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Chestnuts and chestnut bur on wooden table.

Little Cooking Saint – 0223 – Chestnut Cake

Chapter 223 Chestnut Cake

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


“Because her surname is Qi,”

[1] A lot of things suddenly made sense.

[1] Qing Chen mentioned that he came from Xuan Chu. For him to go all the way to Western Qin, the reason must have something to do with the Qi Clan.

Though she now understood the circumstances, there was no way she could understand what he must be feeling.

“I am not going to defend what the Qi Clan did. Nonetheless, Qi Chuyun is prepared to atone for her ancestors’ wrongs. Even so, I’m not going to ask you to forgive her since I don’t have the right. Just… don’t make things difficult for yourself,” said Shiyu.

Qing Chen finally stopped walking. His eyes fell on Shiyu as though seeing her for the first time. “My grudge is not against her, however, I cannot stop myself from disliking her. Thank you for not asking me to forgive. If you had said this… it would have made things very difficult for me.”

Shiyu stretched out her hands helplessly, “Well, it’s not like I could truly understand what happened. So I don’t have the right. I can only hope that you two could at least reach some sort of understanding to make the situation more tolerable.”


After this incident, Qi Chuyun disappeared for three days.

She did not even participate in tournaments.

Later, Feng Luo reported that Qi Chuyun had been practising with her bow in the mountains non-stop. Her focus was so intense that it was as though she had been possessed.

No one said anything about this. On her part, Shiyu did her best to help prepare food that would restore Qi Chuyun’s vitality.


Meanwhile, Shiyu had been hearing a lot about that poor, seriously ill girl at Hai’er Alley. [2] It was as though everywhere she turned, she will hear some people talk about this poor sick girl in need of rare medicinal herbs. After a while, she decided to pick some herbs from her space and make some mild medicine for the child.

Since all reports were about how seriously ill the child was, it’s best to use Water Attribute herbs. [2] If she had not heard about the matter, Shiyu would have gotten in life quite nicely. However, now that her attention had been caught, she was too uneasy to rest without doing anything.

One early morning, Shiyu snuck into Hai’er Alley.

The people living here were all mundane commoners. To know where the girl was, all she had to do was follow the scent of medicine in the air.

Shiyu stopped before a perfectly ordinary-looking house. Aside from the extra footprints at the gate and the bitter scent of medicine in the air, there was nothing to distinguish it from the other houses.

Not wanting to attract attention, Shiyu quietly leapt into the yard and found the little girl lying on her sickbed in a room facing west. The little girl looked thin, small and pitiful

This poor child was only nine years old…

Shiyu sighed. She took out a jade bottle of the Spring of Life water and carefully let a drop of the precious water into the child’s mouth. According to Fat Cat, the water could increase vitality. Hopefully, it would help alleviate some of her pain.

As soon as the water disappeared into her lips, the girl’s complexion changed. Her sallow, slightly yellowish skin looked much better.

Shiyu sighed with relief and left a little food box next to the little girl’s pillow before leaving quietly.

Once one has stepped into the ranks of Cultivators, it’s better not to openly interact with ordinary people. Otherwise, whatever good thing you try to bring into their lives will end up attracting trouble instead.

A Cultivator is someone who fights against their fate and pits their will against the heavens. Moreover, they had to struggle against other Cultivators for resources and gained enemies faster than comrades. What if their enemies or rivals decide to take their anger out on weaker people related to her? Isn’t this just asking for trouble?

Moreover, mortals who received the grace of Cultivators often attract the jealous eyes of others. It was rare for the mundane family to not suffer in the end.

This was also why mortals and Cultivators were so distant from each other.


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After Shiyu left, the little girl slowly opened her eyes.

She blinked curiously at the sunlight shining across the ceiling. A little hand crept up to press her chest. The pain which had been a constant companion for so long felt a little less piercing than before.

Father said a lot of people had donated money to buy medicine to treat her sickness. Once her sickness is treated, she will not die.

She suddenly laughed, happy at the thought of getting better soon. The little girl turned to look out the window and saw a small, exquisitely made little food box by her pillow. Curious, she sat up and opened it.

Inside were a few sweet-scented Chestnut Cakes cut in the pattern of a round cat’s head.

Little children could not resist such a cute pattern. The little girl looked left and right, seeing no one around, she took a small bite out of one of the little cakes.

When she swallowed her little mouthful, she could feel warmth spreading through her body, as though she had been submerged in warm water.

She had the feeling that if she ate all the pastry she would get better quickly. She was about to take another bite when the sound of pattering feet distracted her.

“What are you eating!” a little figure rushed in and snatched the box out of her hands.

It was a bratty little boy about seven years old dressed in fairly new clothes.

“It’s mine,” the little girl’s eyes were fixed on the box. She knew that it was meant for her.

“It’s mine now!” the little boy cried and gulped down one of the cakes triumphantly.

“It’s my medicine, you must return it,” she crawled out of bed and tried to reach for the plate.

“Liar! What kind of sickness can be treated with cakes?” the little boy ignored her and rushed out with the food box.

Their quarrel attracted the attention of the adults in the house. When they saw the little girl wobbling on her feet, they gasped with surprise, “Xiao Yun, you… you can walk?”

The little girl finally noticed that she was indeed standing on her own feet. Her eyes fell onto the food box in the boy’s hands, “Mother, that’s mine…”

When the little boy heard this, he stuck out his bottom lip. “It’s mine! I want this!”

The mother sighed and said gently, “Why don’t you indulge your little brother? When you’re much better, mother will buy Tanghulu for you,”

The little girl tried to explain, “I want to eat that good thing,”

This time, a man came over and said, “Our Xiao Yun is the most sensible. So, why don’t you let your brother have it? It’s important to look after your health and not eat sweets.”

The little girl stopped speaking. In the end, she could only watch as her brother gobbled up the special cakes. When the last crumb was swallowed, tears fell from her eyes.


After delivering the cakes containing the essence of precious medicinal herbs, Shiyu [3] came back to the Villa and found out that the Fire Wolves had challenged the Champions. The match was to be held three days later.

The College representatives exchanged slightly nervous looks. The opponents were so much stronger than them even with their rapid growth, what could they achieve in three days after all?

When Shiyu heard the news, her eyes narrowed. She would use this opportunity to give it her all and see if she could create a new dish that could increase everyone’s strength.

The Vermillion Meat worked best when it was first eaten. Later, it seemed to become less and less effective no matter how Shiyu made sure to keep the flavours balanced. Finally, she could only conclude that it was something that grew less effective the more one ate it.

She entered the kitchen with recipes, Beast meat and flavour calculation circling in her mind. Through these three days, she never even left the kitchen.

Therefore, how could she find the time to care about one little girl?


[Gumihou: *Slow claps* brilliant parenting. A plus, nothing bad would ever come out of this. You will never regret spoiling that brat. I hope the little girl dies.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjusted sentences to make things more immediate and relevant. Cut off weird and unnecessary additions. Such as replacing the strike off sentence with the last paragraph from the previous chapter for immediacy.

When Shi Yu heard Qing Chen say this, and then thought of the things the Qi family had done before, a lot of things suddenly made sense.

[2] Gumi is not sure what this scene is here for, will just go with it and see what happens. Also, Shiyu’s motivation for helping is also unclear, aside from ‘can’t leave things alone’.

[3] Added Details for Logistic Purpose: Because ‘After delivering the cakes containing the essence of precious medicinal herbs, Shiyu found out that the Fire Wolves had challenged them to a match three days later.

I dunno about you, but it certainly sounds like Shiyu heard the news after she made her delivery. Which is possible, but for the next paragraph.


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  1. Eh...

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    1. Hamster

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      Shiyu’s siblings with her foster grandfather are much better behaved. I wish the author had mentioned this as being the reason why Shiyu didn’t suspect that the parents and sibling of the sick girl would ignore the spirit of the donators and divert resources away from the sick daughter. This would also let the author develop more of Shiyu’s personality as being carelessly naive. I had been attributing certain plot items to the author’s carelessness rather than Shiyu’s “in character” carelessness.

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    As for the bratty youth taking what he wanted because he can, it reminds me of elementary school in the USA.

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