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Little Cooking Saint – 0117 – Matcha Ice-cream (d)

Chapter 117 Matcha Ice-cream (d)

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou


Shiyu too was someone who loves desserts.

After steaming the Spiritual Tea Leaves, Shiyu carefully dried it over a very weak fire. Once the tea was completely dry and felt crackly under her hands, she crushed it with mortar and pestle into a fine powder. This was the best way to enhance the flavour and colour of the Spiritual Tea to the max.

After the tea had been grounded into powder, its beautiful jade green had been properly preserved. Just looking at the little pile of green Matcha powder made Shiyu happy. Ice-cream was fairly easy to make, just very labour intensive without an ice-cream machine. Nevertheless, Shiyu was not short of coolies. Though San Pang was out of commission, there’s still Wen Xian to provide child labour.

When it comes to ice-cream, Shiyu much preferred [1] fresh milk ice-cream. After having to whip cream into butter, making ice-cream was a trivial matter. First, she warmed the milk to slowly melt the sugar. Once the sugar was melted, she stirred in the Matcha powder, turning the white milk into a gorgeous brilliant green. Shiyu could not help sighing over its beauty.

The flavour of the tea was basically Milky Matcha. Though Matcha tea was slightly bitter [2] with a sweet after taste, by adding sugar and milk into the mixture, the bitter notes were mostly negated anyway. [3] As mentioned, ice-cream is not difficult to make, just tiresome. With Wen Xian to provide the labour of mixing up the ice-cream and Fat Cat to rapid freeze the mixture now and then. The ice-cream was quickly made. Normally, this cold dessert would need at least 4 to 8 hours to make, depending on the freezing capability of her freezer.

[4] Shiyu carefully scooped out a portion of the brilliant green Matcha Ice-cream into a white bowl. She placed the bowl onto a tray beside a small wooden spoon. Since the weather was so cold, there was no need for her to include a bowl of ice to keep the dessert cool. Shiyu set down this tray of ice-cream down right next to Qing Chen and waited.

[5] Qing Chen eyed the bowl of Matcha Ice-cream. Its brilliant green almost glowing against a jade white background. There were no superfluous decorations, nothing to detract the eye from the simple and pure beauty of the jade green dessert. Qing Chen picked up the little wooden spoon and broke off a little corner of the green dessert and tasted it.

[5] Ah.

[5] To think, the reason for my eating those sweets, it is so I could have this encounter with you.

From that day onwards, Matcha became the love of Qing Chen’s life.

“Now you’ve eaten my dessert, surely you can let bygones be bygones, right? Right, once you’ve returned home, please make sure to investigate who the heck put medicine into the sweet soup and left me to bear the crime,” said Shiyu.

“12th Martial Uncle has already ordered the Discipline Hall to investigate the matter,” said Qing Chen. “Perhaps we would hear some results by the time we get back.”

“Good, when you catch that person, punish them properly for me, will you?” though she talked big, it was all the same to her. After all, this was already a pre-destined thing. According to the novel, Qing Chen will be drugged and he was drugged. However, she disliked this kind of despicable move of drugging a person and forcing them into a relationship.

To be honest, once Qing Chen and the rest return to Leisurely Cloud Sect, the possibility of them meeting again was very slim. The world here was very huge, beyond this realm were eight other realms on top of it. In the end, the Cultivation journey was a lonely path that could only be walked on your own. If you’re lucky, you might walk the path with a close companion.

She and everyone in this villa would one day separate in the future. It was only a matter of time. However, for Cultivators, what they have more than regular humans was time. As long as it is fated, you will meet.

“Alright, you enjoy that slowly. I’m going to prepare for dinner.”

Shiyu left Qing Chen to his Matcha Ice-cream. Qing Chen slowly nibbled at his dessert, bit by tiny bite, savouring each little scoop in his mouth and letting the cold and refreshing sensation slide down his throat. Sometimes, the enjoyment of certain food had nothing to do with its taste or looks. The mood of the person is very important too. [5] At this very moment, Qing Chen was in the most suitable humour to enjoy this cold dessert, on the seat by the large window overlooking a luscious green garden at the very edge of winter.


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That evening, Shiyu showcased her full culinary talent and created a sumptuous dinner. For her, creating a whole banquet table worth of food was nothing difficult. It was also a kind of Cultivation for her. In fact, compared to sitting still and meditating, cooking actually improved her Cultivation level faster.

The atmosphere around the table was fairly good. Only… Shiyu has the impression that Feng Luo seemed overly concerned with Xuan Yin. As she ate, Shiyu wondered of this naggy guy had somehow been sucked into Xuan Yin’s sphere of influence…

Speaking of which, Shiyu cast a discreet glance at Lin Fan. Hmm, this guy was treating Xuan Yin like a normal person. How unexpected, ah. Looks like the Hero and Heroine have no feelings for each other. Shiyu had to confess to being a little disappointed by this.

Shiyu was not the only one who noticed Feng Luo’s warm behaviour. 12th Martial Uncle could not help saying, “If Little Luo likes Xuan Yin, why don’t you bring her home and marry her?”

Feng Luo was stunned by this suggestion. To be honest, he was mostly feeling sorry for Junior Sister Xuan Yin, so… However, after some thought, he blinked and said, “Haha, if that’s the case, I shall ask grandfather to mediate this matter for me.”

Shiyu nearly choked on her soup, “For real?!”

“Of course,” said Feng Luo. Then, he turned to his good friend and brother, “Lin Fan, why don’t I ask grandfather to matchmake you too? He’s getting on the years and has developed a hobby of matchmaking people.” Then, this guy began to laugh like a crazy person.

Shiyu, “… …”

What the heck is this, ah?! Forget it, forget it! After all, I’m just a random [6] soy sauce maker in the first place. You main characters just match yourself as you like. If you decide to get together, just get together, ba. There’s nothing I can do about it.

After a pause, Lin Fan lowered his chopsticks, “There’s no need to worry over my business. I’m full now, I’m going to Cultivate. Everyone, please eat slowly.”

With that, he left.

Feng Luo blinked at Lin Fan’s retreating back and then at everyone else. He said, “That guy is really keen about his Cultivation, no wonder he improves so quickly.”

Shiyu, “… …”

 Everyone, “… …”

Then, they all simultaneously returned to their food. What should they say? How nice it is to have low EQ? Forget it, let’s just focus on our own meals.


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Three days later, it was time to begin treatment for the 11th Martial Uncle.

Old Gu brought Shiyu to the room where 11th Martial Uncle was resting and sealed it off from the outside world with his Spiritual power. While he focussed on securing the room, the treatment was left to Shiyu.

This was vital because the heat gave out by the Fire Spirit was too extraordinary. Once Shiyu released its power, it would definitely be discovered if not properly hidden.

“What should I do now?” Shiyu asked Fat Cat.

“Make sure to control the fire carefully. First, get rid of the miasma of evil on the outside. Once those are gone, let a little fire enter his meridians through his four limbs and burn away the rest of the evil spirits.

The first step is relatively easy, but the second one not so. If you’re not careful, you’ll turn into a human torch and be burnt to a crisp. This will test your mental strength to the max, therefore, if you have no confidence, best not to attempt it lightly.”

Hearing Fat Cat’s solemn remark, Shiyu grew a little nervous. This would be the first time she attempted at saving someone through fire! When it comes to cooking, if the ingredients were ruined, she could just obtain more and try again. However, if she accidentally misstepped and burned someone to death, where would she buy a second someone, ah?

Anyway, let’s attempt the first step for now.

With a thought, a golden flame ignited on her fingertip. As soon as Ocean Heart Flames showed itself, the evil black fog began to roll around even more furiously. Some even tried to attack her, but as soon as even a bit of the evil miasma touched the flame, it dissipated into a wisp of black, uncoordinated smoke.

Just burning the miasma with Ocean Heart Flame was unexpectedly exhausting. Shiyu could feel the Spiritual power in her body dwindling and sweat popped up on her forehead. Her mental strength was being severely taxed too.

“Stop,” ordered Fat Cat. “Rest and recover when you’re tired. Otherwise, the losses out weights the gains.”

Shiyu nodded and sat down in the lotus position to meditate and recover.

While the healing was being done in the room, nothing could be heard or felt by the people outside. Nevertheless, that did not prevent people from setting up vigil and waiting for news. Two hours later, Shiyu and Old Gu emerged from the room and declared they were done for the day.

12th Martial Uncle thanked them gratefully and hurried into the room to check on her husband. Though the person on the bed was still covered in thick black mist, she had a feeling that something was different.

Perhaps… he was really getting better?

After speaking to everyone for a bit, Shiyu returned to her room and collapsed on her bed. Ugh, after only a couple of hours she was already this exhausted. This was clearly a test of her mental, physical and spiritual abilities, ah. Who knows, she might even breakthrough by the end of this treatment.

Sleep was particularly sweet that night.

The next day when she got down, Feng Luo greeted her with a rather odd expression.

“My grandfather is coming to the Imperial Capital. He’s here to act as a matchmaker for my eldest brother… and to attend Xue Qingge’s wedding ceremony to the Crown Prince.”


[Gumihou: … Feng Luo… what…]


[1] Fresh Milk Ice-Cream – This actually exist, much to Gumihou’s surprise

[2] Bitter Matcha is Poor Quality Matcha: Poor author In-the-Prime-of-Life-san has only had poor quality matcha…,sweet%2C%20without%20tasting%20of%20dirt.

[3] Added Some Ice-Cream Making Details: Which would be more interesting if I know who has water attribute or could freeze things… Fat Cat! 

[4] Additional Detail for Logistic Purpose: Like, after making the ice-cream, you still have to serve it, right?

[5] Additional Details for Dramatic Purpose: It’s Qing Chen’s fateful encounter with his beloved Matcha after all

[6] Soy Sauce Maker – a side character.


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