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Tondemo Skill – 338 – The Pantheon on the Edge

Chapter 338: The Pantheon on the Edge


Translated by Zzonkedd

Edited by Gumihou and Onionpi

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“Haaah… baths are the best…”


“”I’ve had plenty of baths now, but it still feels incredible~””

“”It’s nice~~””

I closed the day with a bath with Dora-chan and Sui as usual.

Even though I barely did any work, my body still felt stiff from the unfamiliar farm work.

[5] Tonight, I used the new chamomile scented bath salts. It has a sweeter scent, different from the rather sharp refreshing scent of citrus but it was not bad at all.

Anyway, I do believe the Japanese habit of taking baths every day is a good thing. [2] Personally, I could have settled down and lived an idyllic life of baths, food, [8] maybe a little light exercise doing farm work or hunting to supplement my diet but my familiars could never conform to this kind of lifestyle.

They were already clamouring to visit some new dungeon they had never been before and I could no longer delay the inevitable…

Haaahh… I really don’t want to go to a dungeon…

[8] While soaking away my body’s physical tiredness, my mind continued to ponder over various thoughts.



[6] “… …” did that second sound come from Dora-chan? [1] He sounded like an old man.

I opened my eyes to see Dora-chan floating on his back, eyes closed and scratching his belly.

My, my, he really does look like an old man.

I laughed a little before finding my eyes closing again.

Arrgh, I had better get out before I actually fall asleep in the bath. It just feels too good to soak in the scented hot water. [5]

“Sui, time to get out of the bath~”

Sui continued to float in the water.

“Sui? Are you asleep?”


[5] “Eh? For real? Goodness.”

I had to make Dora-chan get out of the bath and wipe him down. I did the same with Sui who remained asleep [6] even when I gave Dora-chan her fruit milk.

“Right, I got something to do so could you-”

“”Yeah, yeah, I’ll take Sui with me upstairs.””

[8] “Really? She’s bigger than you…”

Without answering, Dora-chan grabbed Sui, who was just a little larger than him in size and flew upstairs.

[8] “…right, well, since that’s taken care of…” I made my way to the living room after changing into a set of sweatshirts and trousers instead of my pyjamas. [5] I don’t intend to appear before the pantheon in my sleepwear despite how sleepy I am.

Anyway, I sat down in the living room chair and called out, [3] “Everyone, are you there?”


“You’re here! I was getting tired of waiting!”

“Welcome back, it’s good to see you.”

“Yo! It’s great to see you!”

“I’ve been waiting…”

“You’re here!”


Well, it certainly looks like everyone had been waiting on the side. [1] But, surely you haven’t been waiting this whole time?

“Yes, we have! We’ve been here since you started choosing the offerings for us. I can’t help it, all those options are just so, so exciting to look at!”

[8] “… wait, that means you’ve been waiting since this morning and… while I was at the bath? Are you saying you watched me in the bath!?”


“O-of course not! We waited for you outside the bathroom door, right? Everyone, we waited outside the bath, remember that,” came Kishar-sama’s stern voice.

“Y-yes, Kishar is right, we were right outside the bathroom. It was a very long bath by the way!”

“Yup, yup!”

“It was a long wait…”

“Aah, the two of us were busy discussing the types of whiskey you’ve chosen for us.”

“Yeah, I wonder why they tasted like.”

[8] “… …” I still felt somewhat violated but I can’t prove anything one way or another. I had already given them their bonus items yesterday but I guess that’s not enough to quell their excitement.

Sighing, I decided to ignore reality and said, “It’s a month’s worth of stuff, so I’ll be sending them over in their boxes. Please check the contents before taking them away. Right, first up, Ninril-sama.”

I placed the many boxes of diabetes-inducing snacks on the living room table and pressed my hands together, “I’ve selected desserts and snacks with an emphasis on dorayaki snacks. Please receive it.”

“Thank you~~ Uwaan~~ My long-awaited dorayaki~~”

The boxes disappeared with a flash of light.

There was a rattling, ripping sounds of a box being opened, the crinkle of plastic being torn apart and then, “Dorayaki~~ Sho yummyy~~~”

…right, let’s move on.

I took out Kishar-sama’s single box and placed it on the table.

“Kishar-sama, please receive this offering from me.” [5] [8] “Th-thank you! My toner and cream… you’ve just saved my life. I- I’m so glad…” [5]

Woah, that sounded a little too heartfelt. I wonder just how much she depended on beauty products?

“My beauties, my precious, precious beauties…”

“Ahem, next up is Agni-sama.”

It took me some time to arrange all the boxes and crates of beers on the table. The cans of beer are heavy… A clap of hand and a flash of light later…

[6] Clack, fshhh…

[9] “Puhaah!! My favourite beer! Gulp. This is awesome. The beer I got yesterday was so delicious that I already drank them all. Cheers to more beer!”

Already… drank all…?

Would she be able to last a whole month on the current supply of beer? I had thought it was a lot when piled on the dining table but now…

Oh well, that’s none of my business.

“I am next. My ice-cream, please.”

Ah, Ruka-sama is getting impatient.

I pulled out the many boxes that contained Ruka-sama’s treats and sent them off.

“Right, here’s Ruka-sama’s portion.”

“Many thanks, ice-cream. It’s ice-cream~”

Looks like she really loves ice-cream.

“Us next!!”

“Yes, yes,” I arranged the heavy boxes of liquor on the table.

“Our long-awaited whiskey!”

“Oohh, this is going to be epic!”

“Yesterday’s whiskey was incredible but I look forward to trying more.”

“Yeah, yesterday’s whiskey was divine but trying out new things is important too!”

A flash of light later. [5]


“As expected of Mukouda-san!”

“Hey, let’s try this one!”


The conversation later devolved into babbling as some of the gods and goddesses cried over their offering.

“Well, now that my work here is done. Let’s go to sleep.”


[Gumihou: Too many dialogues changed or at least shortened… 90% of dialogues had been altered, shortened or reworked]


[1] Structural Change: Combine 2 paragraphs

[2] Structural Change: Combine 3 paragraphs

[3] Structural Change: Combine paragraph & dialogue

[4] Structural Change: Change passive sentence to dialogue

[5] Delete Repetitive or Pointless Information

[6] Additional Information for Aesthetic Purpose

[7] Add Dialogue Tag

[8] Creative Licence Taken – Added Details to Mukouda’s story since it’s a little sparse.

[9] Pantheon dialogues – adjusted so that it’s more than just ‘we’ve been waiting! > Yay, stuff!’ over and over again. Also, insert some individuality into the dialogues.


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  1. ruisovii

    He forgot the Creation God, like he did pick some Premium Saké and Snacks for him.

  2. Philip

    Right, I remember that POV change before, when Demiurgos checked on the punished gods. Well, after such a long break it looks like few or none will be able to not consume everything they received in just a couple days.
    Thanks for the second chapter this week! Awesome translation and editing as always! May God bless you!

  3. Gackt1

    I doubt it can even last a week, let alone a month

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    Yeah those DEFINITELY won’t last a whole month, also unlike the others ruka has proven to be the patient type, I wonder if she’s only pretending to be desperate so the others won’t suspect

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      She’s probably closed to running out of cakes and ice-cream. Her ‘special bonus’ offering was a cured meat gift set. So, she must be wanting something sweet.

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