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Okonomiyaki Chain Store – 04 – Osaka’s Auntie Captured the Dungeon

Part 1: Osaka’s Auntie Transformed into a Beautiful Girl

Chapter 04 – Osaka’s Auntie Captured the Dungeon



“This, just how far does this basement go? It feels just like climbing the Harukas’s never-ending staircase.”

There’s a 300-meter tall building called the Abeno Harukas next to the Tennouji. It’s a commercial building, and more importantly, the tallest building in Japan at that time.


[Gumihou’s Note: Japanese people really like tall buildings, tall structures impressed them because of their unstable environment, earthquakes, typhoons etc., therefore to them tall buildings are a reflection of ultimate engineering and architectural genius.]


Haruna managed to make it Level 30 without any injuries.

All the way down to this level, she did not encounter any other Adventurers, so it did become kind of lonely.

Furthermore, although there’s a legend that indicated that the Old Saxon dungeon extended all the way to Level 50, the current record for the deepest dungeon exploration was only down to Level 37.

Like most dungeons, the deeper one goes, the possibility of a monster dropping a magic stone increases. At any rate, monsters seemed to be a naturally occurring thing. Thanks to this, Adventurers were able to make a living by coming to this dungeon to hunt for monsters.

If Haruna had decided to put in the effort, she could easily break the level 50 record, however, it seemed that Haruno did not have such awareness in her head.

“How far am I supposed to walk? It feels like I’m walking from Osaka to Nishikujo, ya wa.”

As Haruna grumbled and complained to herself, she continued to hunt monsters and collect magic stones.

“I guess, this feeling of making money, it’s not bad, not bad at all.”

That day she stopped at Level 30 and returned to the surface.


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Naturally, she went to the exchanged her magic stones for 50 gold coins at the Guild. Giving Loofa yet another shock.

“Um… this… these are all collected in a single day’s trip to the dungeons?”

At level 30 forward, the creatures that drop things like magic stones will drop higher quality stuff. On top of that, because Adventurers rarely made it to the deeper levels, the items from the deep levels were rarely circulated in the market, making them even more valuable.


“Yup! By the way, is this really a lot?”

The value of one gold coin was worth about 50, 000 Japanese yen.

“Oooh, what a princely sum, I can live well from this for at least a year…”

“Yes, I’m all fired up now, wa!”

Haruna’s merchant instincts clearly recognised the profitability level of this job.


She got so motivated that she dived back into the dungeons again. However, since it’s annoying to keep going back and forth from the surface into the deeper levels, she made Level 30 into a temporary headquarters.

After that, nothing was heard within the deeper of the dungeons but the sounds of ‘Tei! Tei!’, slashing of the sword, interspersed with the occasional barehanded strikes. At any rate, her modus operandi was to beat up as many enemies as possible. Once the monsters have turned into magic stones, she would collect the lot.


At the end of the busy week where she spent all her time collecting stuff and fighting monsters, the Guild exchange rate office yielded a total of 400 pieces of gold coins for her items.


“Aaah~ I feel like a celebrity, wa~ Like I should be buying a second holiday home in Awajishima.”

That’s one life problem gone from her plate.

Once, she encountered a snatch thief. Naturally, she went after the poor misguided guy immediately.

“What are you doing, ya! You, go and earn money on your own!”

With Haruna’s status, chasing after a bike riding snatch thief was a piece of cake.

Passersby who witnessed this chase was stunned.

“That Female Adventurer is a monster…”

“She ran like a tiger after that guy…”

Were the words that floated in the wake of her rushing passed them. Her great confidence in her leg power made chasing the purse snatcher a simple thing.

From that day onwards, no one was foolish enough to try and rob Haruna.




Well, now that Haruna had solved the issue of her daily expenses-

Thanks to the wriggle room she had gained from all her monster-killing earnings, she began to turn her attention towards something other than making money.

Setting up a headquarter at Level 30 of the dungeon was not something that could be done by most Adventurers. A lot of Adventurers actually ended up in deep trouble by the time they hit Level 15, having used up all of their items. In fact, there were quite a lot of dead Adventurers on this level.

For the most part, people who died in the dungeon would have their equipment and other valuable things are taken away. There was actually no rule against corpse robbing. The Adventurers world was one of survival of the fittest, where the weak became food for the strong.

“Hm, guess I can do it somehow, na.”

Each time Haruna came across a corpse, she would put her hands together and mutter a prayer.

“…manman tchyan a~n…”

For some reason, the Kansai locals would say their Amitabha prayers in this way.

Since transporting a corpse all the way to the surface was exceedingly difficult and labour intensive, when a party member died the body would either be left where they were or placed in an overcrowded room used as a graveyard for the ones who had died on the floor.

After seeing the corpse, Haruno decided to help out the remaining, still living Adventurers some candies. As people in the same line of work, it made sense to help them if only to maintain a good working relationship.

The sugar from the candy actually helped the Adventurers to recover from their exhaustion. Furthermore, due to the rarity of sweet things in this world, the candy itself counted as a valuable item. Therefore, the people who received the candies were more grateful than expected.

“You are that famous angel who distributes sweets!”

It certainly did not take long for Haruna to earn this new nickname.

“Well~ Do I really look like an angel? You guys certainly are skilful with your words, na~ Way better than the men of Osaka. Here, have three more Black Candies as service from me.”

Haruna has the Simple Dimension Control magic that allowed her access to an infinite amount of candies in her bag. Occasionally weird candies would pop out, such as the Su Konbu[1].

“Um, please take this, it’s not a lot but please receive it with our thanks…”

The Tall Adventurer was someone she made friends with at Level 14, and he was currently holding out some silver coins to Haruna.

“No need, if I take money, I feel like I’ve taken advantage of people, wa.

“No, no, I would feel bad if I take something without giving anything in return. At any rate, money is useless to those who do not return alive. Here, please accept.”

“Since you say it that way, I’ll gladly accept, wa.”

“Many have died without meeting you. I consider being able to meet you my good luck.”

Certainly, the people who have encountered Haruna within the dungeons have a higher survival possibility.

However, because the dungeon was a large place, it was not always easy to meet up with fellow Adventurers.

“Somehow, if possible, I’d like to save as many people as I can, naa…”

At that moment, Haruna was hit by a sudden (possibly divine) revelation.

“That’s right, ya! If I stay in one place, anyone can meet up with me easily, yan!”

“Oh, do you have some sort of idea?”

“I’m going to open up a shop in the dungeons!”


[Gumihou: Yay! What are you going to sell Haruna-chan?]


[1] Su konbu – Vinegar konbu is a type of old fashion candy made from seaweed. As the name suggested, they have a sour taste.

It certainly looks old fashion…


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