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Higher Level Wife – 252 – Arrival

Chapter 252: Arrival

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: Let’s continue to play the ‘find the tiny ship’ gag


“Ahem, surely this is not right?” said Jin Fengju as he turned his head away, making sure not to look at the servant as he addressed the general. [1] [1] As expected, General Guan Erlang chuckled and said, “There are plenty of houses around the government office. What is so difficult about finding a place to live? Not to mention, with the Marquis staying here, even if you ask them to stay put, they would be reluctant. After all, it is inconvenient to have to bow and pay respect to one’s superiors constantly. Do not worry, if you do not believe me, ask those officials personally. Those fellows moved out on their own accord. This one had not gone even a step beyond my designated authority.”

Guan Erlang was once a commander of guards when Jin Fengju was first appointed as an imperial envoy. Later, after several achievements, he was promoted to a Third Rank Commander and received the title of General. However, because Jin Fengju was his former superior and nobleman, he referred to himself as ‘this one’ to show respect and obedience to this great man.

Jin Fengju glared at him. [1] He was trying his best to show a ‘modest and benevolent’ side to his dear wife, how could this stupid fellow make it sound like he was trying to fake modesty? And so badly at that? So what if this fellow was a loyal member of Prince Rong’s faction? He’s too stupid! Jin Fengju snorted coldly and snapped, “Of course, I shall inquire into the matter personally. If I find out that you have overstepped your authority and caused trouble, do not blame me for not showing mercy.”

Then, he turned to the matron and said, “Go and tell that Madam this, I shall be visiting the government offices with these people tonight. You help Second Madam take care of things. Do not be lazy. Your effort would not be overlooked.”

The matron beamed at him before hurrying off to tell Fu Qiuning everything. After hearing the matron’s report, Fu Qiuning tapped her fingers against the table before saying, [2a] “Where is Jin Ming?”

[2a] “J-jin Ming, Madam?” the matron asked. “Er, he has gone with the Master…”

[2b] “What of Second Madam Wan?”

[2b] “Er, she is still resting in her room…”

[2b] “I shall go and see her now,”

[2b] “M-madam, what about the unpacking…” the matron trotted after her in a hurry.

[2b] “What about it? I have to consult Second Madam Wan regardless. She is the one with the list of things and knows where everything is. What do you expect me to do now? If you have nothing better to do, take some people to clean out some of the rooms first. Leave the luggage outside for now and make sure the children are somewhere safe. What else? If you still feel that you’re too free, you can also see to the horses-”

[2b] “I shall go and see to the rooms!” the matron quickly bobbed a salute before rushing out.

[2b] “Tsk,” no doubt this person was probably one of Jin Fengju’s agents. Planted here to ‘gently guide’ her into taking more housekeeping jobs in the name of ‘removing power’ from poor Jiang Wanying.

[2c] “Madam…” Yu Jie approached from the side, her eyes bright with glee as she said, “Now that Second Madam Wan is feeling poorly, we should-”

[2c] “Take the children and oversee the cleaning of the rooms. If you have no idea what to do, consult Concubine Luo, she has a good head on her shoulder. I am going to visit Madam Wan now.”

[2c] Clearly taking this as tacit approval for a ‘power grab’, Yu Jie hurriedly saluted and said, “At once Madam!” before rushing away.

[2b] There was really nothing much for Fu Qiuning to do. Cleaning was cleaning, and this could all be done by the lower-ranking servants without her input. Since the Jin Clan and their entourage took over the place like a bunch of locusts, the furniture and everything else was perfectly intact. The only issue was where to move certain boxes, especially since most of the luggage had been stowed away due to a lack of space in the individual rooms on the ship.

[2c] To do this, it was best to grab a list or a maid from Jiang Wanying’s place to supervise that part of the job. Partway there, she suddenly recalled that it would take time to make the fires and ordered the people to have the cooks get the kitchen ready and to make a simple meal for lunch. Nothing elaborated, just some egg noodle soup with shredded meat and vegetable toppings.

[3] She continued on her way unmolested to Jiang Wanying’s place. She had just reached the door when a weak voice said, “I don’t want anything. Take these away…”

Fu Qiuning quickly stepped in. [3] Jiang Wanying’s face was very pale, to the point of looking a little green. “You look…”

[3] Jiang Wanying actually tried to sit up, her face twisted into a rictus of humiliated anger, “H-how dare you- aughh…”

[3] “No, no, please don’t sit up,” Fu Qiuning quickly waved a maid over. “What happened to your Madam? Why have you not been caring for her properly?”

[3] “This… Madam was just getting better on the ship, but on the way here, her condition worsened and…” maid Dong’er said.

[3] Fu Qiuning turned sympathetic eyes at Jiang Wanying, “Don’t tell me. It was the carriage ride here? Did you lie down on the carriage?”

[3] “It is as Madam say! How did you know-”

[3] “Quiet!” Jiang Wanying snapped. However, from her pale face, it looked like she regretted shouting.

[3] “…would it work if we treat your symptoms like a hangover?” she wondered out loud. “I shall have the kitchen make some clear chicken soup with rice noodles. Do try your best to recover your strength. I fear that I am drowning in work. I have come here in search of reinforcement against the piles of boxes and trunks sitting in the courtyard, however, it looks like I shall have to brave that battle alone.”

[3] Jiang Wanying appeared gratified by Fu Qiuning’s show of weakness and looked slightly better. Fu Qiuning smiled and said, “I’m happy to report that I saw Brother Xuan and Second Miss running around without a care. I’m sure you must be glad about that at least.”

Jiang Wanying did not look glad, but she did nod imperiously at Fu Qiuning. [3a] After exchanging a few more words and securing a couple of maids who actually knew what to do, Fu Qiuning set them to work and came to the hall where the children had been corralled. Jin Changfeng and Jin Zhenyi were arguing, which was not a rare sight. [4] Jin Zhenyi’s cheeky side could be quite sweet and exasperating rather than spiteful once he got over himself. Right now, the boys were debating over their homework.

[4] On the other hand, Jin Changjiao had become more graceful and composed since Jin Xiunan started living with them. Fu Qiuning had many qualities, but noble elegance was not one of them. While Jin Xiunan may have been a little cunning, she had been raised in a noble household and knew how to carry herself in public. The two of them complemented each other well.

Come to think of it, Jiao’er and Feng’er are both eleven years old now. Just where had the time gone? [5] She first came to this place six, or was it seven, years ago? Back then, the twins were shoved into original!Qiuning’s place because no one had wanted them. How thin and broken they had looked back then. Treated worse than dogs…

To think that she would be expected to let Jiao’er marry off soon. In fact, Jin Fengju had been giving some hints…


Married off at thirteen or fourteen? She could not help the feeling of revulsion compressing her chest at the thought. She remembered how, when marriage talks for Feng Zhenzu, Feng Mingzhu and their cousin were happening, Jin Fengju had commented how difficult it was to find proper suitors for them since they were ‘a little old’. Back then, Fu Qiuning had been too shocked to say anything.

Eighteen and nineteen years girls… old!

“What is Mother standing there for?” Jin Changjiao exclaimed suddenly. She broke the illusion of noble elegance by tossing her embroidery to rush over to Fu Qiuning’s side.

Just then, Jin Zhenyi also stood up. However, instead of saying something smart, he merely mumbled something about ‘taking a look outside’ before running away.

Immediately sensing trouble, Fu Qiuning said, “What is that child up to now?”

Jin Xiunan smiled but said nothing. [6]

It was Jin Changjiao who answered, “Oh, he’s up to something alright. Third Sister?”

[6] Jin Xiunan kept her eyes on her embroidery as she answered, “My elder brother found an old cat of unknown origins in the garden. He stole some fish meant for dinner from the kitchen to feed the cat…”

[6] “The fish is over a pound heavy! If Father finds out, won’t he be angry?” Jin Changjiao looked positively delighted by this prospect.

[6a] Fu Qiuning had not realised that Jin Changjiao had this vicious side to her and was mostly amused, if a little alarmed. She had kept pet cats before in her past life, but never did have the opportunity in this life. [5] It was hard enough to keep herself and the children fed and clothed. It would have been close to impossible to keep a carnivorous creature like a cat back then. Of course, there were some independent mouse catchers around, but they could be a little tiresome since they also attacked their ducklings and chicks… in short, Fu Qiuning had had a complicated relationship with cats.

“Do you really think your father will be angry over the fish?” asked Fu Qiuning. She was curious how Jiao’er would answer. “Also, what is so special about this cat? We have cats before.”

[6] “Those are just ordinary cats, this one is quite clever. It played with the feathered toy that Brother Yi waved at it,” said Jin Xiunan.

[6b] The excitement in her voice betrayed her interest as well. Fu Qiuning had to wonder just how old this ‘old cat’ was. After all, it was not unusual for older cats to lose interest in feathered toys… not to mention, the older cats around the estate generally thought themselves above such things.

Just then, Jin Zhenyi rushed into the room; brimming with excitement, he cried, “Mother! I saw people carrying lots of animals to the kitchen. There’s deer, pheasants, rabbits, goats and all sorts of things!”

“No cats?”

[6] “N-no? No! H-how-” suddenly, he whirled around to point at Jin Changfeng. “Brother! I never thought you’re the type to betray people’s trust!!” [3b]

Jin Changfeng looked more amused than offended. “Why on earth would you ever suspect me?”


[Gumihou: I swear, the author just shoved ‘kyaa Qiuning this!’ into every paragraph just because.]


[1] Make it more obvious that JFJ was faking his concern

[2] Oh, argh, FQN is so exhausted, ugh, oh, wow, she’s so hard working. Oof, that Jiang Woman is just lying in bed, warrghh…

Never mind that just 3 chapters ago Jiang Wanying would rather chew off her arm than let FQN take over the household matters which she had defended to the death.

[2a] Have Fu Qiuning be exhausted and resentful towards the real culprit instead of merely going warrggghh, uggghh, so busyyy, uggghh. Aiya, I almost paralysed from exhaustion, aahhhh~~

[2b] Instead of happily throwing herself into the work, asked where all the people of authority are.

[2c] Author had clearly forgotten that servants exist…

[3] #SadforJiangWanying – ‘She subconsciously judged a gentleman with a villain’s heart, thinking that he was here to see a joke.

Come onnnnnn, stop itttttt!!!!

When she heard someone report that Jiang Wanying lay down on the bed as soon as she entered the door, she thought about it and had no choice but to push herself up and go to the other party’s room.

There’s being deliberate, and then there’s this.

Anyway, deleted 400 words that tarred Jiang Wanying black and painted Fu Qiuning into this gorgeous-shiny-wonderful-oh-my-gawd-super-goddess-angel

[3a] Deleted 100 more.

[3b] Deleted 50 more

[4] Let’s spend more words on the kids

[5] Let’s spend some words thinking about Night Breeze Pavilion

[6] Realistic ‘Cat Reveal’

[6a] Deleted FQN’s ‘tragic past life fat Persian cat ate rat poison reveal’ which does f*ck all but make readers sob sob for her

[6b] Hahh… author doesn’t seem to know much about cats either.


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