You are currently viewing Volume 2 – 28 – πŸ”’ Ulysses (Yunosis)’s Third Memory
Beautiful fantasy landscape of mysterious forest and fog

Volume 2 – 28 – πŸ”’ Ulysses (Yunosis)’s Third Memory

Volume 2: Chapter 028: Ulysses (Yunosis)’s Third Memory Author:Β γ‹γ£γ±εŒη›ŸοΌε‹ιΊ»η’§ Link:Β Translated by Zzonkedd Edited by Gumihou   (Third Memory) Approximately 2100 years ago. West Continent, Gijeen Kingdom’s West Forest, Crimson Witch’s Hut Yunosis: 100’s   The Crimson Witch’s abode was fairly simple. It had drying aromatic herbs and medicinal plants hanging about the place, along…

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