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Tondemo Skill – 613 – Jorgen is so Cool~

Chapter 613 – Jorgen is so Cool~

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: Thank you everyone for watching the anime! MAPPA is truly outstanding at illustrating food.


Tonight’s dinner was going to be a spectacular feast (or at least, that’s the plan).

Knock- knock- knock-

“Jorgen, it’s Mukouda. Sorry to stop by so late, but could you come out for a moment?”

The door clicked open and Jorgen appeared.


“Ah, well, that is…” [1] I muttered and fidgeted a little.

In the meantime, Jorgen’s eyes moved to the area behind me and he asked, “Oh, and who’re these people?”

“Ah, um, so, this is Moira-sama from the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild; this is Ugor-san, the Deputy Guild Master for Doran’s Adventurer’s Guild. They are here to collect Elland-san.”

“Is that so? Well, come in, come in.”

Jorgen stepped back to allow us entry. It was the first time I entered this space after the house was finished. With all the furniture set up, it looked pretty comfortable.

“Sorry for dropping by so late, Adela,” I said.

“Not to worry, I heard this has to do with that boy. Please, come in everyone. Have a seat.”

We were all seated as Adela served tea. After an obligatory sip, Moira-sama and Ugor-san broached the subject with Jorgen.

A lot was talked about, but the gist of the issue was:

– Elland-san had evaded Moira-sama’s surveillance too many times, causing others to question Moira-sama’s abilities as a high-ranking member of the Capital’s Adventurer’s Guild

– Surveillance eventually became more like supervision, but even so, it was still difficult to get Elland-san to do most of his Guild Master Duties

– Ugor-san ended up taking care of most of these duties

– Finally, both had to be alert in case Elland-san ran off again

“I see,” Jorgen sighed as Elland-san’s list of sins was given out. “That boy had caused you all quite the trouble. Please allow me to apologise on his behalf as my family…”

Moira-sama and Ugor-san, who had been quite indignant just now, looked a little embarrassed.

“No, no, you’re not the one at fault. He’s the one who should apologise to us,” Ugor-san harrumphed.

“Indeed, that should be so,” said Moira-sama grimly.

“Still, this is the first time I heard about his High Elf lineage…”

“I guess this explains why he’s so strong, despite his… eccentricities…”

“I thought he was strong because of his eccentricities?”

“Ahem,” said Jorgen. “It’s likely because we trained him since young. However, it would have been better if he had demonstrated a better way to use that power…”

After that, there was a collective ‘Hahhh…’ between the three of them.

Personally, I had been traumatised by that fellow too many times to be properly disappointed now. As far as I could tell, the best way to stop him was to put a 24/7 guard on him, and I believe I have the best solution for it.

“Excuse me, Jorgen-dono. Would it be alright for us to put in a request with you?” asked Moira-sama politely.

Wow, [1] the person I looked up most was super polite to my, er, employees. I guess I’m fine with that, we all have our own little hierarchies.

Catching Moira-sama’s cue, Ugor-san said, “We are ashamed to admit this, but we lack the skills to monitor the Guild Master properly. I dare say, it is not our negligence, but that fellow is just too good at escaping. I swear, he doesn’t miss a single opportunity to slip away…”

Ugor-sama doesn’t even appear embarrassed any more, just tired and annoyed.

[2] “Don’t be too hard on yourself,” I said sympathetically, “I’m sure you did your best. You and Moira-sama have worked hard.”

[2] “Haahhh… on top of watching him, we also had to deal with the regular work that piled up due to his lack of cooperation and absence.”

[2] “I believed that he found a gap in our lack of awareness during those times…” Moira-sama muttered.

[2] “Um, did Elland-san not do any of his Guild Master work?”

[2] “Geh, rather than work, he caused more work for us since we had to double-check his work!!”

[2] “My attention had to be split between watching him and checking his paperwork!!”

[2] “… do you seriously have to keep him as Guild Master?” I asked honestly. I recalled a few clerically inclined Guild Masters. While I am far from being strong, I have been around strong individuals enough to tell when someone was physically strong or not. From what I could tell, the Guild Master job has a lot more paper-pushing requirements than the average meat-head Adventurer could stand.

“Haahh… the more I hear, the more this hurts my head,” Jorgen sighed. “That little brat…”

“He was such a good, honest child when young,” Adela sighed. “I wonder how it all went wrong…”

“I’m sorry to say this,” Moira-sama began. “Although I am a skilled person myself, it takes a lot to monitor a former S Ranker. A team of S Rankers would be needed to surveil one S Ranker properly. If I had a choice…”

Ugor-san also sighed.

For a moment, we all fell silent as we contemplated the problem of having to keep an S Ranker in check. The money that had to be spent on powerful Adventurers alone was… staggering, to say the least.

“Ahem, even so, I heard nothing but good news since coming here,” said Ugor-san with a forced cheer.

“That’s right,” said Moira-sama with a rather hard glint in her eye. “I understand that he had become quite… docile?”

“Ah, well. We had looked after that brat since he was a youngling. I expect that may be partly why he dared not oppose us, hahaha!”

“In that case, we would like to offer you the job of watching the Guild Master,” Ugor-san blurted out without further preamble.

“Pay could be negotiated! Please take the job, Jorgen-dono!”

H-hey, that’s not how you negotiate pay, you know?

Surprisingly enough, Jorgen did not immediately jump at the opportunity. I guess he must like working with me more than I thought?

A long silence later, Jorgen said, “No matter what, that fellow is a relative of mine. As his elder, it falls to me to instil proper behaviours in him.”


“Would you…”

“Yes, I will take the job.”

Moira-sama and Ugor-san were so relieved that they nearly deflated at his answer.

[3] It was all very nice and heartfelt until…

[3] “Adela, we have just settled down nicely in this city, but I’m sorry for uprooting the family again. However, I shall ask you nevertheless. Would you come with me once again?”

“Oh my, it is only natural for a wife to follow her husband and face the challenges of life together, no matter what.”



Tch, what show-offs. I mean, it must be nice to have a life partner like that, but do you really have to be like that in front of me?

“Mukouda, apologies, but for us to move out so soon after everything had already been agreed upon…”

“No, no, it’s fine.” In fact, please leave quickly. “There’s still Verde and the rest, right? Not to mention, Verde is the one who has the most experience at dismantling. So, it’s all fine. Hahaha!”

So, leave already, and take your weirdo relative with you.

“Speaking of which, uh, where is Elland-san?”

“That’s right, we haven’t seen him yet,” said Ugor-san.

“He’s in the next room. We advised him to stay out of sight unless he wants an iron fist in the face,” said Jorgen cheerfully.

“He’s also under a barrier which he can’t leave unless we let him,” said Adela casually.

Moira-sama and Ugor-san had stars in their eyes at Jorgen and Adela’s claims. 


They must have really suffered.

“Leave it to us, we shall stay with him until he is healed from this odd disease, no matter how many years it takes for him to heal.”

“Woah, that’s kind of hardcore…”

Moira-sama and Ugor-san looked like they were on the verge of tearing up.

Still, I believe that the person who would cry the most tears from today onwards would be Elland-san. This may well be the beginning of hell for him.

Too bad for him.

Welp, now that things have settled among these important people, I shall now go home. I’m looking forward to a warm bath and a nice bed~


[Gumihou: Woah, this… I really pity Elland-san]


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  1. Leiva

    I feel bad for the couple, they would have to leave the food behind too… a dungeon city has a lot of food but incomparable to mc’s food. And I’m sorry mc san but I’d much rather have the sweet couple around than a single dog like you hahaha. Why did they dodge mc’s question about the guild master job hmmm, me thinks the association should pick a few adventurers to try and train as guild masters in the future

    1. chibibar

      yea…. Jorgon will be ESPECIALLY hard because of MC food 😉 I do not feel sorry for Elland.

      You know, in the earlier chapters, it seems that Guildmaster requires some education and integrity. While Elland can be “elusive” on his job, he will not cheat or steal from the Guild (at least you can tell when he was in a dungeon with MC who was at the time willing to give like 50% of the treasure in Averling Dungeon)

      My other guess would be education and skill. You either have great education (like that one city where he needed THREE recommendation) or a great warrior with one recommendation. this is just a guess, plus, a guildmaster is tied down so they cannot travel much. I think Elland was “pretty much” decent unless some tidbit of dragon info appears (which probably rare before MC arrival) but now with access to LIVE talking dragons, Elland just go bonkers like a child in a candy store. It is hard to resist unless you have great will power or discipline…… looks like Elland will get training in both 😉

      1. Gumihou

        He is an S Ranker, and probably good with paperwork too, considering his propensity for ‘research’. So, he’s usually good at his job, until dragons…

  2. Baba

    Lunatics can not be stopped they always adapt unless killed. Deadpool is an example. We will always see Elland. He will adapt to jorgen just like he adapted to moria

  3. Philip

    After years of skipping work and indulging in his crazy mania, the nutcase elf is finally getting his comeuppance, a lil hell of a reformation incarceration. Somehow I doubt it will work that well, unless the story ends soon, which would be a big sad.
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  4. RemAishiteru!

    Freaking hell…RIP Elland, I didn’t know you were hated that much by Mukouda and the rest xD

  5. Kael

    From all the harassment and crimes Elland committed, this is still too kind for him

  6. Otaku Hikikomori

    I wonder if this is the end of Elland’s appearance.
    Thanks for the treat.

  7. Am I Un-Dead Yet?

    Mukouda will have to promise to drop off food for them at the Guild occasionally or he will have the 3 of them showing up his door on a regular basis in future.

  8. Gackt1

    “….do you serious have to…”
    Actually…a good question, do they have to ? Since Elland keep causing more and more trouble, just make him train the next guild master

  9. Xiras85

    Thanks for your work.
    I pity Elland, a bit, but he deserves it.

    1. Gumihou

      Same, I pity him to the point he got too annoying.

      1. chibibar

        well….. Mukouda has given Elland many opportunities to improve, but Elland decides to let his urges take over. Jorgen will outlive Elland so if Elland does not improve, he will become a “bubble elf” at this point 😉

    2. chibibar

      This is a good question, per the earlier chapters, being a guildmaster is hard (or at least appointed to one), and replacing them is even harder (not many qualify or want the job?)

      Note: Under normal circumstances, Elland is a good guildmaster (at least from what we have read so far) but since Mukouda came into play, Elland has gotten worse cause now he has access to LIVE dragons and one even TALKS.

      Assumption: Consider some of the text alludes to that Elland is known to “sneak a peak” of rare materials that may have dragon information (as he discovers them) but since dragon huntings are rares Elland did not have a chance to butcher one until Mukouda came around.

      Considering how smart Elland is, it is sad that he did not think ahead of his opportunity and let his “sickness” take over and now he lost a future opportunity. I mean considering how tasty dragon meat is, Mukouda “could have” invited Elland to go hunting dragons (farm for meat) in Brixt dungeon for Ice and Black dragons, but that is not going to happen now.

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