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Higher Level Wife – 250.1 – Ship

Chapter 250: Boat (Part 1)

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Heavily Edited by Gumihou – It had to be done. I’m sorry for those of you who felt I had ‘overwritten’ the author’s own words. But, she did it first by overwriting Fu Qiuning’s basic character design. The characters’ voices are lamenting at me and I could not ignore the countless voices begging to be heard.

Note: Now that ALL but one of Jin Fengju’s children are with him, Gumi just realised there is one unnamed daughter in the group.

It was Concubine Cui’s daughter. In chapter 46, she was Jin Xiunan. Yes, the very same Jin Xiunan mentioned in chapter 164 that ‘sobbed with her brother Jin Zhenyi…’

Author White Pear Flower’s cast is so large and unwieldy that minor characters either fall into the ether or are recycled as someone else. For everyone’s information, here’s a summary of Jin Fengju’s women and children:

Official Wife: Fu Qiuning – adopted children Jin Changfeng (11) & Jin Changjiao (11)

Secondary Wife: Jiang Wanying – Jin Xiuzhen (8) & Jin Zhenxuan (7)

Concubine 1: Concubine Xu – Jin Zhenyi (8) Jin Xiunan (7)

Concubine 2: Concubine Huo – Jin Xiuru (6)

Lesser Concubine: Concubine Cui: (Unnamed girl, used to be Jin Xiunan)

Inner Court Bedroom maid: Yue Lan (No children)

Studyroom Bedmates: Cai Lian & Bi Yu

No amount of whitewashing could scrub out all these named women and children of the records~


There was nothing more to be said after that awkward conversation. Well, Jin Fengju said a few more things, all of which Fu Qiuning agreed. Especially the ‘actions have consequences’ bit. [1] She liked that one the most.

[1] Jiang Wanying and Concubine Huo had to pay for their ‘sin against their husband’, even though they were most likely forced by their parents or grandparents into moonlighting as spies.

[2] “I know what you’re going to say,” Jin Fengju blurted out suddenly. This sounded different from his usual bluster, so Fu Qiuning looked at him curiously. “That is… you must be thinking that your circumstances aren’t so different from theirs. That they must have been forced into their roles by their elders. Just like you did when we… married.”

[2a] “… the thought did cross my mind,” said Fu Qiuning truthfully.

[2] “But Qiuning, there is a difference between you and them. Even though you were forced into a bad position, you ultimately chose to make the best of your circumstances and not do any harm. Instead of hurting the children that had been put into your care, you chose to share all you had and not try to strive for more things… Although I do wish you would ask me for more things… I understand that it is not in your nature to seek beyond what is enough to make life comfortable.”

[2b] Fu Qiuning stared at him. This was… unexpected, and uncomfortable. To her, Jin Fengju had always been something like a caricature, a male lead ‘character’ from some badly written fanfiction. This was partly why she had never entertained any of his declarations of love seriously.

Unable to take his staring any more, she turned away and said, “Mother and Concubine Luo expressed their wish to accompany us. I heard that the southern air is warm and moist, moreover, they had never travelled outside before. Not to mention, their position in the estate would be awkward without me here. I wish to take them with me.”

Jin Fengju scratched his head awkwardly. While he welcomed the change of topic, he did not feel that bringing two older women with them would be the most sensible thing. “Qiuning, ah. Quanzhou is not necessarily safe. We are still young, but the two elder concubines are…”

[2b] “So, Lord Husband felt that taking two additional older women with us is dangerous, but it’s fine to bring several children between the ages of seven and eleven?”

“That…” Jin Fengju appeared stumped by this very logical question. “Ah, that is… now that I think about it. Perhaps it is better to have the children stay at the estate…”

[2b] “Then, what excuse would you use to make Second Madam Ying go with you?” she asked curiously. She was honestly curious about what he would actually say. Surely there must be some grain of truth to his ‘pillar of the family’ and ‘great schemer’ reputation?

[2b] When a few more seconds passed with Jin Fengju hemming and hawing, Fu Qiuning said, “Mother and Concubine Luo would be fine. If something were to happen, we will just run away. I assume it would do the children good to see a little beyond the walls of the city.”

[2] Jin Fengju immediately jumped at this suggestion. “Yes! Yes, that’s right. What’s a few miserable little Japanese pirates? I’ll wipe them off the face of our Great Ning! Hahahaha!”

[2c] Fu Qiuning could see that it was mostly bluster on Jin Fengju’s side, but decided not to bring it up. He did not have to know that she was serious about ‘running away should something bad happen’. This trip out into the unknown could potentially be her opportunity to get out and get away from the Jin Clan with the children, with Fu Qiuning’s mother and Concubine Luo, of course. While living on the run would be a less comfortable life than being inside an estate, this little trip outdoors could be a trial run to see how the children and her mother deal with the outside world.

[2c] Whether she ultimately decides to leave the Jin Clan or not, this trip would be invaluable to her.


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In a blink of an eye, it was time for them to set out.

“Second Brother, Sister-in-law, you must take care…”

The group had already said their farewells to Old Madam, Elder Madam as well as the other ladies at Health & Longevity Court. Jin Fengju was standing with Fu Qiuning, and Jiang Wanying as well as the rest of his women and children at the West Corner Gate, ready to depart. Jin Yanfang had led a line of maids and servants to the gate, seemingly reluctant to part with them.

Jin Fengju patted his [3] cousin’s shoulder and with a comforting smile, said, “No need to worry. Be sure to assist Elder Madam with the housekeeping. Second brother will reward you properly once I get back. Now, go and comfort the Old Ancestor and Madam Jiang. I’m sure they were holding back earlier when we said our farewells, but they must be in tears now. The old lady is getting on in years and cannot bear such extreme emotions.”

“If you know she cannot handle such things, you must make sure to look after your own safety,” said Jin Yanfang as she wiped her swollen eyes. She watched as Jin Fengju and the rest of his family got onto the carriages. She stood in place until the final carriage disappeared from sight. 

She turned away sadly, thinking: What would the future of the Duke of Jing’s estate be like now without Jin Fengju as this great pillar? Who could say? Also, just what on earth is happening? How did the once clear and bright sky suddenly turn cloudy? She really could not understand.


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“Let us head towards the dock. We shall take the canal route to Ningbo first. We will board a large ship and Ningbo and disembark at Quanzhou.”

[4] This was the first time Fu Qiuning heard about their travel arrangement. Jin Fengju had not told her anything about it all this time, not even about how long it would take, which had made it difficult for her to decide what and how much to pack. Even so, she managed to liaise with Jiang Wanying and both came up with a tentative and flexible packing plan. Money would be the most important, of course, since they could purchase whatever they needed along the way, so long as there were towns and cities. Also, light clothing, because the South would be warmer than the North.

[4] Fu Qiuning had made sure to pack light jackets and cotton clothes that could absorb sweat. Naturally, these were all put away with the luggage since it would be a while before they reached anywhere warm enough to be skipping about in light clothing. Instead, she made sure all the children wore layers, which could be put on or taken off as needed. Fortunately, although Jiang Wanying was hugely annoyed at having to even speak or look at her, she was still professional enough or at least wanted to appear competent when it came to packing things for the children.

[4] Second Madam Ying was at least receptive to logical suggestions that would potentially make her look good.

Inside the carriage, [4a] Jin Fengju and Fu Qiuning were seated with four of Jin Fengju’s daughters. Fu Qiuning had no idea why the girls were with them, especially since their mothers were seated in the other carriages. Surely Concubine Xu would like to have Jin Zhenyi and Jin Xiunan with her?

[4a] The boys had been placed together in another carriage, and Fu Qiuning quietly wished that maid good luck in controlling them, because Jin Zhenyi was already draping himself out the carriage window to better marvel at the scene outside. Jin Changfeng was doing his best to control his brother while Jin Zhenxuan sat in sullen silence as usual.

“…The sea route would take a little longer, but we could experience a lot more things this way. However, if you do not like the sea route, we could take the land route…”

[4] It was only after his voice trailed off that Fu Qiuning realised that he was not randomly rambling to himself. He was asking for her opinion. Right now. When they were already in the middle of their journey. Fu Qiuning stared at him in disbelief, then at the 400-odd people marching outside. That’s right, in addition to the Jin Clan servants, maids, Jin Fengju’s gaggle of children, his women, and their things, they were also accompanied by 100 guards and 300 imperial guards as well as the horses, and armour. Not to mention the food and water, tents and other various things needed to support this huge group of people.

[4] Fu Qiuning stared at him for such a long time that Jin Fengju nearly stuck his head out to yell at the people to change directions. Fortunately, she interrupted him to say, “No need. We are already on our way. Why change it now? Surely you have already made all the arrangements? Why even bring it up?”

[4] “That… Qiuning is right, the sea route is definitely safer. I have sent some officials on good terms with me ahead to oversee the routes. They are trustworthy people.”

[4b] “If that’s the case, why even bring up the land route?”

[4b] “That…” how could Jin Fengju ever admit that it was so that he could talk about his connections with the navy and show off just how deep his schemes against the Crown Prince ran? It was because of this that he did not mention the sea route at all to Fu Qiuning, even though they had talked a bit about the trip to Quanzhou. He had wanted to surprise her and let her know just what a great man she had married.

[4b] Meanwhile, only his daughters were quietly staring up at him. There was curiosity and amazement in Jin Xiuzhen’s eyes while Jin Changjiao and Jin Xiunan had this blank, sceptical look on their faces similar to their mother’s. As for the youngest, Concubine Cui’s daughter whose name escaped him just then, she looked a little uncertain being in Fu Qiuning’s lap.


[Gumihou: I think Jin Yanfang’s private lamentations about the lack of Sacred Pillar of the Clan Jin are probably meant to be poignant and proof of his importance to the family, but all I could think while translating her words was how freaking useless the lot of you sycophants are]

[Gumihou: I also threw shade on how JFJ did not know the youngest daughter’s name. At this point, I’m not even sure whether Author White Pear Flower knew her name. From now on, she will forever be Jin Xiuwho]


[1] Injecting a bit of realism in place of ‘uwu’

[2] Originally FQN’s apologist thoughts, switch it to JFJ’s character development dialogue. It’s necessary after all, since author seriously wanted him as ML.

[2a] FQN reaction that’s not: Ultimately, Jin Fengju was right. Actions have consequences, and Jiang Wanying and Aunt Huo choose their own path. If they were forced, then maybe there could be some understanding, but in this era, which man would tolerate his wives’ betrayal? No matter what heartbreaking reasons they may have, Jin Fengju had already shown remarkable tolerance.

Fu Qiuning: …wut?

Gumihou: I want to kick that woman in the face

[2b] Let’s go and point at the plot hole, having things super awkward is better than watching JFJ hahaha-ed the pirate incident and flirting with AR Qiuning.

[2c] Deleted: Seeing Jin Fengju so confident, Fu Qiuning naturally felt relieved. The couple chatted casually for a while until they were called for lunch, and then they stopped talking.

Gumihou: Did she swap scripts with that Jiang-

Fu Qiuning: Stop! Just… stop, please…

[3] In the original text, it was ‘little sister’, but Jin Yanfang is Madam Fang and Jin Shi’s daughter. Thus, making her his cousin, regardless of how she addresses him.

[4] Fu Qiuning’s reaction (and JFJ’s reaction) was out of proportion if it was something he had informed her before. Therefore prefaced it with ‘this was the first time she heard’. Also, logistics of packing. Let’s pack with Jiang Wanying.

[4a] Also, as a ‘heartwarming’ note moment, JFJ and FQN were talking about their trip ‘while hugging the children’, with not a single child making a single comment because they were all stuffed dolls or something. A few paragraphs later they transformed into puppies because they were all ‘bouncing about, not hearing a single thing’. Like, you are seriously twisting this per Word of God as you like, aren’t you White Pear Flower?

Finally, logistics issues. Are you seriously telling me the two adults are sitting in a single carriage with 7 children from ages 7 to 11? Seriously? For real? Are you sure? Especially when you have a ‘100 guards+300 imperial guards’ ? You cannot afford another 3 carriages to put the kids+their maids in?

Gumihou: You know what? I’ll arrange the carriages for you, since you don’t seem to know how to pack your people

[4b] Deleted:  Fu Qiuning hadn’t expected this and couldn’t help but express her surprise, “Such confidence? You are on good terms with all of them? Isn’t it impossible? Didn’t anyone try to compete for this opportunity?”

Because the original ‘if you don’t like the sea route’ question is meant to show off JFJ’s intelligence.


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