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Tondemo Skill – 207 – Kraken + 2

Chapter 207: Kraken + 2

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

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We began heading towards the area where the Kraken was reported to be loitering around. [6] It has been pointed out to me so many times that I have more or less memorized it.

“Thank you, Sui. If it’s not for you, we probably wouldn’t be able to complete this mission,”

“Ufufu, is Sui amazing~?”

Un, awesome. We’ve really been saved by Sui!” I continued [4]. “In fact, you’re way better than someone who was all eager to get the Kraken but couldn’t think of a way to get to it!”


“Ahaha, Fer is being scolded!” Dora-chan cackled. [6]

The three of us were perched on top of [Gigantified] Sui. It feels really comfortable up here and Sui travelled very smoothly. She was also going pretty fast. Her soft body meant that it felt like we’re sitting on top of a water bed, the vibrations were very minimal too.

My amazing Slime is not only strong, but she could also carry all of us like this while swimming strongly out to the sea. What an amazing Sui!


“Fer, make sure to cast [Barrier] around Sui, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah.”


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“Everything is slightly different on the sea. I can sense a strong presence that could indicate the Kraken ahead… Mu? This is…”

[6] I tensed, it was never a good thing if Fer was surprised.

Fer stared harder at the area where he said the Kraken might be.

“Oi! There’s more than one presence. The Kraken is there, but there’s also a Sea Serpent! And one other thing. The thing is not as strong as the Kraken or the Sea Serpent.”


W-What, what do you mean?!

A Kraken, a Sea Serpent and… one more thing?


There was a huge splash. Two creatures leapt out of the sea in front of us. It was a huge squid monster thing and a pale grey big snake thing! The gigantic squid monster thing was probably the Kraken. It was not the octopus thing that I had imagined. This huge squid-like creature had wrapped its flexible tentacles armed with deadly suction cups around a giant snake creature with really sharp teeth that could only be the Sea Serpent. The Serpent’s slender body looked to be about 10 meters long and had clamped its razor sharp teeth onto the Kraken’s head!

“Ehh, whaaa?! What’s this!!?”

It was a battle between two huge legendary juggernauts.

In short, a monster fight.

“T-This is just like in the movies, with giant creatures fighting each other…” [3] There was no way I could stay calm before this spectacular sight!

“Oi! I’ll take care of the Kraken! Dora, take down the Sea Serpent. Sui, you get the one underneath.”

Ou! That Sea Serpent is mine!”

“Sui is to defeat the Big Fish in the water, right~ Sui will do her best~”


Big fish… in the water?

I looked through Sui’s transparent body and finally saw a large, fish-shaped shadow swimming around the Kraken and the Sea Serpent. [2] It looked smaller than the other two. But smaller doesn’t mean ‘small’, you know? The fish was just swimming around waiting for one of the two giants to fall and attack the winner.

How sneaky! [5]

Or, is it?

Zugaaan –

Fer’s Thunder Magic hit the Kraken’s head. [5]


This time, Dora-chan’s Thunder Magic activated, striking the Sea Serpent’s body.


Both Kraken and Sea Serpent were paralyzed by the lighting. I’ve seen them deploy their magic many times, but it’s still terrifying.

Since we’re on water and electricity could conduct on water… I’m so glad Fer cast his [Barrier] magic around us…

The black shadow which had been circling around the twitching Kraken and Sea Serpent floating helplessly to the surface burst out.

Zapaannnn –

It was a huge red and black fish. As it flew in an arc above the water, it opened up its maw showing needle sharp teeth that was about to bite into the Kraken. [1] Oho, so you’re going to steal our prey? [6]

Several thick tentacles speared out from Sui’s body.


The flexible tentacles wrapped around the skewered red and black fish. For a moment, the tail fin flapped and slapped the surface of the water frantically. It rampaged for quite a long time before finally stopping.

“Yay! Sui got a Big Fish~!”

Somehow, I feel like I’ve encountered this scenario before. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re on land or way out at sea. With Fer, Dora and Sui working together, any monsters would be overwhelmed.

As usual, the strategy here was ‘winner is the one who strikes first’.

Umu, it’s over”

“Fuhaha, I defeated a Sea Serpent!”

“Sui also did good, Sui caught a Big Fish!”

Both Fer and Dora-chan slaughtered the Kraken and the Sea Serpent with a single magic spell, while Sui skewered the giant fish with her thick tentacles. Whether it was the sea or the land, it was always the same it looks like. Even so, what the heck is this fish that Sui defeated?

Time for some appraisal.


[Aspidochelone] S-Rank monster. Edible. Top quality white meat.


What’s an Aspidochelone? [1] Quite a hard name to say.

Oh, and it says it’s an S Rank monster!

Can something become S rank just because it grew too big? [2] On top of that, it says that the white meat is top quality! No matter what, I need to secure this one away!

Also, when I appraised the Kraken and the Sea Serpent, these were also S Rank and edible.

Marks-san said he had never heard of people eating Kraken, but it definitely seems to be edible. I mean, when I appraised it was tagged with ‘edible’. Now that’s a new one. Has my level risen enough to gain this skill?

It’s actually a very good and useful bit of skill. After all, a big part of our monster hunting is going after edible stuff. It’ll be good to know right away whether something was edible or not.

Also, this is the first seafood we got! Quite the massive catch indeed. In addition to the subjugation of the Kraken, we also brought in a Sea Serpent and an Aspidochelone, which I stored in the [Item Box].

“Well then, shall we head back home?”




“Sui, please take us back”

With that, Sui steadily made her way back to the harbor.


[Gumihou: I feel kind of sorry for the monsters…]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose


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