Higher Level Wife – 094 – The Visit

Chapter 94: The Visit

Author: White Pear Flower

Raws: https://book.qidian.com/info/2386994/

Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


Gumihou: Okay, Gumi added stuff. Mostly because it really ought to be there like, have you forgotten that FQN is a transmigrator from modern communist China?!


Sure enough, three days later, an entourage from Zhenjiang Palace arrived. The official reason for their visit was that Qiuning’s mother was seriously ill and she missed her daughter very much. They entreated to invite her back to the palace for a visit.

Madam Jiang, who had already received instructions from her son earlier, merely said that she understands and allowed the people to return to the palace with the understanding that they could come and pick up Fu Qiuning from the marquisate the next day.

Early next day, Zhenjiang Palace’s Eight-Treasure carriage stopped before the marquisate’s west gate and several maids and female servants made their way to Madam Jiang’s courtyard. A little while later, a maid came out and led the entourage to Night Breeze Pavilion. [a] Right now, Fu Qiuning’s place was no longer the barren, simple place it was. The main house was extremely luxurious and filled with exquisite stuff. Even the cloth on the canopy bed was a tribute from overseas, a reward bestowed by the emperor.

Naturally, this was all arranged by Jin Fengju to give the impression that their Young Miss was not the abandoned wife she used to be, but was now the Young Marquis’ most beloved woman. The most beloved woman in his heart.

[b] It was in fact, all very gaudy and tacky. Fu Qiuning had to tell herself that all the shiny stuff was fake and some sort of very good stage props in order to maintain a cool head amidst the unnecessary glittering. Luckily, she had taken lessons in acting as part of her operatic background. That’s right, this is all fake. She is an actress playing the part of a rich young madam with a fake loving husband about to meet her equally fake loving maternal family in a fake rich backdrop.

After letting the entourage of maids and servants sing praises on the gorgeousness of the very nicely made-up backdrop for a while, Fu Qiuning finally addressed them, “I need to visit the Old Ancestor first. I need to entrust these two children to her before coming with you.” After that, she changed into a gorgeously made dress, complete with a black fox fur cloak that Jin Fengju had [a] especially ordered for the occasion. Then, she lead a pair of twins, also [a] very exquisitely dressed and accessorised, to Old Madam’s place.

After giving her salutations to the senior woman, Fu Qiuning proceeded to perform the song and dance about how it was vital that she had to go home and visit her sick mother. Several of the female servants also came up to give their greetings to the Old Madam. The Old Madam merely nodded at them and with a smile, said, “It is as it should be. Ever since Qiuning married into the marquisate, she had never returned to her maiden home. Her health had always been poor, which is why I have never felt comfortable letting her go. However, her health has improved a lot after all these years and, moreover, it is to visit her mother. In fact, it is about time that she pays a visit, regardless of her mother’s health. There is no reason for a daughter who had married out to not reunite with their mother after so many years, yes?

Only, although it is right for Qiuning to visit her ill mother and to wait on her and feed her medicines, considering the deep affection between the loving couple, and considering how the Young Master (Jin Fengju) is so busy dealing with so many stressful and difficult jobs, he needs a tender and caring person by his side to take care of him. Thus, if the palace could spare the people, our side would be grateful if you could send Qiuning back earlier. Once the busy period has passed for the Young Master, he will personally escort the palace’s beloved daughter back to her maternal home. I trust that such an arrangement would not be too inconvenient?”

When the maidservants heard this, they privately rejoiced and hastily replied, “Of course, of course, this is only natural. It is only right for married girls to follow their husbands. Since our Young Miss is already married, it is only right to put her husband first. This is merely a little trip to visit an ill parent. She shall return very soon. There is certainly no need for her to wait upon the sick, after all, an ill wind blows nobody good.”

Old Madam Jin appeared satisfied by their answer and nodded, “In that case, you should go quickly. The Elder Madam already knows about this matter, so there is no need to make a trip to her place. I shall send a maidservant over later to notify her.”

Fu Qiuning acknowledged the instruction. She stood up and saluted Old Madam Jin once more before taking the twins by the hand, instructing them firmly to listen to their great-grandmother, study hard and be patient with their brothers and sisters. After leaving a bunch of instructions, she finally left Old Madam’s courtyard.

[c] As she travelled with the entourage of maids and female servants, Fu Qiuning felt numb. She was about to leave the marquisate where she had been shut in from the moment she had transmigrated into this world. Although she had inherited some memory from her body, the information was little better than vague outlines of information that could have come out of a television. The previous Fu Qiuning must have been equally as numb and shocked as she was taken from the palace to the Marquisate on the day of her unhappy marriage.

[c] Zhenjiang Palace… What is that place like? Worse than Jinxiang Marquisate? Perhaps.

[d] That despicable father of hers had knowingly stuffed a helpless girl into an enemy’s nest just to thumb his nose at their face. That his daughter could have been tortured or killed did matter to him at all. Or, perhaps he was hoping that the Jinxiang Marquisate would cause her death so that he could demand reparation and humiliate them even further?

As for the Jinxiang marquisate, she has [b] no expectation for this bunch of rich, entitled bourgeoisie. They are at best rich, spoilt and entitled. At worse rich, spoilt, entitled, abusive and delight in trampling upon the powerless. [d] She should probably be grateful that they did not practice selling their children for benefits. Although, really, the children are currently too young at the moment for that just yet.


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As the carriage made its leisurely way to Zhenjiang Palace, Jin Fengju stood in his study, listening to Jin Ming’s report of how the Madam has already left the Marquisate for the palace.

As he gazed upon the plum blossoms in the courtyard, he suddenly chuckled and whispered, “Qiuning, your husband bids you good luck in your journey. May your journey be smooth and unimpeded, may you hold your head up high in the presence of your relatives.”

He suddenly turned to Jin Ming and said, “Change clothes, it is time to visit Prince Rong’s residence.”

“Aiyo, yes~” Jin Ming cheerfully accepted the order. In fact, Jin Fengju had long since been dressed for a visit to the prince’s palace. The order to ‘change clothes’ was merely throwing on an overcoat, which was already waiting on the side. Jin Ming bustled over to fetch the overcoat and assist Jin Fengju. As he was putting the coat on Jin Fengju, Jin Ming sighed, “Master can really hold your temper, ah. In the past three days, this lowly one’s heart felt like it was being scratched by cats. So itchy and so anxious, ah.

I’m worried that if Master keeps avoiding the palace, a rift would appear between Master and His Highness. Speaking of which, His Highness has been very reserved too. How cordial and affectionate is His Highness to Master, ah? He used to send us an invitation every two or three days. This time, it has been nearly half a month since our last visit.”

“That is because he believes that he is in the right, that all the fault is on my side, which is why he felt justified in ignoring me,” Jin Fengju sneered. Once Jin Ming had properly fastened the overcoat, he stepped outside. “Good, this time we should let him experience Prince Lie’s scheme, let him know just how dangerous the road he is stepping on now.”

At Prince Rong’s palace, when the door boy saw Jin Fengju, he quickly stepped forward with a flattering smile. Presumably having received instructions from Prince Rong, he said, “Young Marquis, our Highness is not feeling well…”

“I’m not here to see His Highness, I’m here to see the Princess Consort.” Jin Fengju cut him off directly. The servants at the door looked at each other uncertainly. They all seemed to be at a loss. He sneered and said, “Well? Don’t tell me the Princess Consort is sick as well? If so, why has no one said anything when the people came to pay respects to the Old Madam?”


With just this single line, all escape routes were cut off. While at a loss for what to do, Jin Ming snorted and said coldly, “What a daring servant you are, still not hurrying off to inform the Princess Consort? Even if the Princess Consort is unwell, surely she would still wish to know that her younger brother is here to see her. The one with the final word on whether our Young Marquis should visit could only come from the Princess Consort. Are you saying you have the authority to decide on the Princess Consort’s behalf? Still not hurrying off to inform her?”

Helpless, the doorkeeper could only back away and run off to deliver the message. Not long after that, he returned with a face wreathed in smiles and said respectfully to Jin Fengju, “Her Highness the Princess Consort bids the Young Marquis hurry in.”

With a ‘hmph’, Jin Fengju stepped through the side door and into the palace. Having visited this place many times, he naturally knew where his elder sister’s courtyard was.

He easily made his way to the courtyard and found maids already waiting for him. When they saw him, they all smiled and crowded around him to say, “Why hasn’t Young Marquis visited the palace lately? Her Highness talks about you every day, wondering when she’ll see you. His Highness says that you’ve been busy with official business lately and we servants thought that you must have gone to the Northwest or Jiangnan again.”

Jin Fengju laughed and replied, “Is that so? His Highness said I was too occupied with official business to come and visit? Is he in the Princess Consort’s room?”

The maids all laughed, “Well, His Highness was. He had been playing chess with Her Highness earlier. However, when he heard that Young Marquis is coming to visit, he suddenly raised his feet and left, saying that he had just remembered there were some account books left in the study that must be tended to at once.” By then, they had reached the entrance to the Princess Consort’s room. The maid pulled back the beaded curtains with a smile and announced, “Your Highness, the Young Marquis has arrived.”

Jin Fengju stepped through the door and found his sister with a welcoming smile on her face. She first pulled him in for a thorough inspection before shaking her head and saying, “As expected, you have lost weight. His Highness said that you have been so busy lately that you cannot spare the time from your official business to visit us. Even so, you should take care of your health. You are only in your twenties, but it is still possible to exhaust yourself. What would you do then?”

As she spoke, she pulled Jin Fengju and led him to a couch. She pushed the delicate snacks on the table towards him with a smile, “Have a taste, these are some of the new snacks made by the new chef in my palace. His Highness and I both love them. I know you like these kinds of snacks too. If you really like them, I shall send an order to the kitchen and have more of them made. I shall have some sent over to Old Ancestor and mother once they are ready.”

Jin Fengju picked up a piece of snack and nibbled at it. After a few more words were exchanged between brother and sister, he asked the Princess Consort. “Does Sister know where Brother-in-law is? I have something I wish to ask him about. However, he seems angry with me and has been refusing to see me.”

“Your relationship has always been good, why would he suddenly be angry at you? You’re His Highness’ most valued friend,” the Princess Consort was very surprised. She instructed a nearby maid, “Go and quietly find out where His Highness is. If someone questions you, say that I have asked the kitchen to make some snacks for him and you have been ordered to deliver them to him.”

The little maid acknowledged the order and left.

After that, Jin Fengju briefly explained what happened. After listening, the Princess Consort frowned and shook her head. “How could such a thing happen? Mother and Wanying are both too muddle-headed. That Prince Lie is too scheming. The most annoying thing is that our straightforward prince has fallen into someone else’s trap and has yet to realise it.”

A while later, the maid returned with news that His Highness was viewing the plum blossoms from the ‘Linfeng Pavilion’ in the flower garden. The Princess Consort smiled and said, “You should go over quickly. Once this matter has been explained, your brother-in-law’s heart will be set at ease. I have just been wondering why he had been wearing a frown these past few days. He appeared to have a lot on his mind and I believed that he must have been worried about affairs of the court. Turns out, you were the cause.”

Jin Fengju agreed and moved out. He immediately made for Linfeng Pavilion. He spotted Prince Rong’s personal eunuch dozing off against a rock under the pavilion. When the eunuch saw him, he leapt up to make his salute but Jin Fengju quickly shushed him. He whispered, “Dozing against a rock on such a day? Are you not afraid of catching a cold?” Without waiting for an answer, he made his way upstairs and soon stepped into Linfeng Pavilion.


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Right then, Prince Rong’s stomach was a tangle of knots. For a while now, he felt that Jin Fengju had betrayed him. Jin Fengju’s elder sister was his Princess Consort and his Brother-in-law had been there to advise him for so many years, one could say that he was a man with great dedication and loyalty. So, how could it be possible for him to harbour any evil intentions?

However, [e] thinking about how affectionately his formerly loyal Brother-in-law had acted with Prince Lie, [e] doubts crept up on him. The two had always been cold to each other, but [e] was that all an act for him to see? If he was not friendly with Prince Lie, why was he so perfunctory when he had tested him?

Could it be that Prince Lie had promised Jin Fengju some great benefit and changed his heart? But, what greater benefit could Prince Lie [e] offer that, he, Prince Rong, could not give him? Could it be that Eighth Brother had promised to split half the country with him once he sat on the dragon throne?

He thought so hard that his head nearly exploded when a familiar voice called from behind him, saying, “I heard that Brother-in-law is not feeling well. So why have you come here to freeze in the wind? Are you suffering from some terrible fever that needs cooling? Or is it that you need the wind to cool your expectations in life?”


Gumihou: I think the author is trying to show how superior JFJ is compared to the cowardly and stupid Prince Rong. There is also a surprisingly large amount of details re JFJ’s visit compared to FQN’s visit to the maternal family. That’s okay, Gumi will help you.

Speaking of which, here’s a tip if any of you gals (or guys in BL fiction) is suddenly dropped into the ancient world without support.

It is best to get yourself a stupid spouse.

Yes, a stupid spouse.

A stupid spouse is much easier to control and manipulate, they can be convinced to support and love you and only you. If they make a mistake and cheat on you or anything, they are also more likely to feel remorse compared to a cunning and insensitive creep like JFJ.

The best type of spouse should be: Stupid, financially independent, have few dependent relatives and preferably have no parents or other elders. Actually, this is a good advice for modern world spouses too.

[a] Description of the house was very grandiose with many allusions to Jin Fengju’s generosity and love. Gumi puts a sarcastic spin on the words. Seriously, this is why you shouldn’t piss off a writer.

[b] Why so few words about the FQN’s opinion of her suddenly rich surroundings? Have you run out of words? That’s alright, Gumi will help you~

Tapped into FQN’s operatic background and the fact that modern China is a communist country. Also, placed JFJ’s love on the same level as her maternal family’s ‘love’ for FQN.

[c] No thoughts about finally being outside of the house??!! Are you kidding?!?

Oh, I see, thinking about going outside would remind her of the last time FQN was outside, getting married to a certain Asshat. Well, that’s okay, Gumi will help you fill in that blank too.

[d] Prevention of Ass Polishing: Deleted: although Old Madam Jin and Jin Fengju were also poisoned by social etiquette at the beginning and did some scummy things, after getting along with them, she felt that they are still fair

That’s an apologist statement if I’ve ever seen one. Hahaha. Flipped the paragraphs and start off by saying how bad the Palace people are and then grudgingly make the Jin family out to be the better of the two. Though not by much.

[e] Added a bit more detail to Prince Rong’s thoughts to make him a little more than ‘a bumbling fool’ meant to be JFJ’s foil.


Pill Bug TL Notes:

[1] 马到功成 A Chinese idiom, means “having a smooth journey, achieving success as soon as you start”. Gumihou has changed the sentence into something more straightforward.


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