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Tondemo Skill – 610 – Hands Moving before the Mouth

Chapter 610 – Hands Moving before the Mouth

Author: Eguchi Ren

Translated by Gumihou

Edited by Gumihou >_<

Eguchi Ren: It’s late, but here’s another update.!

Gumihou: The chapter is kind of confusing, with a lot of confusing thoughts and many players running around on stage. Will try to relegate it to something closer to controlled chaos


Jorgen was looking a lot like a very angry demon now. To the point that even I felt a little afraid even though he was looming over Elland-san instead of me. Jorgen grabbed Elland by the back of his neck and dragged him away from the doorway of the house.

“O- o- oi! W-what’s happening?!!”

“Wh-wh-why are you here?!!”

Elland-san kept talking even as he was being picked up and shaken around by Jorgen.

“What do you mean why? We live and work here now!”

“Wait, what, why?? No, wait, you said ‘we’. Who’s we?!”

“Well, Adela is here, of course. So is Verde, Selma, Radimir and Laura.”

Elland-san’s face seemed to compress further the more names Jorgen listed down.

“Wh-wh-what- why are the High Elves here?!! Ugh, this must be a bad dream! A terrible dream! I must have passed out due to happiness from meeting Dora-chan and Grandpa Gon!!”

Just what…?

Well, I supposed it is kind of surprising to find High Elves here, but…



Oh my, that sounds painful.

Jorgen had just struck Elland-san on the head with his fist. He was even more merciless than Moira-sama.

“You idiot! Stop being an embarrassment!!”

“… hah? Oh, U-uncle Jorgen? Why are you here?”

“… …”

“… …”

[1] Are we seriously going to repeat the entire scene again?

[1] While the Crazy Elf vs Angry High Elf were squabbling in the background, I sighed to myself and closed the door on them. I could still hear the yelling through the door.

“I can’t believe what an idiot you turned out to be! You live more years than a human, your lifespan is even longer than ordinary Elves and yet… Yet you, you turn out to be such an idiot!!”

“Who are you calling an idiot? You doddering old elf!!”

“Why, you pathetic little…”

[2] Well, from this side of the door, I think I can somewhat understand Elland-san’s sudden bouts of immaturity. While it was understandable for Jorgen to want his nephew to be mature or whatever, it’s not like the older Elf was someone who inspires a lot of confidence either after having been alive for over 600 years. Frankly speaking, it is possibly a case of ‘the older they get, the more childish they become’.

“I have heard all about your shocking deeds from Mukouda! Do you know just how much you have inconvenienced our benefactor with your relentless pestering?”

“What pestering? Also, I don’t believe you! Mukouda-san and I are the bestest friends! He would always welcome my visits!”

I rubbed at a too-familiar throb on my forehead. Why is he still going on about that? 

“What are you talking about? From what I can tell, you are acquaintances at best. There is no way, from the length of your association, that you are in any way Mukouda’s friend, let alone a ‘best friend’.”

I could totally hear the air quotes even through the door.

[3] From then on, Jorgen started listing all of Elland-san’s sins and honestly, I just blanked out for a moment. That is until Elland-san started banging on my door and yelling…

“Mukouda-san~! Tell Uncle Jorgen that we are best friends! We are best of friends, aren’t we?”

Against my better judgment, I threw open the door to glare at the teary, snotty Elf. It was a pitiful sight indeed, but I steeled myself and said, “Elland-san, I’m sorry to say this…”


“While I respect you as a Guild Master and your abilities as a former Adventurer, you still can’t just turn up out of the blue like this. Have you forgotten how angry Ugor-san was? And Moira-sama too-”

“Wh-why are you bringing those people up? Those people have nothing to do with us, Mukouda-san!!”

I had to lean back, away from an increasingly passionate Elland-san who, I hate to say even say this, resembled someone trying to convince their lover that they were not cheating…

Ugh, he doesn’t have this kind of feeling for me, right?

No, I have to make things clear!

“To be honest, I am very troubled by your sudden visits,” I said with as much conviction as I could inject into my voice.

“Wha- no way!”

“I am not alone in this. While I understand that you wish to study dragons closely, I regret to inform you that the way you keep staring at Grandpa Gon and Dora-chan honestly creeps them out. It has come to the point where I fear that they want nothing to do with you at all [4].”


Elland-san had fallen to his knees in despair. I am sorry for breaking this news to him, but it had to be done.

Jorgen tsked at him, “Do you finally understand what sort of trouble you’ve been causing for Mukouda? Not to mention other people such as Ugor and Moira?”

I did my best to maintain a poker face. Honest. However, I’m afraid the side of my mouth actually curled up into a smirk at one point.

“You wretched creature, I think you are overdue for a disciplinary session. Come with me.”

“Eh, what? Auugghhh!!!”

I watched as Elland-san was dragged away by the collar.



“Shut up! People are supposed to grow wiser as they age, why are you still such a brat?”


“That hurts! Stop it!”

“I will if you just stop talking nonsense!”


“But, I haven’t even seen Grandpa Gon or Dora-chan yet~~” Elland-san whined. 

I reflexively winced and-



Looks like Elland-san’s persistence is an ingrained thing. I mean, if his dragon-mania disease could be healed through simple beating, Moira-sama would have cured him a long time ago.

“Mukouda, please accept my apologies for this fellow’s actions. Please don’t worry about anything. I shall ask Adela and the others to assist me as well.”

“Uh, sure? You do that,” I said as Elland-san was being dragged away.

“Noooo, Grandpa Gon~~ Dora-chann~~”

Feeling a little vindictive, I smacked a fist into my palm in an ‘aha’ way and said, “That’s right, I almost forgot. Ugor-san and Moira-sama had sent word earlier. They are already on their way here.”


“You brought this on yourself,” I said, very happy to have the last word as Jorgen slapped a hand over Elland-san’s mouth. “Good luck with your disciplinary session~!.”


[Gumihou: Whew, did my best to make this chapter interesting. I cut off a lot of things]

[1] It repeated, for real. I think it was there for emphasis purposes.

[2] Some escape-the-reality philosophical thoughts from Mukouda

[3] A summary of Elland’s misdeeds. It was kind of boring, to be honest, will try to make it interesting.

[4] Deleted extra words about ‘licking gaze’ etc. More words do not a greater impact make has a new Membership System!!

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  1. Philip

    It was about time for the madman to get some medicine.
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    Thanks! Finally elland gets punished…Doubt he’ll be reformed though

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    “I hate to say even say this” — I think it’s one “say” too many, but who knows?

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    1. chibibar

      Gumi is the best!! Yes. I love this translation. It is clear and I can see what Elland is getting punish
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