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Higher Level Wife – 243 – The Emperor Leads the Army

Chapter 243: The Emperor Leads the Army [1]

Author: White Pear Flower


Translated by Gumihou

Proofread by Pill Bug


Let us not dwell on Jiang Wanying secretly celebrating her good fortune. Instead, let us focus on Fu Qiuning.

At that moment, she [a] watched as Jin Fengju expelled his breath and collapsed dramatically onto the bed. She waited for the monologue to start. When nothing happened, she made to leave, but that was when Jin Fengju started murmuring, “Qiuning, did you see that? How wonderfully did Wanying act? If we did not already know so many things, her reaction just now wouldn’t have raised any of my suspicions.”

Fu Qiuning [a1] stared out the window and said philosophically, “Do we really know anything? Or anyone?”

Jin Fengju laughed bitterly and said, “Yes, you are right. It is impossible to know everything, or even everything about anyone. I had no choice. Since they targeted me, I simply cannot let them down. Forget it, forget it, what does this little storm even matter? I am only afraid there will be many more accidents in the future, Qiuning. I am very tired; lie down and let me hug you for a while.”

[b] Fu Qiuning clenched her fist as her shoulder stiffened. A ‘hug’ was Jin Fengju’s euphemism for sex. She cast a look at the prone figure and said, “If you are tired, you should lie down and rest. I shall be going now-”

Before she could finish, Jin Fengju pulled her down, saying with a laugh, “It is true that hugging someone is more tiring, but hugging you makes me feel more relaxed.”

[b1] In short, he was sad and wanted to make himself feel better with sex. No matter what, she was still his wife and marital rape was not a thing that existed in that era. Although he claimed to love her, she was still little better than the chests of valuable painted fans he had stashed in her storeroom. Knowing that there was no use protesting, what was about to happen, happened.

When it was all over, Fu Qiuning sat up and said, “I will go check on Brother Yi. It is almost time for dinner. With so many young masters and young misses in the estate, it is better to start preparing the meals early.”

Jin Fengju also sat up, after some thought, he said, “That is fine too. I shall go and personally inform the Old Ancestor to lessen her shock.  No need to wait for me at dinner; I will just eat at Health & Longevity Court.”

After speaking, they both went their separate ways.


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Two days later, a senior concubine in the palace passed away, and all performances, banquets, and feasts were prohibited. As such, Fu Qiuning temporarily didn’t have to worry about being the Professor of Huangmei Opera at the Imperial Conservatory. It was considered a two-day break, and she could pass a few days in peace and quiet at Elegant Mansion.

The incident of Qiu Xia and Tian Yu hanging themselves, suppressed by Jin Fengju and Jiang Wanying, quickly faded away. Even the Old Madam and Madam Jiang, who were initially doubtful, settled their feelings of shock and regret after hearing a few details from Jin Fengju. They thought those two people were clever indeed; otherwise, if their master had resorted to personally punishing them, who knew how much suffering they would have faced?

Jiang Wanying’s ‘investigation’ eventually came to nothing, as expected. After thorough checking, Concubine Huo was also found to be ‘innocent’ of her treacherous maid’s wrongdoing. Fu Qiuning knew all of this because Jin Fengju came fuming to her and told her all about it. [3] Apparently, this had completely ‘shattered’ the last bit of illusion Jin Fengju had about his cousin-sister whom he had married for the sake of saving his face after being forced into a marriage with a shu-born daughter of his family’s enemy.

After that little interlude, the Duke of Jing’s estate was peaceful. A sharp contrast to the tempest brewing at the imperial court.


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One clear morning, while the women were gathered at Health & Longevity Court to gossip and entertain the Old Madam, there was an unexpected announcement at the door. “Second Old Master has arrived!”

Everyone was momentarily stunned. Jin Shi rarely entered the inner court. Since he had to attend court daily, Old Madam Jin exempted him from the morning and evening salutations. Even Jin Yu, now holding the title of Duke of Jing, didn’t frequent Health & Longevity Court.

“What brings you here in person?” Old Madam Jin knew it must be an unusual matter; otherwise, her second son wouldn’t have come to her so unexpectedly. Seeing Jin Shi hesitate, she dismissed the maids by her side before asking again.

“Old Ancestor, the Emperor has decided to personally lead an expedition. Prince Rong has been ordered to accompany him,” Jin Shi said, recalling the Emperor’s anger in court at the ministers’ advice. He still felt some lingering fear from that tense atmosphere.

“An expedition? What expedition? To what end? Where?” Not only Old Madam Jin, but the rest of the women in the room were also anxious. Especially Madam Jiang who anxiously said, “If Prince Rong is to accompany the Emperor on this expedition, what of Fengju? Must he go too?”

Jin Shi shook his head and said, “The Emperor did not mention other arrangements, but I fear he may have to go as well. The Emperor appeared rushed and agitated. Many memorandums have been submitted by various ministers, advising him to wait until early summer before setting out. All were rejected. I am not included in the expedition, but I believe that Jin Fengju may have to go. The Emperor is in a hurry this time. Many ministers submitted memorandums, advising him to wait until early summer before setting out, but they were all rejected. I do not have to go, but Minister Ling couldn’t avoid it.”

Madam Fang was, of course, relieved when she heard that her husband was not required to go. However. Old Madam Jin and Madam Jiang were understandably in a panic over their beloved Jin Fengju. After Jin Shi took his leave, most of the women remained to wait for further news. [e] There was really nothing else to do in the estate anyway. Personally, Fu Qiuning would rather go back to her courtyard, but it would make her look bad. She could not even bring her embroidery there to pass the time.

Fortunately for everyone’s peace of mind, the maids soon announced the Young Marquis’ arrival and Old Madam Jin was practically on the edge of her seat when the door curtain was lifted. Jin Fengju played his part perfectly as he rushed forward to grasp Old Madam Jin by her elbows with a smile and settled her back into her couch, saying,  “Old Ancestor must have received news from Second Uncle and is worrying about me. Rest assured, although I earnestly requested to follow the personally-led imperial expedition, the Emperor did not want me there. Instead, he asked me to stay in the capital to assist the Crown Prince in governing the country.”

There was an audible breath of relief in the room, led by Old Madam Jin and the Jiang ladies. After all, although assisting the Crown Prince from a different faction was not an easy job, it was a far cry from baiting death on the battlefield.

In the world of warfare, life and death could be decided in an instant. While naturally, there were renowned commanders with glorious military achievements, there were even more white bones buried under the yellow sand. No matter how famous a general was, none dared to claim absolute safety on the battlefield. Despite Jin Fengju’s capabilities, he lacked significant experience in personally engaging in combat. Moreover, with the Emperor personally leading the expedition, any tiny mishap would be a colossal mistake.

However, with the worry for Jin Fengju alleviated, concern for Prince Rong emerged. To Old Madam Jin and Madam Jiang, it would be best if both Prince Rong and Jin Fengju could stay behind. Back when Prince Lie was the crown prince, he gained unparalleled favour from the Emperor due to his exceptional bravery and martial prowess. Surely he should be the logical person to accompany the Emperor on a military expedition? Why would the Emperor bring a gentle soul like their beloved Prince Rong to war instead?

Naturally, however, since the decree had been given, they could only swallow their grumblings into their stomach and not let a single dissatisfied word cross their mouths.

Jin Fengju did not appear to be in a good mood either. Since he was not interested in speaking with Old Madam Jin or Madam Jiang for long, he soon left after sitting for a short while. Fu Qiuning also took this opportunity to escape the room. When they reached Elegant Mansion, Jin Fenju had apparently decided that Fu Qiuning wanted to hear him out as he dismissed the people around them before eagerly turning to her and saying, “It is finally happening. Let us observe how the Crown Prince governs during his time. Of the generals and nobles appointed by the Emperor, and those responsible for supplying provisions, few are supporters of the Crown Prince. It seems the Emperor is wary of him. I speculate that the dense mist surrounding the position of the Crown Prince will likely dissipate when the Emperor returns.”

It was his roundabout way of saying that the Emperor had deliberately left the Capital to see what the Crown Prince would do during his absence. Since it was something that she had already speculated in the first place, it did not feel as shocking or mind-boggling as he may have hoped.

Instead, she merely shrugged and said, “This is nothing. After all, there is nothing to do but live our insignificant lives when Dragons and Titans clash.”

Jin Fengju did not seem satisfied with her answer, but Fu Qiuning had already long since dismissed the subject in her mind. Instead, she turned towards the window overlooking the gate. Jin Fengju also looked outside and said, “I heard that you have some clothes made for the children. Thinner fabrics are more suitable for summer. Though I supposed you would be too busy handling Yu Jie’s wedding to sew some clothes for me?”

[a] Since this was an obvious bait, Fu Qiuning feigned ignorance and said, “Lord Husband is right, I am busy with Yu Jie’s wedding clothes and dowry.”

“… …” Suddenly, Jin Fengju laughed out loud and said, “Come to think of it, didn’t we marry off Aunt Yu last year around this time? Yu Jie will be marrying around that time too. As the saying goes, ‘without coincidence, there is no story’. I have been too busy these days, and have not personally prepared any dowry for her. This girl and Aunt Yu have accompanied you in the Night Breeze Pavilion for a full six years without complaining. She is a good girl; you must not treat her poorly. The one thousand taels of silver I gave you earlier, take it all out and use it to prepare her dowry. I have already arranged for the Fengguan xiapei [2]; it is of the same standard as Aunt Yu’s. I believe it can be delivered in a few days.”

Fu Qiuning [a] gave him a strange look. “It is good of you to think so well of my maids.”

“That is because they are loyal and look after you well! Speaking of which, I heard that Aunt Yu just gave birth, you may choose the customary gifts as you like. There is no need to worry about cost or appearances,” he said generously.

Since it was difficult to shower gifts to an indifferent woman with no strong worldly desires, Jin Fengju did the next best thing and showered the people around her with gifts instead.

When Fu Qiuning hesitated, he hurriedly continued, “It is rare to have a chance to use public affairs for private purposes. I naturally have to send Aunt Yu a few good things.”

“I am sure the family would be so happy that they cannot close their mouths from smiling so much,” said Fu Qiuning.

Jin Fengju nodded, looking at Fu Qiuning, then suddenly sighed, “Is this truly a punishment from heaven? Why hasn’t your body shown any signs until now? It is alright if it is just punishing me, but why also punish you? You are in your twenties now. If you do not give birth soon, it might become difficult as you age and childbirth will become more laborious.”


[Gumihou: … Like, wut?]


[a] Normal Qiuning reaction that does not contain uwu

[a1] Delete all of uwu Qiuning’s i-so-kleber speeches

[b] Add creep factor to JFJ’s request for sex instead of the playful encounter. Deleted: Fu Qiuning lightly patted the hand he extended and spat out, “My ass. If you are tired, just lie down properly. If you were to hug someone, wouldn’t you only become  more tired?”

[b1] Gumihou deleted the following romantic scene with creep: Within the room, behind heavy curtains and amidst lingering incense, a tranquil atmosphere enveloped them, as if only their two heartbeats echoed in harmony, as if replying to each other.

[c] Adjust text to reflect an unbiased view of Jiang Wanying

[d] Deleted ‘oh my Qiuning is in the know teehee~’

Not everyone was as familiar with the situation as Fu Qiuning

[e] Insert modern thoughts


Pill Bug TL Notes:

[1] 御驾亲征 A Chinese idiom, meaning that the emperor personally leads the troops to conquer, or it means that he personally comes forward to do something. It comes from Chapter 81 of <<The Romance of the Three Kingdoms>>.


[2] 凤冠霞帔 Fengguan xiapei (Chinese: 凤冠霞帔) is a type of traditional Chinese wedding set of attire categorized under Hanfu, which was worn by Han Chinese women in Ming and Qing dynasties.



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