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Higher Level Wife – 188 – Tunes of Fatherhood

Chapter 188: Tunes of Fatherhood

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug

Gumihou: … I’m going to hate this chapter, I can feel it

Fu Qiuning: Not as much as I will hate ‘myself’

AR Qiuning: Kyaa~~ my hubby is such a great daddeeee~~

Gumihou: Also, did everyone a favour and let the kids be kids rather than daddee’s mouthpieces. Seriously, Jin Changfeng of all people kept sneering in this chapter. Dude? Wut?

Also, all the children seemed to have been possessed by the ghost of Jiang Wanying. Gumihou had to work over time performing an exorcism.


After singing two sections of the song called ‘The Local Girl’s Name is Feng Suzhen’, it was time for the evening meal. The Old Madam was very reluctant to let Fu Qiuning leave, still unwilling to let go of the source of such great entertainment. She wanted to hear at least two more songs, but then recalled that Fu Qiuning had spent too much time at the palace that day. She had only sung a few verses and would still have to prepare an entire play for the next day.

No, no, she must not be selfish. Fu Qiuning must conserve her energy for tomorrow. Who knows how late she would be working into the night preparing an entire play! After all, she, as the Old Madam, would be entering the palace with Fu Qiuning the next day. That’s right, with just a little more patience, she may be able to enjoy an entirely new opera tomorrow with Empress Dowager!

Thus, with that in mind, she ordered Luo Cui to escort Fu Qiuning away, along with the gaggle of children.

Fu Qiuning returned to Elegant Mansion to see Jin Fengju waiting for her. The man beamed and said, “Sister Yanfang and the Feng Family girls came looking for you. They all left when they heard you were not around. Since you will be entering the palace tomorrow, I knew that Old Madam would not hold you for long at Health & Longevity Court. You will certainly be busy in the coming days, I’m sure Yanfang will understand.”

[1] Fu Qiuning thought: And just whose fault it is that I’ll be busy in the next few days just so that they could take credit for my work? Not to mention, that old fox sitting in her courtyard is definitely your grandmother. The two of you are the same, pretending to be benevolent for a greater gain.

Not wanting to entertain this hypocrite any more, she merely nodded and said, “You’re right, I’m very tired. I shall go to bed now.”

“Naturally, naturally,” he laughed heartily. “No need to worry about my dinner, I had eaten with my father and uncle. They are both very happy for you~”

“Is that so? I am happy for them too.”

It was clear that the happiest person in this estate was the person in front of her. Look at him nearly bouncing all over the place, he was practically dancing with joy at the thought of having such a talented wife to show off. Not to mention, he could also stick up a middle finger at her maternal family and the faction they supported. As she made her way to her room, her head still resplendent with heavy jewellery, he was making those annoying ‘hei hei, hei hei’ sounds as he snickered and said, “Even though there are many who are happy, there are some who are very worried now~~”

When Fu Qiuning ignored him, he swished around her and hopped from foot to foot as he happily declared, “What’s wrong? Can’t you guess who it was? It’s your father and grandfather, ah~ they were at the Clear Jade Palace today too~ After you showed such an incredible talent, who knows how much they regretted it in their hearts, ah~~ as for that Prince Hong, he’s probably suspicious of that family too! After all, instead of humiliating me, Zhenjiang Palace has granted me a great boon instead! Hahaha! Isn’t this a funny turn? How fun is it to see them all flustered like that~!”

Instead of being awed by his words as he had expected, Fu Qiuning’s expression tightened. In a daze, he said in a baffled voice, “What is it? Isn’t this great news? Why do you look so unhappy? Are you really sad for your father and grandfather?”

Fu Qiuning looked at him for a moment, however, that baffled expression showed that he really had no idea what wrong he had done, like a dog who had peed on the cushion but still looked hurt when his owner scolded him. In the end, she sighed and said, “No matter what, they are still my father and grandfather. Am I supposed to take pleasure in their misfortune? Though the saying ‘marry a chicken, follow a chicken, marry a dog, follow the dog’ exists, am I not allowed to feel compassion for them? Not to mention, my poor mother… I may be out of my father and grandfather’s reach, but what of my mother? What if they vent their anger on my mother?”

Finally, the shoe seemed to have dropped on Jin Fengju’s head as his grin disappeared. He immediately pulled himself together, cleared his throat and said in a serious voice, “You are right. You shone so brightly today that your father and grandfather must regret alienating you all this while. In fact, they may even get your mother to ask you to come for a visit. When the time comes, we shall go and visit the palace. If your mother’s condition is not good, we shall take her out.”

Fu Qiuning thought: This arrogant person… however, since he is so arrogant and thinks himself so clever, I can make use of this. For the next few weeks until the Festival, not a single person within the duchy will dare to go against me. However, I can’t make it seem like I am asking for his favour. Otherwise, who knows what this weasel would demand in return? Therefore, the best way to play this is…

Fu Qiuning sighed tragically and stepped around Jin Fengju, “I am glad for the Young Marquis’s words. Though they are nothing but empty sentiments, I am nevertheless gladdened by them. After all, it is not like my father would ever let Mother be taken out of his inner court, dead or alive…”

As expected, Jin Fengju was immediately stimulated by this apparent slight towards his intelligence and influence. He skittered alongside her and began to babble, “What are you talking about? Even if we can’t find a good reason to take her out, we can always manufacture a reason. What’s more, have you never heard of the saying ‘the Favoured is Prideful’? Although the analogy is not quite the same, the fate of the All Nations Cultural Festival now rests upon your shoulders.

What if you can’t concentrate on the rehearsals due to your worry about your mother? See if that so-called father of yours dares to make trouble for you. If complaining doesn’t work, I, your husband, shall speak a few words before the Emperor. Let the Emperor and Empress Dowager decide the fate of the Zhenjiang Palace who dared to make trouble over a mere concubine. See what kind of trouble your father dares to make.”

It was just like Jin Fengju to brag on and on about his own abilities and conveniently forget about all the hurt and pain he had personally caused her, as though her pain had nothing to do with him. She cast him a sideways glance and said, “Looks like Lord Husband is still the cleverest of us all. My brain is too stupid to even think of such a plan.” [2a]

Jin Fengju laughed loudly, “Surely not! My Qiuning is both clever and benevolent. Ah, if you’re afraid that the Empress Dowager and the Emperor will think you’re arrogant, then rely on my favour for you. I love it when you ask me for help like this, it is only right for husband and wife to rely on each other. This way, we can develop an even more intimate relationship with each other. Ah, but since you will be entering the palace tomorrow and busy teaching the theatre troupe how to dance and sing and write music for the musicians, when would you find the time to meet your mother?”

Fu Qiuning rolled her eyes, [1b] “I wonder, just how did I get into this predicament? Who was the one who made me sing before the emperor and potentially anger my father to vent his temper on my poor, defenceless mother-”

[1b] “Goodness! What are the children doing!? I ought to check on their studies and fulfil my obligations as a parent!”

With that, he ran away towards the study. Fu Qiuning snorted to herself. At least the children will get to see their absent father for now. Letting out a long sigh, she trudged towards her room, ready to shed the palace finery and get ready to work.


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Jin Fengju rapidly walked away from Fu Qiuning’s side, his thoughts whirring busily: My poor Qiuning must have been so tired and exhausted from today’s visit to the palace. En, that’s why her temper is so spicy today. We must not blame her for it. Anyway, it’s about time I check on the children! Those two whelps had better not make trouble for Qiuning!

He walked quietly to the study, ready to catch those children in the middle of making trouble and to reprimand them sound on behalf of his beloved Qiuning. When he reached the study, he found to his amusement and anger, the children were not paying attention to their studies at all!

Jin Xiunan and Jin Changjiao had their embroidery frames in their hands, but Jin Changjiao had no thread on her needle while Jin Xiunan appeared to have sewn a leaf into the middle of her peony.

As for the boys, they were… quarrelling?


Jin Zhenyi looked very interested while Jin Changfeng looked uncomfortable. Jin Changfeng had a book on the table, but Jin Fengju noted that he had not turned a page from the moment he started spying on the children. Here, he thought that at least he had one son who could actually study hard.

“So, is it true that Mother’s singing is that good?”

“Humph, if you must know, Mother’s singing is much, much better than Mother Zhu’s,” Jin Changjiao snapped.

Jin Zhenyi looked at her for a long moment, then suddenly snapped his fingers, “I remember now! You mentioned this before at last year’s thing! At, at a moon viewing festival with Old Ancestor!”

Jin Changjiao flushed red. It was guilt staining her cheeks as she recalled how her mother had panicked and how Father had eventually started coming more often. Though she was glad to see Father more, she did not like seeing the cornered look in Mother’s eyes…

“Hey… isn’t this when Father started visiting Night Breeze Pavilion more often…”

His eyes widened in realisation.

Jin Changfeng coughed, “You are… not wrong…”

“…so, is that the reason why Father suddenly started visiting Night Breeze Pavilion?” asked Jin Xiunan quietly.

The twins exchanged a look. Jin Changjiao shrugged, “We grew up listening to Mother’s singing. Her singing is very good, but… we don’t really know exactly how good…”

Jin Zhenyi sighed, “I guess, if Second Mother really does have an amazing talent like that, it’s no wonder that Father ignores the rest of us.”

“Brother Zhenyi…” said Jin Changfeng.

“No, no, don’t even try to deny it. Even the emperor and the empress dowager are captivated, so I guess there’s really no escaping Second Mother’s charm…”

“Brother Zhenyi,” this time, it was Jin Xiunan who spoke.

Something in her voice must have alerted him somehow and he sat up straight. “Well, it can’t be helped, I guess since Second Mother is going to be busy, we should all stay quiet and do our best to stay out of her way.”

“You could also show me your homework,”

Jin Fengju’s voice rang through the study and all four children stiffened. The chatty Jin Zhenyi shut up, while the girls lowered their eyes on their embroidery. Only Jin Changfeng managed to look straight at him.

Jin Fengju coughed and said, “Zhenyi, you seem to have a lot to say, why don’t you show me what you have written?”

“This… here!” he grabbed the nearest bag on the table and started rifling to it, only to hear Jin Fengju say, “That is your brother’s bag. Are you trying to pass off your elder brother’s work as your own?”

Jin Zhenyi froze. It took him a moment to realise that he had indeed grabbed Jin Changfeng’s bag in his panic. He was about to grab his own bag when Jin Fengju went on to say, “Feng’er what are you reading? How long do you intend to stare at the same page? Oh? Isn’t this the Analects? Surely you have mastered this already? What are you doing now? Reviewing the old to learn the new?”

Jin Changfeng pressed his mouth together. He was indeed reviewing the old to learn the new, as taught by the teacher. However, Jin Fengju’s sarcastic tone indicates that he was only interested in criticising and not actually teaching. Sensing there was no point speaking up, he kept his silence. He had encountered this kind of senior at school after all and knew the best way to get them to stop was to not respond at all.

“Xiunan and Changjiao, have you come to the study to practice your feminine arts? Do you not understand the sanctity of the study and the laws of a noble family at all? Forget it, Jiao’er, you don’t even have a single thread in your needle. As for you, Xiunan, do the peonies you raised grow leaves in the middle of their flowers?”

Jin Xiunan and Jin Changjiao blushed.

None of the children dared to say anything even though they felt that their father had unfairly criticised them.

As for Jin Fengju, after being criticised indirectly by Fu Qiuning, felt a lot better now that he had played his role as a father to his children. He secretly sniggered and thought: This is the best part about being a father. When I was young my old father would also suddenly come and scold me for no reason. No wonder they say that ‘a daughter-in-law who endures for a thousand years becomes a mother-in-law’.


[Gumihou: The criticism from Jin Fengju to the children is canon. The author somehow expects us to see this as JFJ ‘lovingly educating’ his children and fostering a ‘warm relationship through teasing’, no willy-nilly criticising here! It’s all a joke! It’s not his fault if his children could not take a joke, hahah! In short, Jin Fengju is proudly perpetuating abuse to the next generation, a very good ‘father’ indeed. Still, it’s canon so Gumi has no choice but to include it.]


[1] Replace the kyaa~

[1a] Deleted: Fu Qiuning smiled and said, “I’ve been busy for half a day, and I am indeed tired. Thank you for understanding. Have you eaten? I had my meal earlier in Madam’s room. If you haven’t eaten yet, let the small kitchen make a few dishes…”

Go with a more ‘Bitch, I’m going to bed’ energy.

[1b] Deleted: Fu Qiuning said, “I’ll have to squeeze in some time. I can’t wait even for a moment when I think of my mother being mistreated and scolded in that place…

Replaced with ‘dude, who’s fault is all of this?

[2] Delete the kyaa~

[2a] However, there is one thing. Such a trivial matter shouldn’t involve the Empress Dowager and the Emperor. It would make people think that I am a presumptuous person. But since you are the number one favorite in front of the Emperor, even if you and our family aren’t on good terms, as long as you speak up, my father and grandfather wouldn’t have a reason not to give face to you. What do you think? Shall we return to the mansion tomorrow and make this matter happen?

This paragraph specifically serves to make JFJ look like a good-natured and benevolent person.

[2b] Thanks to [1b], the following cute exchange is gone: On such a hot day, where do you want me to go? I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay here and watch you work on these things. You know I enjoy watching plays.”

Before he finished speaking, he saw his wife raise her eyebrows slightly and said angrily, “Why waste words? The children have been sent to the study as soon as they entered the house. Shouldn’t you fulfill your responsibilities as a parent? Go to the study and watch them study and practice calligraphy.”

Fu Qiuning was usually indifferent to Jin Fengju, but since being with him, she occasionally showed a lively expression, like now, her fierce words didn’t make Jin Fengju feel disgusted. Instead, he found her even more charming and flirtatious. However, thinking about the heavy burden on her shoulders these days, he realized she didn’t have extra energy to deal with him. So he sighed, gave up, and walked out of the room towards the study.

[3] Nope to kids sneering and fussing like fragments of Jiang Wanying.

Some of the gems that had been deleted were:

Jin Changfeng’s mind wasn’t focused on the book, but Jin Zhenyi’s words immediately entered his ears. He raised his head and sneered, “Naturally, Mother’s play is the best. Usually, all of you say that Mother Zhu’s singing the best, but Mother’s play is a hundred times, a thousand times better than hers. Not only is it beautiful, but the plot of the play is also excellent. Compared to the plays we’ve heard before, Mother’s singing surpasses even a single finger of theirs.”

Jin Zhenyi was astonished and said, “Is it true? Is it really that good? I find it hard to believe. I’ve seen and heard countless plays since I was young. I refuse to believe that there isn’t a single one that can compare to Mother’s play.”

Jin Changfeng sneered, “Yes, my sister and I haven’t seen many plays, but so what? The plays performed in our mansion, which one isn’t the best? But they still can’t compare to Mother. Hmph, haven’t you thought about it? Ordinary things wouldn’t receive praise from the Emperor and Empress Dowager, let alone be bestowed with a fifth-rank imperial decree. This is a great favor. From this, you can see how good Mother’s play is. Do you still have doubts?”

Seriously, is that really Jin Changfeng? Going on and on like that? Have you swapped spirits with Jin Zhenyi?

In short, the children’s characteristics and dialogues were all over the place. If the dialogue tags were removed, it was impossible to tell who said what.

Anyway, just know that Gumi changed a whole lot of stuff. All four kids are protected under USMiC, and will not be abused for the shininess of Jin Fengju’s ass. has a new Membership System!!

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