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Little Cooking Saint – 0173 – Panda Rice Balls (c)

 Chapter 173 Panda Rice Balls (c)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Just who are these people?

One crucial question ran through everyone’s mind.

“Was that person… a Divine Transformation master?” finally, someone found the courage to ask.

Instead of answering, Shiyu threw a question back at them. “Who else wants justice for those two dogs? Step out right now so that I can take care of you in one big sweep. It’s too troublesome to keep having to pinch out bugs that came in batches in the night. So come.”

[1] This statement shook everyone’s heart.

Those who had no idea what was happened a couple of nights ago were shocked. The ones who had sent people in to investigate the Shi Clan now realised what happened to their spies. If it had been just an hour, no a quarter of an hour ago, they would have gotten very angry. Now, however, they were more interested in getting out of this situation with their lives and limbs intact.

A Divine Transformation backer is no joke, even if they did not lose their lives, they would be severely injured from the fight.

[1] Someone said, “Little friend, you sure know how to joke. Haha. How could we dare to accuse anyone without proper proof? There has been some sort of misunderstanding. How could a Divine Transformation Master have anything to do with people of lowly Cultivation stage like those two Deans? It’s shameful to admit it, but we might have been too hasty just now. Since that is the case, we shall take our leave immediately.”

Shiyu narrowed her eyes. The mob looked uneasy. After realising they had provoked someone they should not have touched, all were eager to get out of this place.


[1] “Is the Shi Estate an inn where you can come and go as you like? Are the members of the Shi Clan people whom you can kill at your whim? Now that you realised you’d kicked an iron plate, you want to retreat? Others might fear you, but not I. In fact, unless you compensate me, not a single one of you may walk through that door on your own feet,” Shiyu’s voice was unyielding as she openly threatened them.

Everyone stiffened.

“Little friend, are you really going to fight this till the end?”

“Fight till the end? I have no interest in that. Besides, are you worth the effort?” Now that the advantage was in her hand, Shiyu had no intention of letting them get away without slicing off a chunk of their flesh. Whether it’s in land, precious items or other deals, she must gain something from this mob of people to appease her temper.

When Shiyu did not insist on their deaths or something equally extreme, most of them relaxed a little.

“Then, what sort of compensation do you seek?”

“You may speak to Madam Shi on that matter,” Shiyu tossed the responsibility of squeezing these punks to Madam Shi. She was not sure how to handle formal situations like this or what to negotiate for.

Madam Shi would know better. The Madam did not decline the responsibility, she nodded and was about to speak when a loud crashing noise was heard from outside. While everyone inside was still wondering what had happened, a blood-covered person was thrown into the middle of the room.

[2] The man had clearly been beaten within an inch of his life, his face was barely recognisable. However, the tattered remains of his clothes were enough for them to identify him.

[2] “It’s the elder!”

[2] That’s right, it’s the same elder that had tried to run away from Second Panda Brother just now.

“Humph! Still want to run? Sister Xiao Shi, how should we deal with him?”

“Hand him over to Madam Shi,”

“Alright!” with that, he puffed up under the awed eyes of the people around him as he marched towards his brothers. Both of whom then proceeded to kick and punch him for stealing their thunder.

They want to show off too, ah!

To say that the people were shocked to see the Divine Transformation expert obey the little girl was an understatement. It was one thing to have high Cultivation, it was quite another to have the power to casually move people with higher Cultivation stage than yourself. The expressions on the people’s faces changed again. This little girl’s background is too deep for them to guess who the people backing her might be.

With such a mysterious person was backing the Shi Clan, it was not surprising to see the people scrambling to agree with Madam Shi’s demand.

It helped that, although she has the upper hand over these people, Madam Shi was careful to bleed them just enough to hurt, but not to the point of severing possible future relationships.

Naturally, this has nothing to do with Shiyu or her ‘distant cousins’. Their job was to be the Shi Clan’s muscle. Shiyu’s showy actions up till now were to imprint the understanding that Shi Clan was backed by multiple Divine Transformation Stage experts. This should dissuade others with plans to pillage the Shi Estate.

Once the compensation talks were done, the mob left the Shi Estate with a dejected air. Their air of misery took the onlookers by surprise. Just what had happened at the Shi Estate?


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Once the last of their visitors left, the hall suddenly felt very empty.

Wait, they still have one visitor here. It was that blood covered old man who elected himself as the representative of the mob. Madam Shi harboured more anger against this rabble-rouser and had refused to let the rest of the mob carry him away. She has no intention of letting him off easily.

Before she could do anything drastic, however, three people entered the Hall.

“Madam Shi, please stay your hand,” the foremost person, an old man, called out urgently.

Madam Shi was a little surprised to see the visitors, but she greeted them respectfully enough, “Elder Ding, City Lord Ding.”

The three who came in were the three generations of Ding men, Elder Ding, City Lord Ding and Ding Qi. Ding Qi had left with the crowd earlier but was dragged back to the hall when his father and grandfather spotted him on their way in.

“Madam Shi, this shameless old man has a bold request. Elder Zheng is both impulsive and reckless, however, please overlook the matter just this once!” Elder Ding looked down and bloodied and battered man on the floor and sighed.

“Unfortunately, I fear that letting him go would set a bad precedence. He might suffer from senility and forgot what had happened today. I’d rather prevent future troubles by acting right away,” Madam Shi’s eyes were murderous.

Though she does not usually venture into the realm of politics and fighting, she was not inferior to men in either knowledge or courage.

“This is exactly what this shameless old man hoped to do so. Madam Shi, please do not forget that Patriarch Shi has not yet returned to the estate,” Elder Ding reminded. “Also, this shameless old man heard that in a few days, Elder Zheng would receive a visit from his senior. In short, a Divine Transformation expert with a good relationship with Elder Zheng would be coming to Dawn City soon. If Elder Zheng is found dead, things could become very complicated.”

Shiyu could not help but look up at this. She stepped forward and asked, “Does honourable elder know this expert’s exact Cultivation stage?”

Since this elder came forth with the intention to help the Shi Clan, she spoke to him politely and used humbler words that automatically signalled her position as the junior.

“I do not know,” Elder Ding shook his head. “What I do know is that he has successfully entered the Eighth Realm. Elder Zheng assisted him once a long time ago. If Old Zheng dies here, that person would definitely not let it go. If the person is not dead, there will still be room for negotiation.

Though it is true that with the Great Suppression the strength any Divine Transformation Masters would be similar, I heard that this senior will be bringing a friend with him. A powerful master from the Eastern Empire. I’m afraid the Shi Clan will be the one to suffer a loss if two powerful masters appear.”

“…” is there a discount on Divine Transformation Masters lately? Why are they popping up in twos and threes now?

While everyone was reeling back from the news, Shiyu was pondering over a different issue.

A powerful master from the Eastern Empire?

There aren’t many Divine Transformation Masters in Eastern Empire and it just so happens that she knew most of them…

“Many thanks to Elder Ding for your advice,” Madam Shi said. “I shall consider the matter carefully.”

“Hohoho, I am merely gilding the lily,” Elder Ding knew better than to be too proud of his contribution to the Shi Clan business. [3] There were three mysterious youths in addition to this even more mysterious little girl who could boss them about easily. If one was a Divine Transformation powerhouse, what of the other two? “I’m sure Madam Shi knows what to do. Once this matter is over, time permitting, do visit the City Lord’s Mansion for a chat.”

“Very well, once this incident is over, I shall come over to properly thank you for the advice,” Madam Shi understood that this was the Ding Clan’s way of offering olive branch towards the Shi Clan.

Though the Ding Clan did not come out to defend the Shi Clan at the most critical juncture, they still came to give advice. Moreover, once this incident is over, they would still need the political and social support of more established families.

Having the City Lord’s on their side would not be a loss.


[Gumihou: Social and political shenanigans.]


Gumihou is keeping track so that you don’t have to ~


凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9


[1] Adjust Sentence Style for Dramatic Reason: It’s the verbal confrontation between Shi and Mob, though not quite as explosive as a physical fight, needed to be handled so that it flows right and maintains its double-edged dialogues.

[2] USMiC: Describe the pitiful state of the elder who took the initiative to talk before everyone. He wasn’t even named, the poor sod

[3] USMiC: Added internal contemplation for Elder Ding to add depth to his character as well as summarize the Shi Clan’s strength.


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