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Little Cooking Saint – 0179 – Crystal Pork Shoulder (d)

Chapter 179 Crystal Pork Shoulder (d)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


To think that those two would look so alike…

Regardless of whether they are related or not, these girls would be compared to each other in the future.

Elder Feng, who not expected to even set foot into Dawn City let alone learn such a great secret, did not know what to say.

Finally, he said, “I believe we should keep this matter between ourselves for now. That child has pretty good prospects and I do not wish to overly burden her. As for what happens in the future, that depends on fate.”

Elder Gu waved a careless hand at him, “There’s a powerful master behind that girl, what is there to worry about? Moreover, Miss Tan-Tai will be coming to the Eastern Empire too. All the powerful masters will be heading towards the Imperial Capital soon. After all, the prize is the Thousand Year Old Tea of Enlightenment. Don’t mention the youngsters, even us elders covet that precious thing, ah.”

“If that’s the case, the Imperial Capital will become a gathering place of heroes. I do hope that my family’s child would return in time to join the excitement.”

The two elders strolled around talking about various things and enjoying the sights. By the time they returned to the Zheng Estate, night has fallen.

“I’ve been waiting for you all day. Come, have a drink with me,” after taking the Magic Pill given to him by Elder Gu, Elder Zheng’s health has gotten a lot better. Although he still appeared a little weak, it was nothing like the half-dead corpse from before. He also made no mention of what happened during the day, merely busied himself making arrangements for their little reunion drink.

Elder Gu did not refuse and followed him to the Zheng Estate’s garden.

[1] The garden was large enough to have a little lake of its own. There was also an elegant looking pavilion over the lake. It looked quite picturesque with the large moon floating lazily above the sloping roof. The gentle susurrus of breeze was like whispering invitations to come sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

[1] The table was set with a plate of sliced pickled beef as well as a plate of peanuts.

[1] The three elders sat down together.

[2] The wine was brought in by the servants and Elder Zheng began by pouring drinks for his two esteemed guests.

[2] “To your health!” he exclaimed and drained his cup.

[2] “Your health!” his guests echoed.

Later, when the little party was flushed with wine, Elder Gu took out a jade bottle and handed it to Elder Zheng, “My friend, it’s been many years since our last meeting. I have never forgotten your kindness back then. This pill is something I had obtained at the Eighth Realm. Although it is not something that could directly help you breakthrough into the Divine Transformation Stage, it could still boost your Cultivation.”

[3] Elder Zheng was overjoyed. What was his dearest wish?

[3] Of course, it’s to breakthrough into Divine Transformation Stage, ah!

[3] However, after many years of effort, he was still stuck at the 9th Level of Core Condensation Stage. In fact, he had more or less given up the dream when suddenly, news that the Shi Clan has the Spirit Jade Essence reached his ears and he became determined to obtain it.

“It’s been so many years, to think you still remember it,”

“[4] Return a Drop of Favour with a Spring,” Elder Gu smiled. He leaned forward and said, “I hope you will not blame me for not helping you in today’s matter. It’s not that I do not wish to help you. Even if Brother Feng and I working together, I’m afraid we will still end up helpless. Brother Zheng, listen to my one advice, let bygones be bygones. The power behind Shi Clan is not something you or I could afford to offend.”

[5] This was as far as Elder Gu would go for this old friend. He was unable to help the man gain back his face, but he had compensated this friend with a precious medicine that would assist him in his Cultivation. Hopefully, this old friend of his would be sensible and not pursue the matter anymore. If he did, well, Elder Gu was prepared to wash his hands of the matter.

When Elder Zheng heard Elder Gu’s slightly lecturing tones, he had been prepared to tell his esteemed friend not to take this matter to heart when the final statement shocked him to his core.

Someone they cannot offend?

[5] Someone Brother Gu, a Divine Transformation Master, cannot offend?

[5] Just who is the person behind Shi Clan?!

“In short, it’s better to maintain a harmonious relationship with them,” said Elder Gu meaningfully.

Elder Zheng gave a bitter smile, “Could a harmonious relationship still be achieved?”

“As long as you have the heart, you can make peace,” said Elder Feng. He added. “Moreover, with Elder Gu and I as mediators, the Shi Clan should still give face.”

Elder Zheng wore a complicated expression, “To be honest, I had acted most outrageously. I must have been possessed by some spirit of greed.” He took a sip of wine and sighed, “Ah, but it’s the Jade Spirit Essence, I’m afraid anyone would be tempted.”

As soon as they heard the word Jade Spirit Essence, Elder Gu and Elder Feng exchanged a look. They were even more convinced of the existence of that powerhouse behind Shiyu now.

“Do you think that such a rare treasure could be found in just anyone’s home?” Elder Gu prompted. “Don’t lose your life over something you could never get. Focus on your Cultivation, with the help of this pill it will not be impossible for you to breakthrough to the Divine Transformation Stage. Surely this is not a bad alternative? I hope to one day see you at the Eight Realm.”

Elder Zheng appeared to have received enlightenment after hearing Elder Gu’s words.

“You’re right, I shall go into close Cultivation beginning tomorrow,” he suddenly felt quite motivated. In fact, he had found less and less joy in mundane things like eating and drinking these days. [5] However, tonight’s wine tasted especially fragrant and sweet.

Now that Elder Zheng had seen the light, Elder Gu considered his goal achieved.

By settling the matter cleanly and bloodlessly for Shi Clan, it could be considered showing favour to Shiyu.


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Meanwhile, on the other side of Dawn City.

Madam Shi ordered someone to prepare an apology gift to the City Lord’s estate. Earlier that day, City Lord Ding came to pay a visit. However, she had declined the visit, afraid of disturbing Shiyu’s esteemed guests. [6] Because they were Shiyu’s guests, though they had come to Shi Estate. One of them was even a personal friend!

Right now, she found herself at the entrance of the Ding Estate, receiving a very polite greeting from the Ding Clan. After hearing that the Shi Estate had received the two Divine Transformation Elders as guests today, even the normally calm City Lord could not help but felt a little anxious.

He praised Madam Shi’s poise, “Madam, you must be quite the heroine. To maintain your calm under such a situation must have been quite taxing.”

“It was but a little courtesy visit from the esteemed guests,” Madam Shi demurred with a slight bow. However, the way she smiled showed that there was clearly some very good feelings between the Shi Clan and these ‘esteemed guests’. [6] There’s no harm in letting a little rumour go around to boost the Shi Clan’s social reputation.

“Not many could claim the same courtesy from such esteemed guests,” the people he had sent to observe the Shi Estate had reported seeing the two Divine Transformation Cultivators leaving the Shi Estate with smiles on their faces. “Should the opportunity rises, dare I beg Madam Shi to please furnish an introduction?”

“But, of course,” said Madam Shi.

It was late by the time Madam Shi left the City Lord’s Estate.

As the carriage rattled its way home she pondered over the various things that had happened these past couple of weeks. After a long time, she exclaimed, “How fortunate, ah!”

If it weren’t for Miss Xiao Yu, the Shi Clan might have been wiped out or on the run by now. Three powerful ‘distant cousins’ [6] with good appetites came by to visit Shiyu and stayed at their estate her invitation. Today’s potentially fatal confrontation had transformed into a courtesy visit due to Shiyu’s relationship with one of the esteemed guests.

Now, even the City Lord had offered an olive branch to the Shi Clan, opening a channel where the Shi Clan would have more interactions with the City Lord. [6] With this kind of relationship and the backing of the Divine Masters (no matter how illusory), Shi Clan’s prospects could only continue to broaden in the future.

She still had no idea when the master of the house would return. If he came home and saw how their clan had fared until now, surely he will be very happy?

A gentle smile curved Madam Shi’s lips at the thought of her husband.

The maid, who had been looking out the carriage window said, “The Master went to the Eastern Empire to oversee some shipment of goods, right? If Young Miss leaves for the Imperial College now, surely they could meet up?”

The smile curved further with a knowing tilt.

That’s right, no matter what, the future could only become brighter and more promising.


The next day, when the Zheng Clan sent a valuable gift to the Shi Estate, the burden within Madam Shi’s heart lightened even more. Therefore, when Shiyu announced that she would be leaving for the Imperial Capital with Elder Feng in two days, she barely has any shadows in her heart.

Especially when it was agreed that the three ‘distant cousins’ would be staying at Dawn City for a little while longer to ‘look after matters’. After all, the people who had targeted the Shi Clan had all been people within Dawn City. Who knows, some punk from out of town could come and make trouble out of ignorance, right?

Moreover, according to Elder Feng, many powerful people were gathering at the Imperial Estate right now. To prevent anyone from discovering their identities, it would be better for the Panda brothers to stay with the Shi Clan for now.

The Panda Gang, “We don’t mind at all!”


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凝氣 Condensation Stage Stage 1
化丹 Core Transformation Stage 2
凝丹(46) Core Condensation Stage 3
化神(52) Divine Transformation Stage 4
成嬰 Nascent Formation Stage 5
合體 Unification Stage 6
返墟 Revert Decay Stage 7
歸真 Original Purity Stage 8
成仙 Become Immortal Stage 9
[1] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Let’s properly describe the Zheng Estate.

[2] Added Details for Dramatic Purpose: Elaborated on the drinking party a little. I mean, at least describe who brought the wine as well as the pouring and toasting of drinks.

[3] Elder Zheng’s Thoughts – Splitting one large chunk of paragraph emphasise thoughts.

[4] Return a Drop of Favour with a Spring – Even a little help from others should be returned with as much effort as you can spare.

[5] Elder Gu’s Thoughts – Added more detail to make it more realistic.

[6] Madam Shi’s Thoughts – Added more detail to give it a little more transition.


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