Little Cooking Saint – 0064 – Special Yogurt Cake (a)

Chapter 64 – Special Yogurt Cake (a)


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Feng Luo opened the box and revealed a cluster of gems within.

The round Shark Pearls were a brilliant aqua-blue, the size of the tip of a little finger, and looked very moist and bright. Not only that, a faint blue spiritual power to circulate within the pearls. On the surface of the Shark Pearls was a faint mist, as though someone had placed a bit of dry ice within the box. They looked very beautiful, precious and mysterious.

Fascinated, Ling Xiaoxiao reached for one of the beads. However, when she lifted one out, the rest followed. The Shark Pearls were connected through bright white silk threads. The pearls slid soundlessly out of the box and suspended from her hand like a misty little waterfall. When she spread out the beads, she found that the beads have been woven into a pearl vest.

“This…” as the daughter of a very rich family, the treasures she had seen and owned were not few. However, even she was rendered speechless by this birthday gift.

Feng Luo smiled, “These Shark Pearls came from the deeps of the East China Sea. It’s very useful for Water Attribute Cultivators. Miss Ling happened to be of Water Attribute, so I believe this is perfect for you.”

Ling Xiaoxiao knew that it would not look good to reject such a sincere gift, moreover, she also liked the look and potential behind this Shark Pearl Vest. She did not bother to put on an act and accepted the gift with a straightforward, “Thank you, I like this gift very much.”

With that, she naturally accepted the gift.

Meng Li stared at the Shark Bead Vest with blood dripping from her heart. She was also a Water Attribute Cultivator… why did Feng Luo not gift that vest to her?

All that talk about liking her, it must all be false!

Feng Luo glanced around and noticed that Shiyu’s ever-present companion was missing. “Where’s Lin Fan? Did he not come?”

Shiyu laughed embarrassedly, “Well, unlike a certain gentleman here, a certain someone forgot to prepare his gift. He’s gone off to find something suitable and told me to come first.”

“I see,”

Ling Xiaoxiao ushered the two of them in. Shiyu made a turn around the party area, decided that she couldn’t be bothered to socialise, and went to the kitchen to make her preparation. Feng Luo knew that her gift must be something edible, followed after her. “I’m very curious to see what good thing you’re planning to make. Do let me come and have a peek.”

Shiyu eyed him for a moment. Then, she saw the curious eyes around them boring into his back, said tactfully, “Sure, you can make yourself useful and give me a hand too.”

As the two entered the kitchen, Lin Fan happened to be making his way into the reception hall.

It was a bit embarrassing to admit it, but he really had been so busy training and Cultivating that he had completely forgotten about Ling Xiaoxiao’s birthday gift. However, he did not enter alone. Behind him was a man clad in all black.

The man in black looked very mysterious. Not only was his clothes black, but he also wore a hood that shadowed his face and his cloak covered his feet too. However, the man’s presence was so muted that unless someone paid special attention, they would not notice the black-robed man standing right behind Lin Fan.

As the up and coming genius Cultivator of the College, the Ling Family were very enthusiastic in greeting Lin Fan. Even Patriarch Ling came out to greet him personally. Lin Fan blushed so much at the attention that he might as well have flowers growing out of his cheeks.

Finally, the Patriarch Ling noticed the black-robed man behind Lin Fan and inquired, “This is…”

“This is a teacher of mine and Shiyu,” said Lin Fan.

“Oh, so it’s the noble teacher! Welcome, welcome!” Ling Tianyi was generous with his flattery as he bowed and scraped freely. Meanwhile, the abacus in his heart clicked and he pondered just what kind of teacher would produce disciples like Lin Fan and Shiyu. Lin Fan was a clear genius, could it be that the Shiyu girl was also a hidden talent? [1]

Nevertheless, it would not be bad to be prudent. Calculations made, Ling Tianyi smiled and made to escort them into the reception hall. Lin Fan declined the escort, citing that the Patriarch Ling still has many guests to greet. Yet, despite his furtive efforts, news of this man’s identity raced through the entire Ling Family House. [1]

The moment this piece of news reached Liu Yi’s ears, he immediately found an excuse to leave and raced for the College. Didn’t great-grandfather say that he wished to see Shiyu’s teacher? If Liu Yi were to present this piece news to Elder Liu personally, wouldn’t his mission be considered complete?

Liu Yi’s action did not arouse much attention. The banquet was about to begin when the steward’s voice rang out across the hall causing everyone to fall silent.

“Liu Clan’s Head of Household, Elder Liu has arrived—”

Wei, surely these two Lius were not the very Lius they were all thinking about, right…?

While people were whispering and second-guessing themselves, a group of people came in. At the front, were two old men with grey hair, the old men were followed by a group of Liu family descendants, ranging from the most powerful to the youngest. Liu Yi and Liu Eleven were among them.

It’s really those two…

The thought flashed through the minds of the people and suddenly they all stood up and came forward to give their greetings. The person most surprised today was probably Ling Tianyi, his merchant’s mind flicking through his acquaintance cards and quickly re-determining that his family connections have very little overlap with the venerable Liu Clan, let alone merit the attendance of the two most powerful members plus their descendants. Today was his daughter’s birthday, so why are these people here? Were they here to make trouble?


From the look of those smiling faces, not yet, at least.

Nevertheless, he fixed a professionally flattering smile on his face and came forward to bow deferentially at his esteemed guests.

“Patriarch Liu and Elder Liu, it’s been such a long time, ah. For you to grace your presence on my little girl’s birthday banquet is a great honour upon our humble Ling Family.”

“Patriarch Ling is being too polite,” said Patriarch Liu benevolently. “It is we who barged into your beloved daughter’s birthday without an invitation, I hope you won’t fault our sudden arrival?”

Just then, someone came forward with a gift from the Liu family side.

Ling Tianyi received the gift with both hands and an enthusiastic, “How could I? How could I? That such two elders would deign to take notice of our humble family is our little girl’s good fortune.”

“Hehe. Ah, yes. By the way, might we know where is Lin Fan and Miss Shiyu’s teacher? We have long admired his name, but have yet to have the good fortune to meet him. Perhaps, might today be our lucky day?” though the change of subject was abrupt. For Patriarch Liu to have taken the time to go through all the niceties of giving a gift and exchanging small talk was already considered giving a low-level family plenty of face.

Instead of being offended, Lin Tianyi heaved a secret sigh of relief.

He knew it. There was nothing within his household to attract the attention of these two venerable elders. They have finally revealed their true motive. But… just what kind of person is Miss Shiyu’s noble teacher? To make the Second Elder Liu so polite… well, well, it looked like they must get Xiaoxiao to maintain a good relationship with this mysterious Miss Shiyu.

One could not say that Patriarch Ling was completely mercenary. It is perfectly natural for people to avoid hardships and sought out easier roads. He has great hopes for his daughter and understands the value of making friends and connections. The stronger the friends, the better.

Seeing their two elders being so polite, the Liu descendants lining up primly could not help their curiosity. Just who was this person their elders were so eager to meet?

Presently, they noticed that all eyes were on a black-clad person sitting beside Lin Fan. Naturally, the eyes of the Liu Family followed as well. When Patriarch Liu and Elder Liu laid their eyes on the man for the first time, they found that they could not perceive this person’s Cultivation Stage at all.

It was like trying to detect the level of mud through a shifting sea. Like trying to see through an empty blackness and restless shifting currents.

The two elders exchanged a look and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. Unable to foresee the threat, they grew even friendlier.

“This Excellency is the teacher of Little Brother Lin Fan and Little Miss Shiyu? I am called Liu Zhen, this is my brother, Liu Bin. May we know how we should address Your Excellency?”

The black-robed man did not take off his cloak. From the shadows of the hood, the voice of an old man creaked out, “My name is Gu.”

That was all.


[Gumihou: I like Ling Tianyi. He seems like a good dad. Also, all the flattering and ostentatious words are so fun, lol!]


[1] Rearranged Some Wording and Floating Paragraphs: for ease of understanding


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