You are currently viewing Volume 2 – 20 – πŸ”’ Percelis (Eltear)’s Third Memory
Large live oak tree (Quercus agrifolia) spreading its branches; lace lichen hanging among its green foliage; white clouds in the background; Coyote Lake Harvey Bear Ranch County Park, Gilroy, CA

Volume 2 – 20 – πŸ”’ Percelis (Eltear)’s Third Memory

Volume 2: Chapter 020: Percelis (Eltear)β€˜s Third Memory Author:Β γ‹γ£γ±εŒη›ŸοΌε‹ιΊ»η’§ Link:Β Translated by Zzonkedd Edited by Gumihou Β  Β  (Third Memory) Sanctuary of Vabilophos Eltear: 18 years old Β  Β  The White Sage and I became husband and wife.Β  Just like that, the unstable feelings in my heart calmed down to a surprising degree and our…

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