece of dried meat. Today, I shall serve everyone noodles topped with meat. Dinner will be extra fragrant tonight.”

With that, Yu Jie turned and made her way to the kitchen. Aunt Yu hurried after her with a laugh, “I am poor in talent. However, I can still give Miss some help.”

That left Fu Qiuning alone with Changfeng and Changjiao. Together, they went to the main living room to wait. However, what was there to talk about with two little children? Luckily, Fu Qiuning had plenty of stories she could tell. After all, she had worked with young children in her previous life and none had disliked her. If she could not entertain little children, how could she earn the love and admiration of those little kids?

The two children sat with wide eyes as they hung on her words. They never had such a lovely time in their lives. They recalled the time when those other children boasted about their teachers telling them stories. How envious they had been! This must be what it felt like to have a teacher tell them stories. Happiness and satisfaction filled their little hearts.

Just as the trio was chatting happily together, they heard footsteps coming from the courtyard followed by a light cough. Then, a voice called out, “Is Madam here? The young marquis is here to see you,”

Shocked, Fu Qiuning sat up on the [3] kang bed: Wait, what’s going on? Why is that scum man here? Odd, no one in this courtyard had gone out at all today, so what attracted that wolf here?

Still thinking, she slid down the kang bed. She was about to leave the room when she saw the two little children huddling and shivering together. She lowered her voice and said gently, “Don’t be afraid. No matter what, he’s still your father. He may not like you but he won’t eat you either. So don’t worry.”

It was wrong of her to speak to the children about their father this way. Children were born with the natural desire to want affection from their parents. It was cruel of her to speak this way about their real parent as it could leave a shadow in their hearts. However, this Jin Fengju was simply too disgusting. They had grown up respecting and fearing this scum father from afar. Even if she could ignore her conscience and say: Your father is just busy. He really loves you and intends to treat you well.

Even if heaven doesn’t strike her for her lies, the children would instinctively recognise her words as false, right?

Changfeng and Changjiao had already shown how shrewd and tactful they could be to survive in this viper’s pit. Moreover, little children are especially sensitive to adults’ emotions. If she lied to them now, how could she, as a stepmother, earn their respect and trust?

Therefore, she would not lie to Changfeng and Changjiao. Their father really did not like them. However, she would not deliberately strain father and children’s feelings further by openly disparaging him either. Slowly, she coaxed the two children over and held their hands as the three of them went to greet the young marquis.

Before she pushed past the door, Fu Qiuning adjusted her clothes, smoothed back the children’s hair, and stepped past the carved door.

Under the warm golden rays of the setting sun, a handsome young gentleman, tall, straight and upright with fine jade-like features stood quietly at the bottom of the steps. His hair was simply tied back in a long ponytail with ribbons that cascaded down his back. The line of dark hair drew the eyes to his elegant person and set off his graceful eyebrows and romantic eyes. The white changpao edged with silver embroidery seemed to float with the wind, lending a dashing air to his person. This impression was further emphasised by the finest calfskin boots. The whole effect was grand, noble and ever so slightly wild. [4]

Seeing Fu Qiuning at the door, a trace of smile bloomed across the young marquis’ handsome face. Mockery flashed briefly in those gorgeous eyes.

“This humble one greets the young marquis.”

Fu Qiuning quietly ogled the eye candy while thinking: This little marquis has very good skin, not even Pan An or Song Yu would be this good looking.[5] No wonder the emperor was so pleased and handed the hereditary marquis position to him just like that. Thank goodness he was not born in modern times, otherwise, I do not know how many women would have been harmed. En, if he was born in modern times, maybe he would live as a kept man.

Thought Fu Qiuning mercilessly as she studied this beautiful man before her. That glittering scum was shiny with pasted gold and jade on the outside but stank of rottenness inside, best not to be overly familiar with him.

“Mm.” Jin Fengju made a little sound and stepped forward gracefully. When he reached the top of the stairs, his gaze fell on the two figures clutching at Fu Qiuning’s trousers. A slight crease appeared between his brows. He glanced at the middle-aged person beside him but did not say anything in the end.

Finally, he said in a soft voice, “Let’s go in and sit for a while,”

How rude. I can’t block him even by standing at the door.

Fu Qiuning was very reluctant. However, she also knew she could not stop him. Therefore, she stood to the side and watched as Jin Fengju stepped over the threshold into their living room and planted himself in the main seat.

 “I heard that you hung yourself from a beam this morning?”

As if unwilling to waste words with Fu Qiuning, Jin Fengju opened his mouth and went straight to the point.

Fu Qiuning frowned slightly and did not answer. Instead, she bent down and patted the two children, softly asking: “You know where the kitchen is?” 

When the two children nodded, she smiled encouragingly at them, “Good, very smart, go and look for Aunt Yu and big sister Yu Jie. See if the noodles are done, alright?”

“Yes,” the children dutifully answered. After a timid glance at Jin Fengju, they shivered at his bright gaze and jumped slightly. Still shaking, they quickly stepped out of the room. Fortunately, the threshold was not very tall. Otherwise, they would have tripped over it with their short little legs.


[Gumihou: Oh look, it’s the scum man]


Pill Bug TL Notes


[1] The Four Treasures of Study – Brush, paper, ink stick, ink stone


[2] 花魁 – Google translate this as ‘Oiran’, which is, incidentally, a very expensive and talented prostitute who could sing, dance and debate literature. ‘Courtesan’ would be a closer equivalent in English.

[3] kang bed – is translated as ‘bed’ but could also be considered something like a small day bed placed in the living room as a giant heating pad about 2 meters wide and heated with firewood or coal.


[4] Pill Bug: *gack*

Gumihou: Lol, I want to kick his face too

[5] Pan An, Prince Lanling, Wei Jie, Song Yu, the “Four Most Handsome Men in Ancient China”



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