Tondemo Skill – 206 – Amphibious

Chapter 206: Amphibious

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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That night, I enjoyed the bath with Sui and Dora-chan. [1] Fer still refused to join us, that big baby.

After our bath, I walked upstairs, vaguely wondering where Fer had gone to. As expected, he had chosen the huge master bedroom as before and was laying on the thickly carpeted floor. [2] Still, he looked up when I came in and demanded his futon, so I obliged him.

After that, I wondered vaguely whether I should choose a different room to sleep in when Sui bounced over to the bed and called out-

“Aruji, let’s sleep together~”

Ahh, since cute Sui is the one to ask, I can’t refuse her.

In the end, we all ended up sleeping in the same room as before, just like in Neihoff. What a waste of a 9LDK mansion… Then again, the master bedroom was massively huge and the bed big was enough to accommodate all of us even if Fer deign to sleep on a bed. So, it was all fine.


We all got up early the next morning, quickly had our breakfast and set out for our subjugation mission.

Fer, Dora-chan and Sui were all morning creatures. The moment the sky brightens, they would pop out of bed immediately. [3] I have a feeling they just don’t want to miss breakfast…

The Bolognese sauce I made yesterday was meant for breakfast and I think everyone will be happy with it. [3] I really did intend to serve it with bread topped with grilled cheese, but the moment I smelled that sharp tomato-ey smell of the Bolognese sauce, my stomach immediately growled for pasta.

What should I do, na

Un, let’s go with pasta.

It’s a bit heavy for breakfast food, but I heard somewhere that pasta is surprisingly easy to digest and it would all be turned into energy soon.

[2] Well, since we’re about to face a Kraken, having something that will be converted to energy quickly would be good, right?

[2] I had served spaghetti to Fer before and still remember his slaughterhouse visage after slurping up the tomato sauce. So let’s get something that’s easier for my familiars to eat. [3] I ended up choosing penne and bought a few huge bags off [Net Super] to be boiled and served with my Bolognese sauce for breakfast.

Penne and Bolognese went really well together and all my familiars liked it. Personally, I like how the sauce will enter the penne tube and have the sauce explode in my mouth when I bite into it.

After breakfast, we set out to take down the Kraken.


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We got to the port, but…

Fer was the only one in our party with Kraken killing experience. In fact, he was so confident that I thought he must have some sort of a plan in his head.

The thing was… the Kraken was out in the open water. [1] As in, away from the port. It was, in fact, probably a good mile or two out in the open sea.

[2] The only reason how we even know where the Kraken was, was by asking the bored and anxious fishermen hanging around the port.

What do we do now?

Naa, how did you finish off that Kraken before?”

Nu? I hit it with Lightning Magic from the top of a cliff.” [4]

N-naa, when you say ‘from the top of a cliff’ does it mean you can see the Kraken from the top of a cliff?”

Umu, it was fairly close to the shore. I still had to use Wind Magic to bring it closer, though.”

… … …

This idiot!

Surely this idiot was there when Marks-san told us that the Kraken was out at sea and not at all close to the shores?

“Wh-what should we do now? The Kraken is miles away over there—!” ‘There’ being a couple of miles away.

Nu, that’s right. What should we do now?”

Don’t throw the question back at me! [5] “You were so confident, I thought you must have some sort of plan?!”

Guu…” Fer squinted his eyes at the sea. “If I could see it, I’m confident that I could take it down right away.”

“If you could see it–? Can you see a Kraken in the sea?!”


Don’t you ‘gununu’ me!

“Haa… I have already accepted the mission, so we’ll have to do something about it. We should probably hire a ship to go to the sea.”

With that in mind, I began asking the fishermen around here if there was any boat I could borrow or rent. [2] The answer was unanimous.

“No, absolutely not! You can’t go out in the sea with a Kraken out there!”

… the scary-looking fishermen looked extra scary just then.

According to them, the Kraken was famous for grabbing boats with their sucker covered legs and forcefully wrenching their precious livelihood apart. From a fisherman’s point of view, it was a dangerous monster that one should never approach for fear of having their means of support ruined.

After all, for these fishermen, a boat was as important as their lives. No one wanted to see their own lives tore apart before their very eyes after all.

Well, since these nosy fishermen here won’t help me, let’s try and speak to others.

— [1] well, I have spoken to most of the fishermen here, but the answer was the same.

[1] “No,”

[1] “Absolutely not!”

[1] “No way!”

Still, they all ended it with, “… thank you for taking the mission to subjugate the Kraken…”

Nevertheless, this thankfulness is useless if you all don’t lend me a boat, naa!

I suspect the reluctance to help stemmed from fishing opportunity in more remote areas. While the catch has drastically decreased, this meant the fishermen were not yet desperate enough to bet their livelihood by taking on the Kraken.

Moreover, the reason why everyone seemed to know where the Kraken was loitering at despite looking out at a featureless sea was that this giant octopus was sitting right in the middle of the best fishing ground. There was no reason for the Kraken to move away from that area unless we take it out ourselves.

Uun, this is quite the dilemma…

“Aruji, look, look! The salty water feels very good~”

Before I knew it, Sui had gotten bored and was now playing in the water. I thought of warning her, but her predatory instinct caught sight of a moving shadow and with a sharp little-



The tentacles extended from Sui’s body had pierced through the shadow. Sui lifted her tentacle to show me a pierced fish struggling at the end.

“Aruji~ Look~ Sui caught one~! Can Sui eat it? Can? Can?”

It was kind of a yellow-greenish fish, but not poisonous, right? I might as well just appraise it for now.

[Green Fish] Small fish that live on the coast. Edible.

“Yes, Sui can go ahead and eat it,”

Sui happily dissolved the Green Fish into her body, somehow she shivered and I get the feeling that she was pouting, “Hmm, it’s not very good,”

Ah, not a fan of Sashimi?

“Is there anything better to eat, naa…” Sui floated further out into the water in search of more flitting shadows.



Sui is floating!

That’s right, Sui floats!

More importantly, she could propel herself forward too! Thank you Goddess of Water Luca for blessing our Sui!


“Sui, can you grow bigger while in the water?”

“Hm? Can Sui grow big in the salty water? Can~” and just like that, she grew to the size of a small ship.

Yoshya!! Sui’s the best!”

Full speed ahead all my mateys!


[Gumihou: Sui’s the best!]


[1] Added Details for Aesthetic Purpose

[2] Adjusted Details for Logical Progression

[3] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[4] Deleted Unnecessary or Repetitive Information

[5] Structural Change: Combine 1 paragraph and 1 dialogue



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