You are currently viewing Volume 2 – 23 – πŸ”’ Makia: Sympathy
Rear view of woman silhouette in tunnel with sunset sun rays, Woman walking lonely at city street

Volume 2 – 23 – πŸ”’ Makia: Sympathy

Volume 2: Chapter 023: Makia: Sympathy Author:Β γ‹γ£γ±εŒη›ŸοΌε‹ιΊ»η’§ Link:Β Translated by Zzonkedd Edited by Gumihou   It’s been a long time~ Makia here. Here at the Midgard’s Miscellaneous Magical Merchandise. A sudden shower had drenched my dress and my hair was all limp from the rain. We are dressed in old mage’s robes that Madam Egressa…

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