You are currently viewing Tondemo Skill – 609 – πŸ”’ H-help━(γ‚œβˆ€γ‚œ)━!
Shot of a gorgeous female elf wearing green cape hunting in the forest with a bow and arrows cosplay movie film fairytale fantasy heroine archer archery magic magical masquerade myth superhero.

Tondemo Skill – 609 – πŸ”’ H-help━(γ‚œβˆ€γ‚œ)━!

Chapter 609 – H-help━(γ‚œβˆ€γ‚œ)━! Author:Β Eguchi Ren Translated by Gumihou Edited by Gumihou >_< Eguchi Ren: Another late upload, sorry (sweats). Please note that I’ll upload regardless even if there’s no hiatus announcement. Gumihou: It’s strange to see Mukouda worried over Elland’s coming, had him be more privately amused instead Β  It had been a week…

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