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Higher Level Wife – 025 – Staying Overnight

Chapter 25: Staying Overnight


Translated by Pill Bug

Edited by Gumihou


Fu Qiuning nearly choked on a mouthful of Shepherd’s Purse Dumpling. While doing her best to swallow with much difficulty, she thought: After all my efforts to distract him, he still remembers those things. Whatever, I don’t care anymore. He can eat whatever he likes. Humph, he’s probably like one of those modern-day rich second generation young masters who grew up on mountain treasures and fresh seafood and thinks ordinary street food like these are something fresh and delicious.

Indeed, as if to prove her theory right, Jin Fengju took one bite of the pastry, declared it delicious and proceeded to polish off half a large bowl of Shepherd’s Purse Dumplings. His chopsticks barely touched the meat dishes. Seeing this, Fu Qiuning did not bother with courtesy anymore and instead shifted the meat and tendons into Changfeng and Changjiao’s bowls.

However, the two siblings suddenly chimed up together, “Mother, this is such a rare dish, father should eat more of it. It’s fine for us to eat the Shepherd’s Purse Dumplings.”

Fu Qiuning thought: Oh, you two little traitors. Have you already forgotten how your father treated you before? His attitude went beyond cruel and unscrupulous, and yet, after seeing how well you’ve grown up, he decided to switch his attitude with you and gave you a little benefit. How could you just lean over to his side after receiving this meagre attention?

Even while she cursed the father and admonished the children privately, her mouth opened to say, “Your father doesn’t like these. He likes the dumplings, so make sure you eat more of the meat.”

As for Jin Fengju, just what kind of person was he? How could he not see the tattered edges of destitution hovering around this family? Working with Fu Qiuning, he played his part and said, “That’s right, your father doesn’t like meat. You two eat more of it.”

Instead, he picked up another piece of the pastry and said, “What did you say this vegetable is? How have I not come across it before?”

Privately, Fu Qiuning cursed him: If you want to eat, just eat. Why all these questions? Want me to tell you we dug these out of the ground? Naturally, she could not reveal any of this. She did not want to let Jin Fengju know just how poor they were. Otherwise, he would bestow more things at them and find excuses to visit them more. What that starts to happen, not only would he attract the evil eyes of his women, but an unbreakable connection between herself and this marquisate would also be established.

After some careful thought, she said, “It’s not some rare vegetable. This is called Shepherd’s Purse. It’s just not something that would often appear in noble dining halls. I just happened to like its taste and prepared some. I had not expected the Young Marquis to like them too.”

Jin Fengju laughed and said, “There’s certainly a unique taste to it.” He ate a few more dumplings, grabbed two more pieces of eggs and smiled, “I’ve been busy outside these days and even had a few imperial meals bestowed to me, but I never had such a satisfying meal.” He turned to Yu Jie, “Go and brew two cups of tea.”

Fu Qiuning secretly rolled her eyes, thinking: Young Marquis, you have really made yourself at home, ah. Look at you ordering my maid as though she’s one of your people.

She cast a disgruntled eye at her innocent maid, who had never seen the world before, nearly floating off the ground after receiving a direct order from the ‘most beautiful man in the city’ that did not contain any kind of threats, veiled or otherwise.

“Be sure to brew the newly bought tea from last time,” Fu Qiuning quickly called after her, worried that her maid would serve the customary Green Plum Herb Tea again.

“Newly bought tea?” Jin Fengju’s puzzled voice made her freeze. “Where did you buy the tea?”

Realising her mistake, Fu Qiuning quickly whispered, “I have misspoken in my haste. The newly received tea.”

Jin Fengju gave a little smile and said gently, “There’s no need for that. I like the tea from last time. Didn’t you say that drinking this tea will strengthen one’s health?

Fu Qiuning did not answer, instead, she thought: Do you really need Green Plum Herb Tea to strengthen your immunity? What nonsense, just look at your powerful body. As someone who practices martial arts, doing a full workout every morning is better than drinking 10 bowls of Plum Herb Tea, you know?

Fortunately, Yu Jie still had the mind to obey her. The tea she had specially ordered Zhang San to bring back could be considered fairly good. Unfortunately, it was barely good enough for Jin Fengju to rinse his mouth. After half a cup later, he set the tea down and did not drink anymore.

By now, Fu Qiuning and the two children were almost done with their food. Yu Jie had packed up a separate meal for Jin Ming, and after the maids ate the leftovers, they packed up the detritus of dinner. By the time all this was done, the sky had completely darkened.

Fu Qiuning finally had to acknowledge that Jin Fengju really had no intention of leaving and was starting to become anxious again: Wei, are you really going to spend the night here? She mustered the cheek to politely remind the man,” My lord, the sky is completely dark, why don’t this humble woman lend a lantern to Steward Jin? This place is separated from the inner court by the flower garden. I heard that no young ladies are living there now.”

Jin Fengju nodded and said, “En, the garden is still fine when there were more people there. However, the marquisate only has two unmarried girls now and they dare not live alone in such a large space.” He stood up and stretched out his back lazily before saying, “Since it has gotten so late, I can’t be bothered to cross that dark garden. I shall rest here with you. Feng’er, Jiao’er, follow father to the study. I wish to see your large character writing.”

Fu Qiuning very nearly passed out. She would have really fainted if Jin Fengju had displayed any dubious ‘intentions’ towards her. [1] Luckily, she sensed no such ambiguous behaviour from him. Did he… just want to stay here because he’s too lazy to go back? Or were there other reasons?

[1] She was just pondering over this when she heard Jin Ming’s trotting footsteps running after the Young Marquis and heard him say, “Master, if you plan to stay, should I send word to Second Madam?”

“No need, if those women sleep a little less at night, they might not have the energy to battle each other so enthusiastically during the day.” After throwing down that final retort, Jin Fengju grasped the siblings’ little hands and walked away.

[1] Ohoho, thought Fu Qiuning: Trouble with the missus? The many missusses? Well, if he wants to hide out here, I can make the arrangements so long as you don’t touch my bottom line.

After some thought, Fu Qiuning quickly settled the sleeping arrangements. [1] Since he did not object to the children’s presence, she arranged for Jin Fengju to sleep with the twins on the largest kang bed. Meanwhile, she packed herself off to sleep with Yu Jie and Aunt Yu on their kang bed in the side room.

With the weather warming up, there was no need to burn so many coals at night, but it was still a little chilly. [1] Too bad they don’t have enough coals for a third kang bed so Jin Ming would just have to huddle the best he could on a cold bed. Perhaps, that servant would feel so uncomfortable that he would persuade his master to come less in the future for the sake of everyone’s peace of mind.

Once the sleeping arrangements were done, she sat down by the kang bed. The place was so quiet that she could hear the clear familiar voices of children reading in the study. Fu Qiuning shook her head, thinking: Looks like the Young Marquis is really taking an interest in his children. However, I hope that this is a mere three-minute enthusiasm. Otherwise, if he continues to visit them in the future, our life would be even more troubled. Everything else aside, how am I going to keep feeding him? This one meal alone already swallowed up three days’ worth of food budget.

As she continued to wait, [1] plagued by vague thoughts of calamity and disasters, time continued to march on. Finally, Jin Fengju appeared with the two children, “It’s not early anymore. I believe it’s time to rest, these two little ones also look quite sleepy.”

Fu Qiuning nodded and led him to the inner room. The bedding had already been laid out over the heated bed. The room felt cosy and comfortable. When Jin Fengju noticed that Fu Qiuning had taken herself off once she had led them here, he was even more satisfied. This Fu Qiuning certainly knew when to advance and when to retreat. From the moment he crossed into this courtyard, [1] despite the little signals of hostility from her, every little arrangement had been made with his comfort in mind.

The reason he stayed the night was also to test Fu Qiuning’s intentions. If the other side had intended to use this opportunity to entangle with him, then he would not have kept this woman around. However, if the woman continued to act indifferent, he would let her stay in the courtyard and raise his children.

What he wanted was this sense of indifference, the ability to put oneself above all desires and personal feelings. The fact that she continued to treat him with courtesy despite the resentment she must have felt as an abandoned woman already earned his approval. However, it was inevitable for a discarded wife to not feel excited about her husband suddenly deciding to stay at her place. She would ultimately misunderstand his intention and could not restrain herself from taking the opportunity to cosy up to her husband and improve relationships to strengthen her status in the family.


[Gumihou: …Jin Fengju, go erase yourself]

Also, more kang beds!

Gumihou’s Notes:

[1] Added Details for Clarification: Also, give FQN’s stream of consciousness thoughts more details for realism and information. As usual, Gumi made her little changes here and there.


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