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The Feast – 192 (Part 1): Celebrate Too Early

Chapter 192: Celebrate Too Early, Part 1


Translated by Gumihou

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Lu Feng Yu said, “I feel that these two cannot be the An Ping heir couple. As the saying goes, ‘Rivers and Mountains may change but human nature is immovable [1]. No matter how much a person changes, there are certain inherent temperament and habits that are impossible to change. Did My Lord observe the cook’s completely carefree attitude? She even approached that filthy beggar that even the common people avoid.

As a noble woman, why would she care about the likes of him? Even if it was meant to deceive our eyes, surely there’s no need sacrifice themselves to this point, right? After all, if their goal is to avoid attention, coming to the aid of a beggar that even the passersby ignore would just attract more suspicion, isn’t it?”

King Xiangyang nodded in agreement, “Teacher is right. This king also noticed that when the cook approached that old beggar, her expression was perfectly natural. If she is a noble woman trying to throw off scent by pretending altruism, we should be able to see revulsion or disgust on her face. I perceived nothing but warm hearted desire to help a stranger in distress.”

Lu Feng Yu muttered glumly, “My Lord is wise, but would a truly warm hearted person shout at me in public over a few butchered dogs? Leaving her low status as aside, not even Su Dong Lou would not dare to be so rude to me.”

King Xiangyang smiled, “Though you have many complaints, it looks like you still can’t forget about that cook, ah. Enough, after our investigation, though this king is no longer as suspicious as the start of the day, I must say I am still a little concerned. Since you like that cook so much, why don’t I speak to Su Dong Lou for you and get him to gift that cook to you? What do you think?”

Delight surprise flashed through Lu Feng Yu, and he happily jumped up, “This lowly officer thank My Lord’s great generosity. My Lord’s generosity and care for this lowly officer is like an endless flowing river. This one could never repay My Lord in this life or the next. This lowly official can only exhaust my thoughts and ingenuity, and repay My Lord by helping him in achieve his most cherished dream.”


King Xiangyang couldn’t help laughing in delight at Lu Feng Yu’s gushing statement. His most trusted aide certainly knew him well, and knew how to flatter him best. He waved a benevolent hand, “No need to fuss over such a trivial matter. If this king proposes, I expect not even Su Dong Lou will have the gall to not give me face. Only, you better maintain your vigilance. While this king is confident of your ability, it’s best to be cautious. If that cook proves to be anything other than what she should be, I’m sure that it will not escape Teacher’s eye.”

“But, of course. Though this lowly official values good food over life, how could I allow a few mouthfuls of food compromise my thinking ability?” Lu Feng Yu laughed. He was very confident with his own self-control. Of course, it was not until later that he found out that his prided self-control had yet to meet its match. Once he meets the ultimate cook, this self-control of his collapsed like paper left out in the rain.

“Very well, it’s all settled then.” King Xiangyang slapped the table decisively.

And that, was how King Xiangyang made the second most regrettable decision in his life.


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“Would you like to know who are the people observing you from the carriage?”

Within the secret room, Su Dong Lou sported a mischievous look on his face as he snacked on the plate of nibbles in front of him.

“Who was it?”

Duan Tingxuan and Su Nuan Nuan were both curious. However, this was not enough for the Master of Ming Yu House. Before he could tease them further though, the much experienced little marquis employed his snack snatching technique and grabbed the snacks away. He glared sternly at his friend, “Well? Give it up now. Who was it?”

“King Xiangyang and Lu Feng Yu.” Su Dong Lou’s leisurely attitude disappeared as he spat out his answer before quickly rescuing his hostage snacks.

“Surely not? Have we alarmed the King that much?” husband and wife stared at Su Dong Lou with wide eyes.

Su Dong Lou nodded solemnly, “So, I take it you understand the seriousness of the matter?”

“Looks like even altering our faces did very little to displace suspicion. King Xiangyang is still suspicious of us. I never thought he’d pay attention to lower class people.” Duan Tingxuan said bitterly.

Su Dong Lou sneered, “What nonsense are you talking about? In the first place, you let everyone know that the two of you are heading for Niu Tou Mountain, but then disappeared without a trace the moment you left the Capital gates. Suddenly, a brilliant female cook appears in my estate. If it was me, I’d be suspicious too. You’re the one in the wrong, ah. Aren’t you always boasting about your four arts? Who was it that said they could master any skill from martial arts to four arts to scholarly pursuits? In the end you are stumped by cooking. If a male chef happens to appear in my estate, do you think they’d be half as suspicious?”

“Enough, enough, I know I’ve embarrassed myself, alright? You’ve already poked me over 800 times for this by now. It’s really humiliating you know? Why don’t you just sharpen your knife and stab me already?”

Duan Tingxuan was also feeling very depressed.

Su Nuan Nuan spoke up curiously, “To think that King Xiangyang himself had moved. What will happen now? Since they haven’t send assassins over yet, have our disguises managed to slip passed them?”

“Oh, you managed to slip passed them alright.” Su Dong Lou nodded with certainty.

This time, it was Duan Tingxuan who asked, “Why do you say that? King Xiangyang is filled with suspicion, and that Lu Feng Yu filled with cunning, surely we can’t get away that easily?”

“It’s definitely not easy. However, the two of you did not even have a shred of noble dignity that an heir’s couple should have. I had Wu Gou track King Xiangyang’s movements. When he came to report to me, I asked his opinion as well. Apparently, though you two are definitely suspicious, no one thought you could really be the An Ping heir and wife. According to him, no matter how well one acts, this performance was just too good. In short, all he saw was a pair of vulgar commoner couple, the woman a fierce, but warm hearted lady and the husband a coward who fears his wife…”


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[1] Rivers and Mountains may change but human nature is immovable – A leopard can’t change its spots




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