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Tondemo Skill – 407 – Sorry

Chapter 407: Sorry

Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou

Gumihou: … an action AND dialogue packed chapter? *Sighs & cracks knuckles*


Fer suddenly stopped running.

“What is it?” I asked and immediately started looking around.

“Something’s not right…”

“What is it?” I asked again.

“We have gone through the entire floor. Did the oracle from God specifically said the 20th floor?”

“Yes? Demiurgos-sama told me to have a good look around the 20th floor.”

“”Puhahaha! And Fer was all ‘I can sense these things easily’, hahaha!””


Fer was beginning to get angry. I could feel his muscles tense up. “Gunununu…”

““Is Uncle Fer done yet? Sui wants to defeat more stone monsters~””

“Ahaha…Sui…” please read the atmosphere? Your Uncle Fer is getting really angry…

“Grrr… food! Make me some! My senses must have been dulled due to the lack of food!”

“Oh, yes, that must be it. I’m hungry too, hahaha.” I said, “I’ll make something now.”

“”Yay~ Food~””

“”Eh, want me to find a good spot for you?”” Dora-chan asked.

“Hold on,” I said as I took out the dungeon map that Tristan-san had given me, “Hmm, there’s a safe room just a little further down that way.”

“”Let’s go!””

Thus, we made our way to the first safe area of the dungeon.


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When we reached the safe area, there were three other Adventure parties gathered there. Aside from being monster free, there was also a fountain in the middle, bubbling clear spring water.

My group moved to a vacant place even as eyes stared at us. I felt a little uncomfortable, but looked back at them discreetly. There were only men today, not a single female Adventurer in sight.

Still, no one came up to us as we settled in our corner. I decided to take this opportunity to speak with Sui regarding her wanton destruction of other people’s prey.

[4] “”Sui, come over here,”” I said.

“”Yes, Aruji~?””

“”Ahem, before this, didn’t I tell you not to attack monsters that are already fighting other people?””


“”So, why did you do it?””

“”Mu, they are bad monsters. Sui gets to defeat bad monsters, right?””

“”… think of it this way, when you are fighting a monster, suddenly another person came and defeats the monster you have worked hard fighting, how would you feel?””

“”Hmm… Sui will feel bad…””

“”Right? It’s like having your prey stolen by others, isn’t it?””


Sui had been bouncing about earlier, but now she had flattened herself a little, looking embarrassed and defensive.

““So, do you know what to do next time?””

“”Not defeat monsters attacked by others…?”

“”Excellent, well, don’t do it until they asked for our help. You heard a group called for help today, right?””

“”Yeah! So, so, Sui could defeat the fighting monsters if the people are weak and ask for help~?””

“”Yes, very good Sui. Sui is so clever~””

“”Hehehe, Sui is clever~””

“”Oi, hurry up with the food!””

“”Ugh, I’m feeling hungry too…””

“”Yes, yes, I hope you’re fine with pre-made food since there are others around…”

“”So long as it’s meat, it’s fine.””

“”Same here!””

While I was poking about my [Item Box] for dishes and pre-made food, a stranger called out.

“Hey, you have a moment?”

“Hm? Yes?”

The person who called out to me was a tough-looking Adventurer in his 30s. Next to him were two beastmen with dog ears and tails, the beastmen looked quite similar, so they were probably brothers or cousins. The fourth person in their party was a slender man in mage robes.

“You saved us back there, thank you,” the tough-looking Adventurer said.

The other three echoed his thanks.

Then, one of the beastmen said, “Hey, uh, so you just rushed by us without giving us a chance to say thank you.”

“Yeah, and you left all the Drop items too,” chimed in the other beastmen.

“We really owe you our lives, so we can’t take the Drops as well,” said the mage. [8] “If nothing else, this should belong to you since you defeated the Gargoyles.”

The man held out a small, slightly dull-looking blue gem out.

“No, no, it’s fine. Please keep it.”


The four of them looked troubled.

I understand why they would feel bad about taking the Drops when Sui was the one who killed off the Gargoyles. However, considering what had happened on this floor, I felt equally bad taking the Drops from these guys.

“Well, the truth is, Sui had, um, been killing off most of the Gargoyles we saw on this floor. That is… you’re not the only one we had… helped. You’re the only ones who asked for help.”

“Oh?” the four Adventurers looked dumbfounded.

“Yes, I mean. We’ve been rushing through the floors and well, we have no intention of taking the Drops. Sui just wanted to… kill stuff, so you’re welcome to the Dropped items.”

“Is that so? Then, I guess it’s fine for us to keep the items?”

“Please do.”

I noticed that Adventurers from the other two parties had been sitting particularly still. When I mentioned that we had no intention of collecting the Drops, their shoulders relaxed.

Suddenly, one of them laughed and called over, “Hey, by any chance your Slime is the one who attacked those Gargoyles?”

“Uh, yes. Her name’s Sui. Sorry…”

“Hoh hou, ours were also blasted by powerful Acid Bullet too!” exclaimed the people from the third Adventurer’s party.

“Sorry, sorry,” I could only apologise for this breach of etiquette. “I’ll be educating my Slime about this.”

“Haha, it’s fine. I mean, while it’s good of you to let us keep the Drop items, and we do understand the situation, it’s still best to make sure your familiars understand. Some people could make trouble over this.”

“Of course, of course, I’ve already explained it all to Sui. It shouldn’t happen again.” I really hope it wouldn’t happen again…

“”Oi, food!””

“”Yeah! Food!””

“Ah, excuse me, I need to feed my familiars. They would get really cranky otherwise.”

I reached into my [Item Box] and pulled out a basket containing hotdogs stuffed in bread I had gotten from the orphanage and a large pot.

While I was doing all this, the other Adventurers were studying Fer and Dora-chan.

“Hey, um, one of your familiar is a Fenrir, right?”


“I knew it!”


“Eh, there’s no need to hide it. It’s not like it’s classified information or anything, right? We all heard that an Adventurer with a Fenrir as a familiar is coming to this country.”

“With the sole intention of clearing the dungeon.”

“Yeah, I heard that too! Your party is famous for clearing dungeons.”

“There’s talk that the S Rank Tamer would be travelling with a little dragon and a Special Slime too.”

The Adventurers were mostly talking among themselves now. Wow, even Dora-chan and Sui had become famous. I guess I should have expected this since Adventurers who could reach the 20th floor would be C Rankers or higher. Which meant they would be able to recognise Fer for what he really is. Although, having Dora-chan flying around was a dead giveaway…

“Hey, what do Fenrirs eat anyway? Raw meat?”

“No, why would I eat raw meat now?”

“Woah, it spoke!”

The curious Adventurers leapt back in surprise.

“Well, he basically eats whatever humans eat. Today’s meal is Bolognese Dogs. It’s basically sausages stuffed in bread and topped with a stewed tomato meat sauce.”

I quickly arranged the Bolognese Dogs and placed them in front of my familiars.

Umu, delicious…”

“… …”

The others were staring silently as my familiars ate.

““Aruji~ seconds~~”

“”Here too!””


“Yes, yes,” I said as I assembled more.

“… I must say the familiars are getting better food than what I regularly eat,” someone muttered.

“My food can’t be compared to a Slime’s dinner…”

“Grr, you aren’t getting my food!” Fer suddenly barked.

Everyone jumped, including me.

“O-oi, Fer, you don’t have to be so extreme…”

“It’s normal for food to be reduced if others ate,” he snorted.

“Calm down Fer, we have plenty of food.”

We really do. To prove it, I placed more food on my familiar’s plate and assembled more for the other Adventurers. Everyone got about two Bolognese Dogs each.

It was nice to receive their thanks, but I’m kind of uncomfortable receiving tearful thanks from a bunch of men…

I would certainly like it better if a woman were to thank me instead…


[Gumihou: Yeah, took a lot of liberties.]


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[8] Creative Licence Taken – Yeah, deleted the mage’s dialogue of thank you, thank you and have him take the ‘tough-looking Adventurer’s’ dialogue and action instead. Otherwise, the people here appeared more like sock puppets than actual characters.


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