You are currently viewing Volume 1 – 01 – Makia is Born into a Count Family

Volume 1 – 01 – Makia is Born into a Count Family

Volume 1, Chapter 001: Makia is Born into a Count Family

 Author: かっぱ同盟/友麻碧


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Pill Bug



What an impossible existence…

Not… that I am in the position to say such a thing… somehow I was killed by that guy again.

I am kind of hurt by it too. I mean, aren’t we just high-schoolers? Absolutely harmless high-schoolers that would never harm either humans or animals.

Is this some kind of punishment for all the sins we had committed back when we were demon kings?

Ahh, this nostalgic air. My body is breathing in actual air after such a long time.

I can hear a lullaby.

I am…a baby?

Moreover, an uncute baby who barely cry and a faraway look in my eyes.


It can’t be helped.


I am born knowing the language of this world and fully retained the memories from my previous two lives.

“Makia is such a good girl~ What a lovely and quiet baby. It’s so easy to take care of you~”

Hello, new mother.

Looks like I once more, am born with bright red hair and large blue cat-like eyes of the Crimson Witch era.

My name in this world is Makia Odelle.

Still, I’m quite the incredible baby.

I should know this, since I have somehow retained my magical powers.

When I was the Crimson Witch, I had eyes which could judge magical strengths, see the future, and estimate the potential of a person just by knowing their name. It turns out I could still do the same in this world.

“Now Makia, I think we have enough of the sun, so let’s go home now,”

This is my father. A man with a rather foppish beard and a noble appearance.

Mother is a beautiful woman with brilliant red hair. When I was a Demon King, I kept my 17-years-old appearance for a long time. However, I would’ve liked to achieve this kind of mature, lady-like appearance if I ever grow to look older.

Now then, does this mean I have atoned for my sins for the past two lives?


To be born again in Maydea, moreover as the daughter of a loving aristocratic family in the Southern Continent… Moreover, my parents appeared to be good people.


I am sorry that your child is the reincarnation of the most notorious Demon King in the history of this world. With parents who can barely sense magical power, they can’t know how horrifying I am.

This is a different Maydea.

Different from the Maydea of 2000 years ago where I reigned as Demon King.

I have been reborn into a rural aristocratic family in the Southern Continent where Demon Kings did not exist.

I did not hate my previous life as an ordinary high-schooler either. I had enjoyed life as a mediocre girl with no magical powers, with only simple worries to occupy my days.

I could not help but remember Tooru and Yuri, who had been in the same situation as I had been.

What happened to those two?

If we have an unspeakable connection with each other, surely we must have reincarnated together somewhere into this world at the same time.

I wonder if we will meet again someday…


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